How to complete Dave the Diver: Revenge Time quest



Dive is one of the toughest challenges in The Diver. Seeking revenge time, which you need Defeat Klausthe Great white shark. A big part of the challenge is taking down Klaus, a shark boss. Sharks are not only difficult to fight, but also difficult to find.

Key takeaways

  • Time for revenge Dave has a quest in Deor.
  • to meet ClaraAn elderly diver who shares The tragic death of her husband.
  • Prepare and wait for favorable weather conditions to start searching.
  • preoccupied Klausthe great white shark, from a safe distance, weakening it over time.
  • During a cutscene, Clara intervenes and defeats Klaus. with your bare hands.
  • After completing the quest, collect the shark meat from Klaus’ corpse.

How to complete the Time of Revenge quest

Dave the Diver: Defeat Klaus to complete Time for Vengeance
Defeating Klaus and completing his revenge time (photo via Xporter)

To complete the Dave the Diver Revenge Time quest, you must kill Klaus, the great white shark, ideally using a long-range weapon.

Unlike previous enemies, Klaus is a tough opponent who will tear you apart at short range. So, carry a long range weapon, dodge charms, and an extra oxygen tank because this can take a while. Given Klaus’ size, the hitbox will be large, so you don’t need to be accurate when shooting.

Klaus has it. Multiple attacks You should know; Some will require tact to avoid them.

  • An attack he uses the most. cut, In which he will charge straight at you from afar.
  • Most of the attacks involve him. Charging from a distance towards you in a straight line.
  • So, it is very important Equip attention That you dodge.
  • With a charm like that, Klaus’ attacks would be ineffective.
  • Klaus can use his tail to create one. Whirlpool.
  • Since the vortex covers the area horizontally, you can block it by swimming downstream or upstream.
  • Defeating Klaus in Dave the Diver can take a while, so if you run out. Oxygen or Gunpowdergo to the sea floor and Restocking over and over again.

As you continue to harm Klaus, a Cut scene will appear where you see Dave being charged by Klaus. But as it approaches, Clara appears on the scene and kills Klaus with just one punch, and with that Dave the Diver’s quest for revenge time is complete. However, as soon as Clara leaves and the quest is complete, make sure you arrive to retrieve Klaus’ body. Shark meat.

Where to find Klaus

Dave Deaver: Finding Klaus
Klaus’ Location (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Although Klaus is large in size, finding him is easier said than done. Before finding Klaus, you’ll need Unlock This. For this, you will need to complete a specific The quest And, after completing it, wait for the right. Weather conditions. So, you’ll first need to meet an old lady diver whose name is on the raft. Clara.

  1. After meeting Clara, you learn that Klaus killed her husband long ago by creating a vortex and pulling him down.
  2. According to her observation, Klaus only appears during this time Stormy nights.
  3. So, you need to be at the right place at the right time.
  4. Once the preparation and weather conditions are ready, proceed to Far right of the map
  5. There is a vortex. Twenty to fifty meters Underwater in Dave Devour Revenge Time.
  6. Since Klaus doesn’t have a specific location, you may have to create one. Multiple attempts To find it.

To complete the Revenge Time quest in Dave the Diver, you will first need to talk. Clara, an old lady diver. She will tell you about her husband’s death, so be sure to tell her Kill Klaus, the great white shark. Don’t forget to carry an extra oxygen cylinder, charms to dodge, and a long-range weapon.

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