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How to finish The Anti-Trooper Challenge in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Throughout the world of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, gamers can have interaction in a seemingly infinite variety of Challenges and Side Missions. Some of those may be significantly robust to determine, particularly once they take gamers to a number of planets throughout the galaxy. This is the case with the Anti-Trooper Challenge, which requires gamers to journey to 12 totally different places to finish Shooting Gallery Challenges.

How to search out the Shooting Galleries

Some Shooting Gallery Challenges may be simple to overlook since just a few of them require gamers to equip particular character Classes, full missions earlier than they seem, and unlock elective places. Most of them may be noticed within the open, so gamers ought to preserve a watch out for the blue target-like image proven above.

There are twelve Shooting Gallery Challenges in whole. Each problem has its personal theme, however all of them require gamers to shoot a sure variety of targets inside a given period of time. Here is the place to search out every of the Shooting Gallery Challenges.

  • Kef BirCrash Site
  • Hoth Echo Bas
  • Pasaana Forbidden Valley
  • Yavin 4Great Temple
  • Tatooine Mos Eisley

This Shooting Challenge requires gamers to finish a few steps earlier than it is going to seem. Enter a constructing on the southwest facet of Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Rescue a lady from some Womp Rats. Once these enemies are defeated, use a personality able to grappling, reminiscent of a Bounty Hunter Class character, to tear a big field off the wall. Then equip a Jedi Class character and use the Force to maneuver two packing containers into the Womp Rat holes across the room to cease them from rising. This lady will activate the facility, revealing a Shooting Challenge outdoors.

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Players might want to scale up the facet of a wall in entrance of a Hanger on the Resistance Base on D’Qar to succeed in a lever that opens the principle door. This permits gamers to succeed in the Shooting Challenge inside.

  • Ajan KlossResistance Camp
  • Exegol Sith Citadel
  • Capital Ship: Steadfast

Players should unlock the Capital Ship: Steadfast earlier than this Shooting Gallery Challenge will seem. Unlock the ship by following this information.

For this Shooting Challenge, gamers might want to equip a Hero Class character and converse to a Theed Palace Guard in a Hanger discovered within the space. There are some armor racks across the room. Destroy the racks and equip the armor for the character will reveal the Challenge.

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  • Kamino Tipoca City
  • Capital Ship: Trade Federation Battleship

To attain this Shooting Challenge, gamers will first want to search out the Trade Federation Battleship. This can take a while because the spacecraft has a random probability to seem in house round 4 planets: Geonosis, Mustafar, Naboo, and Utapau. If the Battleship would not seem after a few makes an attempt looking in these areas, gamers ought to have interaction in house battles, which have an opportunity to start the encounter.

Once the Trade Federation Battleship exhibits up, gamers might want to assault its turrets and the enemy spacecraft to deal harm. After boarding the Ship, gamers might want to work via the captain’s entice to unlock it as a location. The Shooting Challenge will then be obtainable to finish onboard.

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