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How to beat Darth Maul in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

It’s simple to beat Darth Maul in LEGO: Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, however attending to him could be difficult. Darth Maul’s combat consists of three phases, and getting by them requires some nuance.

How to beat Better Call Maul in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

First Stage

Face off in opposition to Darth Maul. Stay again when he begins leaping round and throwing his lightsaber, and attempt to catch him unawares. Otherwise, this will probably be an everyday lightsaber duel. If he loses, he’ll run away.

Follow him and kill the droids in your manner. After that, duel him once more. He will begin twirling his lightsaber to maintain you away. Just maintain altering Jedi till you’ve got crushed him a second time. In this stage, endurance is essential to successful the second duel. He will get a straightforward hit when you assault him whereas he’s twirling his lightsaber at you.

Second Stage

As quickly as Darth Maul has been knocked down, you may soar down with him, and he’ll destroy the trail. Using the leaping spots will will let you cross. To cross this space, you need to soar each few seconds. If you do it too quick, your Jedi will fall off and be electrocuted.

Once you cross, you may be confronted with many droids—kill all of them. Darth Maul will make a bridge to both facet after they’re useless. There are two methods to get there.

Method 1

Use the Force on the close by containers to create a path.

Method 2

Use both bridge after which the elevator to go to Maul, solely to have him soar down earlier than you combat.

We favor the primary methodology.

The two of you’ll then duel Darth Maul once more, however there will probably be no methods this time. He will then run away as quickly as his well being depletes. Follow him to succeed in the final stage of the combat.

Stage 3

The first puzzle

After crossing two boundaries, you’ll attain a 3rd that’s damaged. Connect the batteries with the matching inputs utilizing the Force.

The second puzzle

Once once more, you’ll go by two barricades earlier than reaching a damaged third one. You’ll must take away the blue battery and stick it into the blue socket on the close by wall for this one. When you achieve this, the inexperienced battery will probably be launched. Match all of the batteries to their corresponding sockets.

The Duel

The mission ends with a duel between the Jedi and the Sith. Thankfully, it is not something spectacular. The combat with Darth Maul will probably be honest and sq., making this the simplest a part of the mission. 

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