How to complete BG3: Dank Crypt Dungeon



In BG3, Dank Crypt The first is the dungeon that has a. Grease And Fire Except for the trap closed door Finally, after having a treasure, players will come across strange undead lich Withers.robbers, and traps ready to burn them. Before players step into the ruined beach, they’ll need it. The perfect party recipe To get the most out of Dankcrypt.

Key takeaways

  • Dank Crypt This is the first dungeon that players will encounter in BG3. Grease And Fire traps.
  • To access the Dank Crypt, players must be one. Party level At least two of and will need to go through it. Ruined Beach.
  • The main door to the Dank Crypt is locked. However, in some cases, a lockpick may work.
  • During dank crypt dungeons, players will encounter bandits, vents, and traps that release grease and fire darts.
  • Besides many Itemsplayers will interact. Withers.then who can? to revive In exchange for their roles 200 gold In BG3.

How to complete Denk Crypt in BG3

BG3: Denk Crypt Dungeon
The Dank Crypt Dungeon (screenshot taken by eXputer)

Baldur’s Gate 3 near the Ruined Beach comes down to completing the Dank Crypt dungeon, walking past sarcophagus with webs, going through the ornate door to the bedchamber, and fighting dead scribes.

Party formation

Before starting the search, it is recommended that you Party level At least two. This is because there are some significant threats waiting to sabotage you in the dungeon, but there it is. No official prerequisites. To complete the Denk Crypt BG3 dungeon.

  • Shadow Heart: having the ability Healing in BG3.
  • Lazelle: Melee and tanking attacks.
  • The wind: Having the ability to deal AoE Mantra and crowd control.
  • Asterion: Having at least one trap disarming kit with locking capabilities.

Entering the Dark Crypt in BG3

BG3: How to get into the Denk Crypt.
How to enter DankCrypt (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

At the north-east end of Ruined Beach There is a path adjacent to the overgrown ruins Ancient door In BG3, which is the main entrance to the Dank Crypt dungeon. Since there is a main entrance. Lockedmaybe you can try to unlock it using lockpick.

  1. If your luck runs out and you can’t open the door, don’t worry.
  2. There is Three other entrances To go inside the dungeon.
  3. All of these are at the entrance though. Chapel entrancethey are all quite dangerous.
  4. Near the area, you will find Robber Making the first two entry points difficult.
  5. It’s best to avoid these bandits because you’ll need it to take them on. Level three or above.

Decorative door

BG3: Using Ornate Door for Dank Crypt
Entering the Denk Crypt through the Ornate Door (screenshot taken by Exporter)

gave The first door It will come before you Decorative door I Backward of the entrance to the chapel after Gimblebock and Taman. So, to use this gateway, you will have to face Andorn Along with other robbers. So be careful.

Crumbling floor

Entering the Denk Crypt in Baldur's Gate 3
Entry point via collapsing floor (screenshot grab: eXputer)

You will see a stone Hanging on a Cracked stone floor Near which the bandits Gimblebock and Taman will be talking. So, to enter the dungeon, you will need:

  1. shoot In coiled the ropeafter which the stone will fall onto the cracked stone floor, breaking it completely and creating a hole in the area.
  2. Once that happens, you’ll see Bed chamber section, and it is recommended that you jump in with it. Wings fall To go in
  3. Once you are logged in, Robber You will be spotted immediately, and now you will have to fight against them.

A wooden hatch

BG3: Wooden Hatch
Getting in through the Wooden Hatch (Screenshot Grab: Xporter)
  1. by the East Side of the Chapel entranceyou will find a small mountain path.
  2. Once you see it, follow it until you reach a wooden hatch.
  3. Entering it will take you to the back of the Dank Crypt dungeon in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  4. However, coming in from A wooden hatch The path forces you to avoid bandits, but since you’ve reached the back of the dungeon, it’s hard to get to the main areas from there.

Sarcophagus and traps

BG3: Denk Crypt Traps
Traps in Dank Crypt (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Assuming you open the ancient door and enter the dungeon, you’ll soon come across it. Sarcophagus. Moreover, if the players have the ability to pass. Perception checkthey will notice. Grease traps Placed around the room.

