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How to beat the final boss in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

AI Sada and AI Turo are the robot versions of Professor Sada and Professor Turo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Both robots appear in the final story of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s main campaign, The Way Home, though which one you’re up against depends on the version. On Scarlet, you will be fighting AI Sada and on Violet, your opponent is AI Turo.

Next you will learn how to defeat AI Sada and AI Turo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violetalong with a look at their Pokémon teams.

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AI Sada’s combat strategy in Pokémon Scarlet

AI Sada will have the following team in Pokémon Scarlet:

Pokemon Level Write weaknesses
slip wing 66 Bug / Fight Fairy, Fire, Flying and Psychic
scream tail 66 Fairy / Psychic poison, psychic and steel
raw bonnet 66 Grass / Darkness Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison
tousled mane 66 Ghost / Fairy dark and ghost
sand clashes 66 Electrical / Ground Grass, Earth, Ice and Water
roaring moon 67 Dark dragon Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Fight and Ice

For the battle against AI Sada, you’ll want to make sure your team includes Pokémon with strong Bug, Fairy, and Flying-type moves, because these attacks really will be incredibly effective against three of your Pokémon. We also recommend including Poison and Dark-type Pokémon in your team

Try to start the battle with your chosen Flying-type as your main Pokémon, since AI Sada will send out his Slither Wing first. Once that Pokemon is defeated, switch your Poison-type to Scream Tail, and when that drops, either your Bug or Fairy-type Pokemon.

Flutter Mane can be taken down by your Ghost-type, while a strong Ground-type Pokémon can take on Sandy Shocks. Although Sandy Shocks is itself part of the Ground-type, we don’t recommend using a Water-type Pokémon due to its Electric type.

Lastly, Roaring Moon can easily be taken down in one hit by a strong Fairy-type and Terristalled Pokémon.

After defeating AI Sada, you will face your final challenge in The Way Home story.

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AI Turo Battle Strategy in Pokemon Violet

AI Turo will have the following team in Pokémon Violet:

Pokemon Level Write weaknesses
iron moth 66 Fire / Poison Earth, Psychic, Rock and Water
iron pack 66 Frozen water Electric, Fighting, Grass and Rock
iron hands 66 Fighting / Electric Fairy, Earth and Psychic
iron jugulis 66 Dark / Flying Fairy, Electric, Ice and Rock
iron thorns 66 Rock / Electric Fighting, Grass, Earth and Water
iron brave 67 Fairy / Fight Fairy, Flying, Poison, Psychic and Steel

When fighting AI Turo, you’ll want to make sure your team includes a strong Ground, Fairy, Psychic, and Rock-type Pokémon since, among these four types, you will be covering the weaknesses of all the Pokémon of the robot.

We recommend having your chosen ground type as your leader Pokémon, since AI Turo will start the fight with Iron Moth, which is especially weak to this type. This will allow you to quickly knock out their first Pokemon!

Then you’ll want to switch to another Pokemon and save your Ground-type for Iron Thorns, which is also especially weak to Ground-types. By doing this, the rest of your team can focus on taking down the other AI Turo Pokemon, just make sure to switch between Pokemon, so you can take advantage of their type weaknesses.

Tinkaton is a good Fairy-type option.

Once AI Turo is defeated, you will face the final challenge of The Way Home story.

Good luck defeating AI Sada or AI Turo!

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