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How to finish A Nose for News in Lost Ark

A Nose for News is a Roster Quest which you can full in Lost Ark when you attain the endgame and hit Level 50. In reality, it’s a subplot for a special quest titled Iceberg Inquiry which you can get hold of in Stern.

As you progress by the search, you’ll ultimately come throughout the subplot known as A Nose for News that asks you to make use of a Magick Flow Detector. The object must be thrown in sure areas of the map of Nebelhorn on the continent of Arthetine so as to proceed.

However, the search suffers from a problem wherein the world outlined on the map will not be the world that the Magick Flow Detector must be used.

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You will really have to go slightly extra north, in the direction of a waterfall in the identical space as described above. There, you should use the merchandise which is able to then reveal an NPC named Suspicious Tech Brand Employee who you could converse with.

You will then be requested to interrogate the NPC utilizing the /interrogate emotion which then prompts them to ask you to talk with Lab Director Yulia in Nebelhorn Lab. Lastly, you have to to name Mathias, a journalist that you just have been serving to when beginning the Iceberg Inquiry quest, to finish A Nose for News and obtain one other subplot quest titled A Sickly Sea.

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