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How to finish the Wupiupi Whoopee aspect quest in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

While exploring the handfuls of planets and areas in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, gamers will rapidly understand the numerous variety of collectibles, unlockable characters, and aspect quests that the sport has to supply. One notably prolonged and difficult aspect quest is Wupiupi Whoopee, which is discovered on the planet Tatooine in an space known as Mos Espa.

How to begin the Wupiupi Whoopee Side Quest

Players ought to traverse by the Mos Espa space of Tatooine and find a personality named Watto. He will be present in his store within the southeast portion of this space. Speak to Watto, who informs gamers that his cash has been stolen by some Deadbeats. He asks gamers to return his cash from Deadbeats on three planets: Jakku, Coruscant, and Takodana.

Where to search out all three Deadbeats

Jakku Deadbeat

In the northeast a part of Tuanul Village on the planet Jakku, gamers can discover a home. Inside, gamers will discover a Deadbeat girl who has hidden the situation of Watto’s cash in a diary. Smash the objects within the room to search out the diary, which reveals that his cash is buried underneath some objects behind the home. Smash the objects to retrieve Watto’s cash.

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Coruscant Deadbeat

Another Deadbeat that must be positioned is discovered within the northwest a part of the Federal District on the planet Coruscant. Players ought to stroll as much as a closed store door and communicate with the Deadbeat. They is not going to open the door for anybody besides for his or her Droid, Pitsy. Players can discover the Droid round the best aspect of the constructing. Use a Protocol Droid to take management of Pitsy and transfer the Droid to the door the place the Deadbeat is. Speak to the Deadbeat by the door to trick them into opening it. After the door is open, stroll inside with any character for the Deadbeat at hand over the cash.

Takodana Deadbeat

The ultimate Deadbeat is positioned at Maz’s Castle on the planet Takodana. Players ought to make their solution to the highest of the principle constructing, the place they are going to discover the Deadbeat. They will have interaction in fight, and as soon as overwhelmed, gamers will get hold of the remaining portion of Watto’s cash. Return to Watto in his store to complete the aspect quest and obtain a Kyber Brick in addition to Watto as a playable character.

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