How to change armor and gun in RoboCop Rogue City


If you pre-ordered RoboCop Rogue City and purchased the Alex Murphy Edition, you’ll be interested to know that the 48 hours unlock period has come into action and you should have access to the game early. And with that, you should have access to a couple of cosmetic alternatives to your armor and gun.

In this guide, I will tell you how to change your armor and gun in RoboCop Rogue City. Get ready to protect and serve the public in style! You are about to show armor that is No shiny silver. But first, let’s talk about the reserve versions. It’s the only way to unlock the alternate costumes.

If you have the Alex Murphy edition in any digital store, you are owed the following contents.

  • RoboCop Rogue City – Base Game
  • Damaged Armor – RoboCop Movie
  • Auto-9 Pistol – Prototype
  • OCP Shotgun – secondary weapon
  • Digital art book

Note: At the time of writing, the digital art book has not yet been published. I will update the article when that changes.

If you just pre-ordered the game, you will receive the Vanguard Pack.

  • Auto-9 Pistol – Deep Black
  • Blue Armor – RoboCop 2 Movie

It should be noted that if you have purchased the Alex Murphy Edition, you will instantly have the content of the Vanguard Pack. Now, let’s get back to how to change armor.

How to change armor in RoboCop Rogue City

To change RoboCop and his Auto-9 gun skins, you will need to go to the main menu and click on the Options menu.

From there, head to HOW TO PLAY tab and look for the Robocop Skin and gun skin options. If you have the Alex Murphy edition, you will have access to:

RoboCop skins:

  • classic version
  • Robocop version
  • Damaged version

Gun Skins:

  • classic version
  • Black version
  • Prototype version

It should be noted that the skins can can only be changed on the main menu screen. Once you start playing, the option to change skin will not appear in the pause menu. If you want to change skins, you will need to return to the main menu and load the game again to continue.

Why is it important to change skin in RoboCop Rogue City?

Other than a refreshing change, there aren’t many reasons to change your skin. They offer no tactical advantages or additional abilities. However, it does matter in cutscenes. The new skins will be shown in all their glory in every scene of the game. And there are many scenes in the game.

And that’s all I have for this skin change guide for RoboCop Rogue City. Stay tuned, I have many more guides in mind for the game in the coming days. In the meantime, you can read my review of the game, if you’re interested.


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