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How to beat Peter D’Abano in Evil West

Evil West is a supernatural take on the Wild West and sees Jesse Rentier starring in an action-packed adventure. Your main enemies are the vampires and their various monstrous spawns and servants. You will also fight various bosses, including Peter D’Abano, a necromancer turned Vampire Highborn. This may leave you wondering how to beat Vampire Highborn in Evil West.

How to defeat Vampire Highborn in The Raid in Evil West

The Vampire Highborn is the first major boss you fight outside of Carrion Husk in the first mission. The Vampire Highborn is the boss at the end of the second Evil West mission, The Raid. This boss can be challenging as you are still learning the game and it has several powerful moves. Make sure you have spent skill points before fighting this boss. Here’s how to defeat Peter D’Abano in Evil West.

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The Vampire Highborn has a few ranged moves, one of which will have a bright underbelly When does this move start? Use your rifle to shoot them for a good amount of damage. The other ranged attack will need to be dodged, but you can simply roll to the side to avoid it.

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In addition to these, Peter D’Abano will mainly fight with melee attacks. Two of his attacks can be interrupted by kicking him, and the boss will glow once he uses these moves. These are the jump attack and strong claw. In addition to these, he will perform a sliding claw attack and a wing attack; dodge both.

To deal with your own damage, we recommend keeping me close and using melee attacks. This is faster than shooting the Vampire Highborn and deals more consistent damage. If Peter D’Abano gets away from you, he quickly closes the distance and goes back to melee attacks. The only time you should use ranged attacks is to hit his weak point when he uses the ranged attack. Be sure to maintain your full health and heal when you hurt yourself

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