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How Patty Jenkins Could Give a Doctor Fate Prequel Justice

The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, which is now playing in theaters.

Played by Pierce Brosnan in this year’s DC Universe movie black adam, Doctor Fate is a powerful master of magic and the occult. Created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman in the 1940s, Doctor Fate wears a golden helmet, the ancient Helm of Fate, which grants its wearer immense powers and prolonged life. With Dwayne Johnson’s star power and charisma spearheading the film, the small part of Doctor Fate was nonetheless a major aspect of black adam. Playing both Doctor Fate and his human alter ego, Kent Nelson, Brosnan infuses a measure of grace, poise and history into his portrayal. A child of WWI England, the helmet has helped Kent live much longer than is naturally possible.

A founding member of the Justice Society, the world’s first superhero team, Brosnan’s Doctor Fate shares the screen with Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, another classic DC hero. Because the Doctor Fate arc concludes in black adam, there are two ways the mystical Helm of Fate could come back into play: someone else takes over, or a prequel story is created to expand on this film version of Kent Nelson. Since a prequel presents fertile ground for a character-driven DC movie, and its implicitly historical setting provides additional detail and texture, the perfect director for this kind of story has already made a movie pretty much along those lines: Patty Jenkins.

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Patty Jenkins created a superhero period piece with Wonder Woman

Released in 2017, a year after Zack Snyder. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced her to the big screen, Gal Gadot starred in a solo Wonder Woman film that expanded on her story and explained that she had been embedded in the world of DC since World War I. Set outside of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s legendary ancient homeland, much of the film is an immersive period piece that takes the heroine and a team of her friends across Europe in the midst of war.

See how Gadot’s Wonder Woman has become such an influential and successful iteration of the superhero, despite her first appearance being essentially relegated to the last third of batman vs superman — there is a powerful precedent for Doctor Fate to have the same effect. branching from black adam and returning in a prequel movie, where his character and origins deserve, may help re-establish another nearly 80-year-old character in the annals of pop culture on a grand scale.

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Jenkins understands how to portray unique characters with sympathy

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate and Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in Black Adam

When it comes to doing justice to a particular character, Jenkins has shown that he pays close attention to what makes his leads tick. Wonder Woman he spent a great deal of time not only reintroducing and contextualizing Gadot’s Diana/Wonder Woman, but also taking the audience on a journey of adventure and change and personal discovery. Balanced with her attention to visual detail and cues, considering the way Jenkins recreated the World War I era, for example, it becomes clear that having her in the director’s chair for a Doctor Fate origin film could very well pave the way for another DCU. franchise.

Despite wonder woman 1984 Earning criticism for its sweeping shift in tone and cheesy elements, the Wonder Woman sequel once again put the characters, their motivations, desires, dreams, trials, and fears, front and center. Treating these larger-than-life modern icons with empathy and patience is an underlying thread running through both films and a distinctive strength on Jenkins’s part. Also, what makes Jenkins so well-suited for a story of this type is her ability to be an actor’s director, which means she takes the time to communicate with her actors to make sure the characters are well-constructed and that their emotional nuclei are well built. clearly defined for the audience.

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Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate deserves his own movie

Doctor Fate in Black Adam

After making his big screen debut, Doctor Fate sacrifices himself to save Hawkman’s life near the end of the film. Thankfully, black adam director Jaume Collet-Serra keeps Fate from being just a glorified cameo; Fate’s selfless act adds depth to this movie version of DC’s Sorcerer Supreme, crystallizing the DCU mythology of him. Kent’s selflessness is part of the character (as is Wonder Woman), a trait that Jenkins could easily amplify again to tell an exciting and powerful story.

As hinted on several occasions during black adam, the Helm of Fate exacts a heavy price from its wearer. This kind of deep, constant charge and otherworldly responsibility adds as-yet-untapped layers of storytelling to Kent Nelson. And given Jenkins’ mastery of facilitating well-paced character development, Kent’s journey from ordinary individual to custodian of immense mystical power can find a balance of entertainment and sincerity with Jenkins behind the camera.

To see Doctor Fate’s first adventure in the DCU, Black Adam is currently playing in theaters.

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