In the dungeon, you will find:

  1. with a pillar a Switch Right next to the statue form in the BG3 Dank Crypt.
  2. So, before opening the sarcophagus, remember that as soon as you open it, Multiple traps will activate.
  3. All Vent The grease in the cellar will release.
  4. For players using Turn based modewill be followed by a grease network Fire darts Fly out of the walls to the left and right.
  5. So, if the players are covered in grease, the fire darts will catch them on fire instantly.

How to avoid traps

  • By pressing Switch As soon as the grease trap is activated on the pillar.
  • use the Disarm Toolkit At each vent to prevent grease.
  • If you haven’t included someone with this ability in the team building, you can easily stop the fat. Insert items Like the front box Vent.
  • In case of fire, you can use Create/Destroy Water Magic. This will give you temporary relief from grease and fire.
  • Once you’re well prepared for all the traps, open the sarcophagus to get it. The Watcher’s Guide And Engraved keyfound near the room with the Book of Dead Gods.

Bed chamber and ornate door

BG3: How to get to the bedchamber
Entering the bedchamber through the ornate door (screenshot grab: Exporter)

Once you get Engraved key After opening the sarcophagus, you will need to use it. Heavy oak doors Head north to get to the next room.

  1. Here, you’ll find multiple treasures lying around waiting to be picked, where you’ll find the following four treasures:
    • Golden chest: Located on the east wall which has ruby ​​color.
    • On death and resurrection: A book right next to the gilded chest.
    • 2 Luxury Chests: On the west side, one has 20 gold and one has three spell scrolls.
  2. Once you are done farming these treasures, you will see. Two sets of doors.
  3. One door will be on the north side while the other will be on the west side.
  4. to go to Bed chamberyou will have to go through the door to the west.
  5. As you follow the path, you will see a closed door There is no sign of opening it.
  6. Also, the strange thing about the door is that you will hear strange noises behind it.
  7. Now, to open the door, you have to go to the other side first.
  8. For this, you will need to enter either Decorative door or from Crumbling floor.
  9. except for Robberthere you will see. Wizard statueBehind which there is a button and pressing it will open the door.

Battle of the Dead Scribs

As soon as you enter the door, you will see corpses. Entombed Scribe And Buried Warrior. There, you will have to go to each corpse and loot Whatever they have, no matter how precious it is.

  1. Then, go to small The room Which is on the western side of the area.
  2. There you will need to read. The Book of the Dead Gods to gain Spell scroll By unlocking a valuable chest.
  3. Moreover, you will also find a sarcophagus. Looting to get a Soul coin.
  4. After farming, return to the main room.
  5. However, on your way back, you will see one. Switch While testing the traps.
  6. Pressing the switch will open a. the doorAlong with bringing The dead were buried. For life.
  7. Since you looted the corpses earlier, these creatures will be easier to defeat.

Secret Tomb

Baldur's Gate 3: The Withering
Witters (photo courtesy of eXputer)

Once you’re done with them, go through the door that was opened by the switch in BG3’s Dank Crypt. This will lead you to a. Secret Tomb. There you will find a valuable chest. Amulet of Lost Voices And 93 Gold. Finally, you’ll need to unpack The new sarcophaguswhich will trigger a cutscene.

In it you will see an undead and intelligent creature named Withers.. He is friendly and will definitely ask you out. Secret questions. After the cutscene ends, you’ll find it on your own. Camp site. He will not only be friendly but he will also help you. to revive Dead character. However, restoring each one will cost you. 200 gold.

Overall, to complete Dank Crypt BG3, you have to be. Be careful Of traps, vents and bandits. Therefore, it is recommended to have one Party formation Which mainly consists of characters that are either capable of dealing damage or lockpicking skill. During the dungeon, you will find more than one Chest boxeseach with gold and other uniques Items in BG3. Of course, if you’re struggling to complete a dungeon, consider reading on. The best one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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