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How to finish the Locked Out quest in Winter Ember

In Winter Ember, you play Arthur Artorias on a quest to hunt vengeance for the homicide of his household. Along the best way, you’ll encounter numerous aspect quests that may earn you some further gold or gadgets. One of those is the Locked Out quest. This might go away you questioning tips on how to full the Locked Out quest in Winter Ember.

To provoke this quest, go to the again of the library in South Arangal. There you’ll encounter a person who claims he locked himself out and requests your assist in getting again in. There are two methods to get into the library.

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You can both craft a rope arrow and use it to climb to the second ground on the suitable aspect of the library. If you do not have the supplies, you may as well use the constructing to the suitable to achieve entry to the library. All you must do is go to the second ground and bounce throughout the alley by way of the window.

Once contained in the library, we advocate you loot the place and discover it. First, you have to to discover a Library Entrance Key. You also needs to discover a room with a piano—keep in mind this as it will likely be vital. Once you could have looted the place, go to the library doorways and let the person in.

Upon opening the doorways, the person will reveal he’s a thief and double-cross you. He enters the library after which locks the door behind him. To full the Locked Out quest, you have to to reenter the library and confront the person.

How to get into the library in Winter Ember

After the person locks you out, you have to to break into the library once more. We initially used the rope arrow to get into the library, however the man had locked the window we entered by way of. So we used the constructing to the suitable of the library to reenter. It is feasible that whichever entrance you employ shall be locked, so attempt the opposite if so.

Once you could have entered the library once more, head to the piano room. You will arrive simply in time to see the piano slide, revealing a secret stairwell, and the person descended down it. Unfortunately, the piano then closes up earlier than you observe, leaving you to determine tips on how to open the piano.

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How to maneuver the piano in Winter Ember

Moving the piano in Winter Ember is a straightforward activity, however it may be arduous to find out tips on how to do it. On the far wall dealing with the piano are a number of bookshelves. You want to drag the books out within the right order to maneuver the piano and reveal the staircase.

We have marked the order to drag the books within the picture above. Interact with the books 1, 3, and 2 in that order. This will open the piano and allow you to chase the person. Head down and observe the trail to confront the person.

When you do, you’ll be able to both agree to separate the loot and acquire the ability token or take all of the loot for your self. We advocate splitting the loot and taking the ability token to improve your talents. After deciding, it is advisable escape from the library proprietor with out being seen. Simply sneak again upstairs and escape by way of a second-floor window.

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