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How to beat the Leecher in From Dusk Till Dawn in Evil West

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Evil West pits a tough-talking cowboy gunslinger against powerful forces of the undead. As Jessie Rentier, you’ll have to fight werewolves, vampires, demons, and more to save the frontier. One of the first recurring bosses is a huge beast named Leecher, who uses a shield to defend himself. He is strong and deadly, but once you learn the tricks, you can take him down.

Defeat the leech in Evil West

The Leecher is essentially a much larger version of the standard Infected Vessel enemy. Tradition describes it as a vessel for the vampire’s transforming elixir that grows to enormous size to keep its parasitic hosts alive. He is introduced early in the fourth mission, just after receiving the Rentier Boomstick.

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The Leecher uses a huge shield to defend against attacks. You cannot shoot or punch him from the front while his shield is up. You can fight him from a distance by evading his charge attack and shooting him from behind. This would be even easier in co-op, as one player can draw the beast’s attention while the other shoots. However, to deal any real damage, you need to break his shield.

To break the Leecher’s shield, hit him with melee attacks. It will start to glow blue as it takes damage. The most effective way to destroy the shield is with the Boomstick. Land a couple of melee attacks on the shield to soften it up, then fire it off with the shotgun. After his shield is destroyed, you are free to start attacking.

While the Leecher does have his shield, he has three main attacks. It has a projectile that moves along the ground, a charge attack, and a short-range melee strike. Without the shield on him, he has more short range hits with his huge limbs and a jumping hit with a large area of ​​effect. You can freely shoot the Leecher while his shield is down, but the best way to kill him is by staying in front of him.

The Leecher can only be shocked by countering one of his bare melee attacks or with the Paralyzing Rod. You will meet the beast in several levels, so it will be easier each time. In later encounters, use the stun rod shortly after destroying his shield to take free damage from the shock combo.

The Leecher does a lot of damage and attacks quite quickly, but his attacks can be avoided and his shield can be broken. Just whimper into the shield whenever possible, use the Boomstick liberally and dodge the big hits from it to destroy this hulking monster.

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