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How to finish the Special Edition problem in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has tons of collectibles and challenges to maintain gamers busy lengthy after they end the story of all 9 mainline Star Wars motion pictures. There are some tough challenges and collectibles within the recreation that may stump even seasoned LEGO gamers. One of those tough challenges is the Special Edition Level Challenge present in Episode IV’s This is Some Rescue mission.

How to finish Special Edition in This is Some Rescue

This Level Challenge requires gamers to discover a hidden room on the Death Star. This will be achieved by finding the realm within the degree the place gamers can seize the primary Key Card off of an enemy. Behind this enemy is a door with golden bars on it. These bars can solely be destroyed by characters of the Bounty Hunter class. With a Bounty Hunter class character lively, shoot the bars on the door and proceed by way of to seek out the hidden room, and full the Level Challenge.

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Players will know they’re within the appropriate room if the Level Challenge marks itself as full and in addition if there’s an interactable C-3PO location within the room as effectively. An simple approach to unlock a playable Bounty Hunter character is to enter the code OKV7TLR within the in-game menu to unlock Dengar. This will save gamers time and quite a lot of studs.

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