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How The Walking Dead Series Finale Sets Up Its Spinoffs

The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” which premiered Sunday, November 20 on AMC.

The Walking Dead He finally said goodbye to the small screen after 12 years, but the best is yet to come. Emotions ran high among fans after the death of Rosita Espinosa and the survival of Judith Grimes. However, those moments couldn’t top the return of Rick Grimes and Michonne and the fact that the ending was more of a setup for the future.

The three new spin-offs of The Walking Dead are the no name Rick and Michonne series, the Daryl Dixon show and The Walking Dead: Dead City with Maggie Rhee and Negan. They were announced prematurely before The Walking Dead ended, which ruined the visual experience of the ending by confirming that these characters wouldn’t die. However, season 11, episode 24, “Rest In Peace” left her future up in the air in other ways.

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The Rick and Michonne spin-off finally has a solid premise

Everyone was waiting for some sort of hint about the Rick and Michonne spin-off that’s expected in 2023, and The Walking Dead delivered. The final scene of “Rest In Peace” jumped between Rick and Michonne in two different stories; Rick was at the CRM as a “consignee” and was found by a helicopter while he was trying to escape. Michonne was still on her journey to find Rick, but she hadn’t had any luck. Since several years have passed since Rick’s disappearance, the spinoff can be split into two timelines to tell Rick and Michonne’s respective stories until they collide.

The Walking Dead: Dead City remains a mystery


At the end of “Rest In Peace”, it is still unclear how The Walking Dead: Dead City ties in with the main series. Before the one year time skip, Maggie and Negan made amends. In one of the finale’s most beautiful and satisfying scenes, Negan finally broke down and apologized to Maggie for killing Glenn and leaving Hershel fatherless. Maggie did not forgive him, stating that every time she looked at Negan, she would see him taunting Glenn as she beat him to death with a baseball bat. But she wanted to live with happy memories of Glenn and show her son that Negan wasn’t in control of her, and accepting Negan’s apology was the best way to do it.

A year later, there was no sign of Negan or Annie, but Negan did give Judith back the compass he stole from her in season 9. Maggie was at the Hilltop, where she reinserted herself as a leader and was rebuilding the community. While she did not mention New York, where dead city will take place: Maggie suggested to Carol that it’s time to find more people. That may indicate how Maggie comes to the spin-off, which Lauren Cohan said. entertainment weekly it will be set a few years after the end of the series. How Negan fits into that equation is up in the air, but a running theory is that both Hershel’s and Negan’s sons will be kidnapped and taken to New York, forcing the duo to band together and save them.

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The Walking Dead presented the new journey of Daryl Dixon


A trip to France seems to be out of Daryl’s comfort zone, but the series finale explains why he left the group. Judith told Daryl that Michonne left looking for Rick, and a year later he left alone to bring them both home. He didn’t tell Judith and Carol where he was going because he probably had no idea where to start, but it’s doubtful that France was his first idea. Norman Reedus has clarified why Daryl ends up in France, saying it’s not of his own free will. It looks like Rick and Daryl’s respective stories will have a lot in common.

With these exciting new ventures in The Walking Dead universe, it’s easy to forget that fear of the walking dead is still premiering its eighth season in 2023. And while there hasn’t been an official announcement about Tales of the Living Dead Season 2, there will most likely be more stories to tell. no one will miss The Walking Dead for a long time, as your future prospects are as plentiful as the walkers that roam your world.

The first 10 seasons of The Walking Dead are streaming on Netflix. Season 11 is currently airing on AMC+.

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