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How to finish Repair Bay: TAU in Horizon Forbidden West

Throughout the panorama of Horizon Forbidden West, there are a number of distinctive Cauldrons unfold throughout for gamers to discover. Each Cauldron is its personal particular sort of maze with machines and forgotten tech. At the tip of every one, gamers must defeat a big boss machine after which obtain overrides for a few the machines. TAU is the Cauldron inside Plainsong, and it affords some attention-grabbing challenges.

Entering the TAU Cauldron

Players will enter the TAU Cauldron as the primary story quest The Dying Lands. This is the “Sacred Cave” as Zo and the Utaru name it. Players might want to crawl by means of the cave house off to the left of the wall of vitality to discover a correct entrance. After the cutscene, gamers will enter the Cauldron.

Through the doorway and off to the far proper, gamers will run into a few Leaplashers by means of one other wall of vitality. Be cautious to not be pushed into the wall as it would constantly shock Aloy. Make positive to reap the benefits of their acid canister and weak factors in an effort to defeat them swiftly.

Afterward, use the pullcaster to tug Aloy up onto the extent above and override the Cauldron door. Follow by means of the crawlspace to succeed in the primary of the puzzles to a Network Uplink. Each uplink will permit Zo and Varl to observe Aloy by means of the Cauldron.

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This Cauldron has a really attention-grabbing mechanic that Aloy should full in an effort to attain every of the Network Uplinks. This requires a little bit of timing however is pretty easy. Once gamers attain the highest of the ramp, they are going to be caught with nowhere to go. A few rotating pillars to the left are what gamers will need to concentrate on.

For the bottom pillar, individuals can wait from this space to shoot the underside spinning half when it lights up. It will solely mild up for a short while and can solely be on whereas it stops on this facet. This will decrease the primary of the pillars.

The remainder of the pillars work roughly the identical. Players can keep right here or soar up on the pillar they’ve knocked down to succeed in the subsequent two pillar’s buttons. If they’re a bit too quick to hit, simply use Aloy’s aiming focus to decelerate time. Afterward, climb up the three pillars to succeed in the subsequent a part of the puzzle.

While standing on the light-up ground button, the subsequent set of pillars will act just like the earlier set. However, gamers can not shoot this set from right here. To the appropriate of the button, gamers can discover a barely damaged window. Smash or shoot the final of the glass in an effort to get inside. Players will then have to push the octagonal crate inside out of the vitality wall reverse the window they entered by means of.

Then soar again out the window to pull the crate onto the button. This will permit gamers to shoot the subsequent set of pillars just like the final. Then climb up them to succeed in the subsequent set. Simply stand on the brand new light-up button right here to shoot this final set. Finally, climb up these to succeed in the primary of the three Network Uplinks.

Overriding the primary Network Uplink will open into a big cavernous room. Go over to the far left to begin leaping throughout. Some of those spots will solely be accessible to face on for a brief time period, so be careful. On the opposite facet, run to the far finish and climb up the arm to succeed in the extent above. This is the place the subsequent Network Uplink to override.

After the bridge is made for Zo and Varl to catch up, the participant can head by means of the subsequent triangular archway. Inside, HEPHAESTUS is chanting whereas crafting his machines. Once the three have made their approach inside, it’s going to be clear that Aloy can use her glider to leap the hole over the flying machines and lava.

Landing right here, gamers can then head additional in and climb up the vent when it opens. On this higher stage, gamers might want to climb the pillar to the appropriate to the subsequent platform above. From right here, gamers might want to soar on one of many flying machines passing by. Wait for Aloy to say when the participant must drop down.

From right here, gamers might want to glide throughout to the platform off to the appropriate. Then run by means of the open doorway within the vitality protect to succeed in the third community uplink. This will create one other bridge for the 2 companions to meet up with Aloy.

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Defeat the Grimhorn

The final Network Uplink will open a hallway into the Repair Bay Core. Inside, gamers will be capable to face the newly crafted Grimhorn, produced from the Utaru’s lacking Land God. A cutscene will play the place they speak every little thing over collectively earlier than attacking the Grimhorn.

Jump down into the sector, and scan the Grimhorn to get a good suggestion of its weak factors and what it’s weak to. While not having many weak factors, gamers can nonetheless discover a number of factors on the physique value focusing on. Once the participant is conscious, they need to swap out their weapons and tools to present them the perfect probability once more the Grimhorn.

Grimhorn Stats and Parts

  • Weak to Acid
  • Weak to Purgewater
  • Cluster Launcher (a removable heavy weapon)
  • Horns (removable)
  • Blaze Sac (explosive)
  • Tail Capsule (removable)

Afteward, gamers might want to override the final of the Network Uplinks to launch the Grimhorn. Remember to spotlight the items of the enemy in an effort to know what their weak factors are. The greatest factor to be careful for are the Grimhorns prices and its two launchers on its again.

Once gamers have defeated the Grimhorn, the ultimate override turns into accessible. Overriding it will grant Aloy the flexibility to override a few new machines such because the Plowhorn, and Bristleback. After finishing this gamers will then simply want to flee the Cauldron.

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