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How to capture a SAM Site in DMZ

Players can participate in various contracts and world activities in the DMZ mode of Call of Duty. One of the objectives that you can do in Al Mazrah is to visit a SAM site and capture it from hostile forces. This is also one of the Tier 2 Legion faction missions called Anti-Air, which grants you a Contraband RPK LMG and 7500 XP upon completion.

Where are the SAM sites located in the DMZ?

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SAM sites can be found at various locations in Al Mazrah. These will be marked with a missile icon on your tactical map as shown in the image above. Approach SAM sites with caution as they are heavily guarded and you may even find real players trying to capture you for some good loot.

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How to protect SAM site in DMZ

After arriving at a SAM site, remove any threats protecting it and then activate the capture sequence by interacting with the computer on the SAM system side. The capture will take some time and will generate a lot of noise, attracting nearby AQ soldiers who you will have to kill. Once the capture is complete, the SAM system will automatically fire a missile at any aircraft that passes over it. The downed plane will drop a supply crate that you can loot to complete the final task of the Anti-Aircraft Legion Mission. The crate can contain weapons, cash, and other items that you can add to your inventory and pull from the DMZ.

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