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How to change appearance in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

Character customization is a great aspect of Darktide as players can fully customize their characters, but character customization isn’t always perfect on the first try. Hopefully, our guide will explain if it’s possible to change your character’s appearance later in Darktide.

How to change the appearance of your character in Darktide

To change the appearance of your character in Darktide, you must open your Inventory menu by pressing the button inventory key. After opening your inventory, you can change your appearance by selecting Cosmetics. If you are playing the pre-order beta, Cosmetic products It will be the only thing you can change about the appearance of your character. In short, the option to change your actual appearance is not in the pre-order beta, but it will be in the full release. With that being said, in the Cosmetics menu, players can change the following on their characters:

  • Head
  • Upper part of the body
  • lower body
  • Accessories
  • Frame
  • Insignia
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How to change weapon appearance in Darktide

To change weapon appearance in Darktide, you need to click on a weapon after opening the Inventory menu. Clicking on one of your weapons will take you to a small menu where you can select all your weapons. Within this page, look in the bottom menu for a button to change the appearance of your weapon. Click any key shown below for you, and you can use it to select from various weapon skins to change the appearance of your weapon.

Can you unlock more cosmetics in Darktide?

If you’re wondering if you can unlock more cosmetics in Darktide, the answer is yes. In short, players will unlock more cosmetics by raising their trust level to level five. At level five, players will get a few cosmetic options and more every five levels. You can also unlock more cosmetics by completing penances like Good samaritan Y Dream team. Cosmetics will also be purchasable like in Vermintide 2 and other Fatshark games.

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