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How to finish Irodori Poetry: Part 2 in Genshin Impact — Hues of the Violet Garden Event

Genshin Impact’s Hues of the Violet Garden occasion opens Inazuma to the remainder of Teyvat with the Magnificent Irodori Festival. It runs from April 7, 2022, to April 25, 2022, and is open to all gamers Adventure Rank 30 and above who’ve accomplished the Ritou Escape Plan phase of the Archon Quest: Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.

If you haven’t accomplished the Inazuma character Story Quests, it’s essential to entry the occasion from the Quick Start button on the underside left of the occasion menu.

The Moon and Stars Inscribe Day Two: Friendship

After finishing Irodori Poetry: Part 1, you can begin the second installment of the sequence by speaking to Ootomo and Lenne in Ritou. They will ask you to take 4 images of native Inazuman wildlife. Like the earlier quest, it’s essential to use the digicam from the lefthand panel of sport menu to take images, not the Kamera Gadget.

You can decide to search out the creatures by yourself by going by way of our information on all of the Omni-Ubiquity Net animal places in Inazuma. However, this quest lets you take images of some non-capturable animals as properly, similar to cats.

Here are some straightforward spots for wildlife pictures. Keep in thoughts you could solely take a photograph of every creature as soon as, as all 4 should be distinctive. Be cautious to not startle the animals, or they will run away earlier than you possibly can snap a shot!

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You’ll discover a fox staring out into the water south of Byakko Plain. If you fail to take a photograph of it, yow will discover one other watching a rock barely to the left.

Electro Crystalfly

You’ll discover three Electro Crystalflies barely north of the foxes in Byakko Plain. Make certain to take a photograph of them from a distance to not startle them—or use Sayu, as her passive will stop the Crystalflies from flying away.


Asase Shrine is dwelling to a plethora of feline pals, so be sure to cease over to take a photograph of your favourite cat. Unfortunately, Neko would not rely.


Head to Watatsumi Island’s eastmost islet, south of Suigetsu Pool. Stay on the identical elevation because the Teleport Waypoint, the place you will spot a crane from a distance. You should be cautious and take a photograph from far-off as birds are simply startled. Alternatively, use Aloy, as her passive prevents animals that drop fowl from getting startled.


Head to the Teleport Waypoint to the fitting of Bourou Village, the place you will discover a crab close to the Ley Line Outcrop. Be cautious as crabs run quick, so take a photograph from a distance.

What Poem Stanza Should You Choose?

After getting all 4 images of distinctive wildlife, head again to Ritou to show in your progress. You’ll be requested to decide on a stanza to finish the poem. Your most popular stanza has no impact on the reward, so you do not have to intention for particular animals both. After finishing Irodori Poetry: Part 2, be sure to assert extra Primogems plus different rewards from the Event Details as properly.

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