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How to catch Ralts early in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

It’s not often that Trainers get to pick a Ralts before challenging the first Gym. The only other time Ralts was an early encounter was in Generation III, where he had an incredibly low spawn rate before Petalburg Town. However, trainers will be able to catch Ralts very soon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Ralts can be found even before reaching Uva Academy. To find one, trainers will want to search the grass in front of Los Platos (can be seen after traveling to the Lighthouse). On the way to Los Platos, hug the left mountain as you walk. Eventually, trainers might find multiple Pokémon around a Ralts. This will be a little hard to see with the surrounding Pokemon, so it’s important to get closer to that area and investigate.

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In terms of availability, Ralts will only be available in the Southern Province, Area One. Kirlia, the evolution of Ralts, can be found in later areas of the game (specifically Cortondo, Dalizapa Passage, or Eastern Province, Area Two). Be sure to check the gender of Ralts every time you catch it. Only male Ralts can evolve into Gallade (with Dawn Stone). Otherwise, Ralts will evolve into Kirlia at level 20 and Gardevoir at level 30.

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