How the Remake’s Different Ways Perfect the Original Resident Evil 4 DLC


Highlights of the story

  • Resident Evil 4 – Different Modes retells the original in meaningful ways.
  • Changes to level design, combat, and enemy encounters set it apart from the base game.
  • Cut content that was missing from Resident Evil 4’s base game has been integrated into separate modes.
  • Ada’s side of the story provides important context for Resident Evil 4’s overall narrative.

In my opinion piece back in April, I called the Resident Evil 4 remake “A celebration of the original” It had some pretty big shoes to fill, and I’m glad it delivered on all ends, minus the cut content. The Separate Ways remake, on the other hand, didn’t have a legacy to live up to, nor did it have a footprint. I had to walk on the steps.

Regardless, some were High hopes Associated with this, not because it had to simply improve upon the original DLC, but because it had to be as good as Resident Evil 4’s remake without feeling like a lazy asset flip. And I am happy to say again that not only Capcom Separate Ways met my expectations for DLC but exceeded them.

Another way

The main menu screen of the original separate methods

I love the original Resident Evil 4 and I actually love playing as Ada Wong. However, I couldn’t help but feel that something was off about this DLC. And that was mostly because most of the original Distinctive Ways DLC was one. Expansion of the bare boneswas paired with Resident Evil 4 so that Capcom could resell the same game. PS2.

Except for the last 2 chapters and Sadler the boss Fight, most of the original split modes were Resident Evil 4 but stripped back without any significant changes to encounter design. To top it off, cutscenes were featured in the base side of the story. 480 p Even in the HD re-release. So, obviously, it would take a lot of effort to recreate something like this because that kind of product would be unacceptable by today’s standards.

Capcom remaking DLC ​​in different ways

The Separate Ways remake is not only a complete overhaul of the original, but brings with it Many new combat and gameplay changes Which makes it stand out on its own. Every change is made to feel Ada. separately character and not just a reskin Leon With a new melee and running animation.

Combat and surface design

Ada’s grapple hook was one of my favorite additions to the Separate Ways DLC. Now you don’t have to climb every step and open every door, trusting the President’s daughter. Most of the level design is designed by the story base. Stealth and fast travel.

I can’t stress enough how much fun this made me play early. Fort Section And to appreciate how well the use of stealth is incorporated into its level design. I could take out almost all of the heathens without warning them once – a feat that only a super spy like Ada Wong could do. But that doesn’t mean Ada’s fight takes a hit for her.

Ada is taking down a heathen.

While you still visit some of the locations you already did in the base game, Enemy encounter designs and puzzles undergo a major overhaul., making it all feel original and unique. One of my favorite areas was the garden maze, which felt more like a cat and mouse chase than a classic survival horror section.

Jumping around while hunting and jumping over impenetrable garden walls Red The monk To keep it from replacing others really shows the effort Capcom put into their level and encounter design while still reusing some locations from the base game.

Ada’s grapple hook really makes you feel like Batman.

His grapple hook, previously only usable for traversal, is now fully incorporated into his combat. Using it to quickly kill a stunned ganado or rip through a zealot’s shield never got old – something that required a lot of effort on Leon’s part. Additionally, Ada not only retains all of its melee animations from the original DLC, but also comes equipped with many more. New animations For his own sake

Considering how most of these changes relate to the grapple hook further highlights the importance of the grapple hook in video games. Every action game honestly needs one of these.

The cut material makes its return.

The iconic laser hallway was reimagined in the remake of Resident Evil 4.

Despite how good the remake was, I still had trouble with it, mostly because of the cut content, which included some of the most iconic parts of Resident Evil 4. Separate Ways Remake. The famous elevator shootout, laser hallway, giant drill, and yes, even U3 make their return, and they’re every bit as good as I hoped they would be.

gave The giant drill Now there is a puzzle that needs to be completed within a given time. Laser hallway Now there is a solid reason for being there, and U3 Now transforms into a giant centipede for its second phase. These parts were not just for the sake of it, but have undergone enough changes to maintain the element of surprise without deviating too much from the original.

While I could go on and on about the amount of kit content added and how many changes they’ve made, I’d like to dedicate this section to my favorite additions, Pissanta boss fight. Now, for most, this boss fight is brand new and isn’t actually a reference to anything because it isn’t. Pisanta is inspired by boss fights. Hickman from the original Resident Evil 3.5 demowhich was then cut from full release in 2005.

Pesanta’s first bout

Pesanta, unlike most Resident Evil 4 boss fights, isn’t an abomination with massive attacks. It’s just a tall hooded monster covered in black robes that chases Ada around a flame-covered arena and slowly summons his ghost clones as well.

What was really unique about this fight was how limited Ada felt during the bout. Ada is the one who can fly around and use the environment to her advantage, but the hallucinations caused by Pesanta take away her mobility, making this boss encounter a new challenge. The layer is added.

Story parallel

Ada and Leon on a boat ride

Above, I mentioned how cheaply the entire story of the separate modes was originally put together for the PS2 re-release of RE4 (2005). There were obvious disconnects between gameplay and cutscenes, making the overall narrative inconsistent. This element of ludonarrative dissonance Immersion and took a jab at the overall arc of Ada.

The Separateways remake feels like a thoughtful expansion that not only runs parallel to Leon, but also re-contextualizes some of Aida’s appearances in the base game. During the campaign, we catch Highlights of Leon during key moments in the story And how our actions affect Leon’s campaign.

All finished

Additionally, it also expands Lois’ character And goes into detail about his goals and dealings with Ada. Wesker, who was originally only visible through codec calls, now appears in person in separate modes, opening the door for a possible Resident Evil 5 remake.


While there’s a lot to be said about the different modes, Ada Wong, and the great effort Capcom put into it, I’d like to emphasize this: ‘Resident Evil 4 Remake’ was no fluke; And ‘separate methods’ work. A strong reminder of this fact.

Capcom didn’t have a strong foundation for separate modes and still managed to deliver something that was comparable in quality to the base game. This is definitely a result of hardworking industry veterans who understood the assignment and why Resident Evil 4 is the perfect shooter 14 years later..

If we can have this team for a remake of Resident Evil 5, 9, or Code Veronica, we’re in for a potential banger!

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