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How Superman & Lois Season 3 Can Introduce Its Own Jimmy Olsen

In his two seasons thus far, superman and lois has explored a wide swath of the Superman mythos. Viewers have met Jonathan and Martha Kent and Jor-El and Lara. They have gotten to know Lana Lang and much of the rest of Smallville. They have been to various Fortresses of Solitude and even Bizarro World. As much as any adaptation, superman and lois has shown a willingness to plumb the depths of Man of Steel’s more than eight decades of publication history for story material.

Despite this gaming attitude towards Superman lore, however, the series has been light on the classic. Daily Planet staff. Perry White has had a couple of cameos, but other than that, Clark Kent and Lois Lane seem completely isolated from everyone they worked with before moving to Smallville. While no one expects Steve Lombard to show up at the Kent farmhouse, it seems odd that Jimmy Olsen hasn’t deserved a mention yet. Given his history with Bruno Mannheim’s upcoming antagonist Intergang, season 3 is the perfect time to remedy this oversight and bring Superman’s friend to Smallville.

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The departure of the Arrowverse of Superman and Lois opened the door to a new Jimmy Olsen

Until the end of season 2, superman and lois it seemed to take place in the Arrowverse. As a result, fans had no reason to wonder about Jimmy. Mehcad Brooks’ version of the character was gone supergirl‘s National City to run the newspaper in his hometown. Brooks moved from supergirl and then joined Law. It wouldn’t have made sense for him to immediately return to the same role on a different series. Therefore, Jimmy’s absence from superman and lois it was understandable.

But now that the series exists in its own universe, Jimmy is a blank slate. And even before the split was official, superman and loisThe producers did not hesitate to reformulate when necessary. Both Sam Lane and Morgan Edge had previously appeared, played by different actors and in very different guises, in supergirl. There’s no reason the series can’t do the same for Jimmy Olsen.

Perhaps, unlike his Arrowverse counterpart, this Jimmy never left the Daily Planet to forge his own path in a new city. this would give superman and lois writers the opportunity to explore what happened to the Planet following Morgan Edge’s departure as Tal-Rho and his subsequent arrest. In the comics, the revelation that a criminal owned the newspaper prompted Jimmy to buy it. If something similar happened in superman and lois, you could head to Smallville in hopes of rehiring your two favorite reporters. Or she could seek out Lois and Clark for advice on how to navigate life after the planet diary. In any case, he is late to visit his closest friends.

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Jimmy Olsen and Intergang are inextricably linked


Comic book legend Jack Kirby first introduced Intergang in Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen #133 in October 1970 (with Al Plaustino, Gaspar Saladino, Vince Colletta and John Costanza). Since then, the criminal organization has wreaked havoc across the DC Universe, but its origins forever link it to Metropolis’ favorite bow-tie enthusiast. Yes superman and lois Season 3 will include Intergang as Bruno “Ugly” Mannheim’s presence suggests, it makes sense to bring Jimmy Olsen along for the ride.

In fact, the combination of Jimmy and Intergang would also be a great opportunity for writers of superman and lois to introduce other Jack Kirby concepts to the series. Cadmus Labs would be a perfect addition to an Intergang related story. As a genetic research lab that specializes in cloning, complete with a mad scientist in Dabney Donovan, Cadmus could provide Intergang with resources beyond X-Kryptonite, which the CW series has overused at this point.

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Jimmy Olsen represents classic Superman storytelling

Clark Kent of the Daily Planet

More than anything else, Jimmy is important because he represents the period of Lois and Clark’s life that most of the classic Superman stories focus on. superman and lois has shown glimpses of this era, most notably in the pilot and season 1 episode 11, “A Brief Reminiscence Between Cataclysmic Events”, but Jimmy’s arrival would allow for further exploration. Their memories of that time might give Jonathan and Jordan Kent a better idea of ​​what their parents were like in their Metropolis heyday.

On the other hand, bringing in an older Jimmy provides superman and lois writers the opportunity to examine how relationships evolve over time. Historically, Jimmy is like a little brother who looks up to Lois, Clark, and Superman. After 20 years of friendship and knowing that two of his idols are the same person, he was able to approach everyone on an equal footing. Forcing the characters to navigate this new dynamic would add a fun and interesting layer to their interactions.

Jimmy Olsen has been a vital part of Clark Kent’s world since the 1940s, and yet he has been largely ignored by modern adaptations, the DCU in particular. The introduction of Intergang makes Season 3 an ideal time for the writers of superman and lois to correct this oversight. Superman has a loving family and many friends, but he only has one friend.

Superman & Lois season 3 premieres on The CW in 2023.

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