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How Otis Died on Chicago Fire

For the first seven seasons of the NBC drama chicago fire, Yuri Sardarov played fan-favorite firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek. But in the season 8 premiere, “Sacred Ground,” Otis dies from injuries sustained while fighting a fire at a mattress factory.

Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, chicago fire premiered in 2012, following the lives of firefighters at the fictional Firehouse 51. Sardarov’s Otis was one of the original first responders and was often a source of comic relief in each season of chicago fire. Otis’s death rocked the show and reminded viewers that despite many of the lead actors continually making it out alive in cliffhanger resolutions, the dangers facing firefighters were deadly.

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How did Otis die in the Chicago fire?

Firefighters battle a fire at a mattress factory in the season 7 finale, “I’m Not Going to Leave You.” Chaos erupts when a boiler explodes, leaving everyone’s fate up in the air. The season 8 premiere picks up immediately after. While trying to evacuate, Otis is trapped in the fire, but receives a distress call to his colleagues. Unfortunately, he sustains devastating injuries and is unable to get to safety with the other firefighters. His team rescues him and rushes him to the hospital, where he dies next to his best friend and roommate, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), after telling him in Russian, “Brother, I’ll be with you, always.” “. It would not be until three months later that Cruz learned the translation of Otis’s last words.

His death weighed heavily on the Firehouse 51 team, and as they mourned their fallen teammate, firefighters erected a memorial to Otis, ensuring his impact was never forgotten.

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Why did Yuri Sardarov leave the Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire Season 8 Premiere

In an interview with tv line, showrunner Derek Haas revealed that the writers wanted to shake things up after several cliffhangers in which the main cast miraculously survived each time. “We have to put teeth back into the show, and we have to show that the dangers are real,” he said.

The writers knew that in order to reintroduce a more dangerous element to the series, a character would have to die. Originally, Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri) was slated for the chopping block, but the character was too new to the series, and Haas said the emotional toll of death would only be felt if he were a longtime cast member.

“For it to be a real surprise, you need him to be a central member of the cast. We think Yuri affects everyone in the house, as well as the fans,” Haas said. tv insider. “I had seen a memorial at a fire station in Los Angeles, and I thought it’s something we’ve never done before. I was thinking about how it could be remembered, so I had the memorial as the end in my mind and worked backwards from of that”.

Losing Otis was hard on fans of the series, especially after everything he endured in previous seasons. His disappearance would have a lasting impact on chicago fire, especially for his best friend, Cruz. Most significantly, however, Otis’s death challenged the writers to bring a realistic sense of danger to the series.

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