How to complete the Connection Chamber



The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber on Koboh is one of seven Jedi Chambers that you will need to complete to unlock the Map update: updateswhich acts as a cheat sheet, revealing the locations of all perks, perk slots, and skill points in each different area of ​​the game.

As part of our guide, we’ll walk you through how to find and complete the Connection Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, where Cal will need to master the Koboh Grinder in order to access the meditation chamber.

Where to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber

To find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber, you will need to travel to Viscid Bog on Koboh. Near the meditation point there is a zip line that crosses another zip line that leads to the island where the entrance to the chamber is.

Where to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber

Take the zip line and turn right when you cross the intersection, jump and aim to grab the next zip line below and take it all the way to the island. Then simply climb up the rocks to reach the chamber entrance.

How to complete the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber

Your goal for this chamber is to get to the room at the back of the chamber that is still covered in vines. There are also connecting rooms on both sides. Take the time to explore the chamber first to get the Nostalgic Force Echo along the left wall.

How to complete the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Connection Chamber

The first step is to step on the pressure pad at the far end of the room to open a door and reveal an orb.

Place this orb on the amplifier in the middle of the room. This will cause the amp to fire a laser at the wall near the entrance.

Use BD-1’s Koboh Grinder to drive a channel towards the vines up the wall to your left. Continue driving the channel to the next wall of vines to get the Persistence transmitter

Enter the first entrance you’ve opened and climb the wall on the right to get a data disk on top.

From this last floor, jump onto the next tall platform that has two pressure pads on it.

Your goal this time is to get the laser channel all the way up the right wall to get to the next vine wall. To do this, pass a channel over the metal plates while standing on the corresponding pressure pad to make the metal plates meet. Do this again as you cross over to the next few metal plates until you reach the vine wall.

Next, enter the newly opened room and head to the upper level to reach the last vine wall. On the opposite wall is the insolence or bravery echo of force

Jump to the lower level which has another amplifier. take the brain challenge Force Echo near the wall. Then, open the nearby door.

Jump down to the lower level and start running a new channel through the first room you opened and up onto the platform you jumped from. Once you’re up, continue running the channel to create a buffer for yourself while you transfer the orb between the amps.

After transferring the orb, continue driving the canal across the bridge and up to the last vine wall.

Inside the next room is the meditation chamber that gives you the Recovery buff that increases the minimum level your force gauge can regenerate. You can also get the private doubts Force Echo from the corner of the room.

Once you complete the Connection Chamber, you will be a few steps away from unlock map update: updates in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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