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How the Chainsaw Man Manga Shaped the Anime Actors’ Performance

During an exclusive interview with CBR, Chainsaw Man voice actors Ryan Colt Levy and Reagan Murdock explain how the series’ manga influenced them.

Ryan Colt Levy and Reagan Murdock, stars of the English version of chainsaw manrecently broke down how the manga influenced his performances for the anime.

In chainsaw man, based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name, Levy and Murdock play the roles of the series’ protagonists, Denji and Aki, respectively. During an exclusive interview with CBR, the two voice actors explained in detail how Fujimoto’s writing gave them deeper insight into the psychology of each of their characters, giving them a better understanding of how to approach their performance. Murdock, for example, spoke at length about Aki’s cautious personality and how the character’s portrayal in the manga guided him through her performance.

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“Tatsuki Fujimoto did a phenomenal job writing and drawing these characters, especially with a character like Aki, who is so guarded and flat,” said Murdock. “The tiny little emotions that Fujimoto experiences were really all I needed to read what was going on in Aki’s head at the time. Getting that little subtlety out of that very cautious guy is hard as an actor, but the way he draws , especially in the manga, is so helpful.”

Chainsaw Man Unique Ringtone

Weather chainsaw man Being an action-horror manga, it also seamlessly blends comedy and drama in its narrative, and both voice actors praised this aspect of the series. When asked how he managed to capture the “warmth” of Denji, Levy explained how even the comedic aspects of Fujimoto’s characters manifest as a result of what is genuinely important to them. “I think what’s beautiful about how Fujimoto has designed all of these characters is that the humor, the sadness and all the great feelings come from very real moments and very relatable things for all of them,” Levy said. “I think it’s just a matter of playing them as real and genuine as possible. Although some of these lines seem very funny, to him [Denji]It’s something very deep and important.”

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MAPPA’s animated adaptation of chainsaw man debuted on October 11 this year. It takes place in a world inhabited by vicious creatures called demons that frequently attack humans. One day, a boy named Denji befriends a little chainsaw demon named Pochita. Soon after, Denji is killed by a group of gangsters and Pochita rescues him by fusing with his soul. Now saddled with a terrifying new body that has chainsaws on its arms and head, Denji joins a Devil Hunters government office, where he teams up with fellow hunter Aki. Though their partnership is reluctant, the pair travel across the country together, destroying any devil that poses a threat to humanity.

chainsaw man is available to stream on Hulu.

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