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How the Tres Bestias’ Arms Created Their Final Form, Ayon

Bleach is an action-packed shonen anime where the three main factions have vastly different combat systems from each other, and some of these fighters are frankly oblivious to one another. heroes and villains in my hero academia everyone knows how Quirks work, and all shinobi use the same elemental casts in naruto. However, in Bleachthe combat system and the races that use it are more divided.

BleachThe three main factions are the Soul Reapers, the Quincy tribe, and the countless Hollows and unmasked Arrancars that roam the desert sands of Hueco Mundo. Arrancars may look humanoid and have zanpakuto, but they are a totally different species that Soul Reapers don’t fully understand, the beast Ayon being a great example. Ayon is beyond anything Soul Reapers or even Quincy can do.

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The strange power of Ayon, the ultimate warrior of Trest Bestias

Arrancars are fundamentally different from Soul Reapers, even if Hogyoku gave them humanoid forms and zanpakuto. Arrancars are unmasked Hollows with their true powers sealed into their zanpakuto, often taking the form of animals such as panthers, crabs, tigers, eagles, and even elephants. Other releases defy categorization, such as Zommari’s eye-based pumpkin-shaped body or Yammy’s kaiju-like final form. After a point, the Soul Reapers got used to seeing the Arrancars take on bestial Hollow forms with their zanpakuto, but were shocked again when Tier Harribel’s tree fractions, or minions, unleashed their Hollow powers not once but twice to form Ayon.

Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun released their zanpakuto to become the Hollow of Deer, Lion, and Serpent respectively, increasing their power considerably. That alone was much of a threat to Rangiku and Momo during their battle, only for the Three Beasts to separate their left arms and combine them into Ayon, a powerful fusion of their three “mothers”. Even seasoned Hollow hunters among the Soul Reapers have never seen anything quite like Ayon, an aggressive creature that recklessly attacks any foe it sees. Ayon can also open her huge eyes and mouth to further increase her power, or at least make herself more fearsome to intimidate Soul Reapers. Ayon relies on simple melee techniques to fight, using his fists and his bite attack to demolish his enemies up close.

Ayon is the final form of Three Beasts, functioning almost like a twisted living Voltron or Frankenstein’s monster as a backup weapon when fighting a worthy foe. However, Ayon has limits because he cannot be controlled verbally and could foolishly attack an enemy like Yamamoto who is too powerful for him. Ayon also apparently lacks ranged attacks like the cero or bullet, standard ranged attacks for any Arrancar or Less.

Thematically, Ayon represents the true unity of Apacci, Sung-Sun, and Mila Rose, being sisters-in-arms despite how much they argue. Additionally, Ayon represents just how exotic Hollows and Arrancars really are, a theme reinforced by the weird idea of ​​Hollows using zanpakuto and the Spanish naming convention of most Hollows and Arrancars. It’s inconceivable that something like Ayon could have come from Soul Society or even Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s lab.

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Ayon’s final fate in Bleach

Quilge Opie absorbs Ayon in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Ayon fought well in Bleach, but like all Hollows and Arrancars, Ayon’s fight was ultimately futile. Aizen’s Arrancar army was disposable from the start, and Aizen gave the Arrancar a false promise of salvation that would never come. The Arrancar thought they had unity and purpose, but that describes the members of the Wandenreich. The Soul Reapers and Quincy each have a future to fight for, but Arrancars and Hollows like Ayon and her “mothers” have no such thing. They will always be empty creatures of despair, struggling in vain to prove their worth. Characters like Ayon and Grimmjow fight fiercely to prove that they are top predators, but at best, they can fight for sheer survival to continue their doomed existence. Having power does not mean having a purpose or a future.

Ayon put up a good fight against the Soul Reapers, but it meant little, being a battle beast with no true cause. All Arrancars and Hollows will die in vain, and that is what happened to Ayon later in the “Thousand Year Blood War” arc. The Three Beasts freed Ayon to fight Sternritter J, Quilge Opie, and for a moment, Ayon had the upper hand. Quilge then collapsed and absorbed all of Ayon’s spirit energy, adding Ayon’s bestial power to his own.

It was a humiliating and disappointing end for Ayon, but that’s typical of Hollows who believe they can fight for a higher cause. In a way, Quilge put Ayon out of his misery, putting an end to that doomed creature’s rampage once and for all. Still, Ayon could be sympathetic in the end, and maybe some Bleach Fans were saddened to see the villainous Quilge Opie absorb the helpless Ayon like that. That helps make it clear that the Arrancars aren’t the nastiest, meanest enemies out there anymore: the Quincys are, no matter how nobly they may act.

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