Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

How to finish the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife

To full the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife, gamers might want to obtain the next foremost goals:

  • Develop an habit
  • Relapse after battling an habit
  • Hook up with 20+ folks earlier than age 20
  • Start rumors about 5+ buddies
  • Assault your greatest good friend

Completing the Euphoria Challenge is simple as soon as you know the way to attain every goal within the problem. Start by creating any character from any nation of your selection, after which comply with the steps defined within the chart beneath.

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Objective How to Complete it
Develop an habit You can develop any kind of habit. This consists of medication, alcohol, or playing. Simply settle for the provide to do medication or drink alcohol with any buddies or siblings. For playing, go to the on line casino possibility underneath the actions tab.
Relapse after battling an habit To get out of any habit, you have to to attend rehab remedy classes underneath the actions tab. Activities > Rehab 
Hook up with 20+ folks earlier than age 20 To do that, use the hookup possibility from the Relationship tab. You can both hook up together with your schoolmates or colleagues or use any courting app to fulfill strangers. Make certain to do that a complete of 20+ occasions earlier than you flip 20. Person > Relationship > Hookup.
Start rumors about 5+ buddies Before beginning a rumor, you could befriend no less than 5 folks out of your faculty or job circle. After that, use the Rumor possibility underneath the connection tab to begin one. Do this to 5 of your pals. Relationship > Rumor.
Assault your greatest good friend In BitLife, you may solely assault your greatest good friend. To make a greatest good friend, enhance your relationship meter with anyone individual. You can do that by spending time, gifting, or complementing them. Once the connection meter is full, change your standing to Best Friends. Now, assault him/her throughout any conversations.

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