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How to craft the Windswept Barding in Final Fantasy XIV

If you’ve got been on the lookout for a possibility to improve your Chocobo’s barding, you’ve got come to the suitable place. While the Windswept Barding will not change the stats of your Chocobo, this trendy swimsuit of armor will match proper in amongst your assortment of bardings. Below, we element what it will take to make it.

Final Fantasy XIV – Making the Windswept Barding

The Windswept Barding might be acquired by way of two strategies: crafting or by dropping after the combat with Barbariccia. Should you select to craft the barding, it’s going to require the next substances:

  • 3 Earth Cluster
  • 3 Eind Cluster
  • 1 Pearl of Winds
  • 2 Golden Silk
  • 1 Amynodon Leather
  • 2 Chondrite Ingot

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Crafting the barding additionally requires Master Leatherworker X. In order phrases, the barding should be made by a leatherworker who’s degree 90 or above.

Another technique to get hold of the Windswept Barding is by defeating Barbaricia within the Storm’s Crown trial (excessive model). Should you be fortunate sufficient to acquire crafting materials after defeating a boss, you’ll be able to then make bardings that replicate the model of the fallen foe. In this case, the armor could be the Windswept Barding that’s paying homage to Barbariccia’s model. The supplies required also needs to be obtainable on the marketboard if you cannot get the drop by way of the combat.

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