How To Cross Broken Rails In Tears of the Kingdom



When exploring the open world of Tears of the Kingdom you must have come across a broken rail. Such broken rails can be found at different locations in the game. You can cross them in many different ways. This guide will cover all the ways to cross Tears of the Kingdom Broken Rail. 

Key Takeaways

  • Broken Rails can be found across Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • These rails are obstacles in your path while you are riding carts.
  • You can cross broken rails in 3 different methods.
  • Shield Surfing can help you cross the broken rails. However, it is only limited to going down.
  • Making a carts train allows you to cross the rails with ease, both up and down.
  • Hooks can also help you cross such rails, especially if you only have one cart and some hooks near you.

Methods Of Crossing Broken Rails

As mentioned earlier, you can actually cross broken rails in a few different ways. Following are all the ways you can do so. 

shield surf
Link Shield Surfing down a broken rail.

Shield Surfing

Shield Surfing can actually work on rails much better than you would expect. In fact, Shield surfing does not need you to balance yourself on broken rails. However, it is limited to only going downwards. Shield surfing does not allow you to up a slope, so it is only useful when you are trying to go down and have no other options. 

Link using a Carts Train.

Carts Train

If you have seen one of Nintendo’s commercials, you already know about this one. Carts Train refers to joining 2 or 3 carts together with the help of Ultra-hand. It makes the length of the carts longer, keeping the back carts connected, and hence you don’t fall.

So if you can see 2 or 3 carts lying around an area with a broken rail, all you have to do is join them together with Ultrahand. Then if you attach a fan to it, it will allow you to go both up the broken rail and down as well. 

hook broken rail
Using a Hooked Cart to go up the broken rail.

Hooked Cart

Hooked Cart means joining a giant stone Hook to a cart. This does not necessarily requires a cart. Even if you have a simple wood plank, you can just attach it to a hook, and it can easily let you ride the rail. If you attach a Fan, then it will also let you go both up as well as go down. Stone Hooks can also attach to Koroks, so if you see a Korok that requires saving, attach them to the hook.


Tears Of The Kingdom Broken Rail refers to broken rails throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. These broken rails need to be crossed if you need to solve a puzzle in a specific area. There are 3 ways to cross them. You can shield surf your way down the rail if you are stuck on a platform. You can make a carts train by joining 2 or 3 carts if you want and go to your desired location. Attaching a hook to a cart or a platform can also help you get across.

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