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How Netflix’s 1899 Sets Up Season 2

The following contains spoilers for 1899 season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

like the ones on netflix 1899 unfolds, it’s quite complicated to really determine who is a hero and a villain. That’s because the series reveals that people’s minds are being manipulated when an ancient ship, the Kerberos, tries to reach America from Europe. In fact, these individuals are trapped in a Matrix-as simulation, without knowing what is real.

Nod to the concept that people are puppets of some digital masters, as seen in shows like the Peripheralor movies like do not worry honey. Fortunately, however, one victim, Maura, is able to escape the building, only to wake up to realize that they are not in the 19th century; she is in 2099 and is hurtling through space aboard a ship. This heartbreaking scene ends the first season on a cryptic note, setting up an intriguing season 2.

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1899 Maura has to find Ciaran

One of the many surprises is that Maura co-created the technology for this simulation in order to overcome her grief and live in an immortal world with her son, Elliot. Fortunately, her husband Daniel, who helped build the show with her, snapped her out of it, as her sinister father, shipowner Henry, admitted that Ciaran (Maura’s missing brother) took control of the show. simulation.

So season 2 has to dive into Maura to find Ciaran and find out why she went rogue. The series is full of family secrets and since it seems like Maura locked a number of people in the machines to get over the losses in their lives, one has to wonder how everyone’s minds got interconnected and what is the end game for Ciaran. There could be some unaware fanatic grudge he has towards Maura, or possibly a hidden plot involving his mysterious mother.

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Maura from 1899 has to free the others

1899 reveals that Maaura is in a womb of pain

One of the things Maura notices are other bodies in stasis. She has to figure out how to free them without breaking their minds. She looks up to Daniel, as well as Eyk, Ling Yi, and Krester. As such, Maura could free them while they were cutting altruistic figures and could easily help her. The problem is that some people may want to go back to building, hoping that a new simulation can help them cope and find happiness with dead relatives or lovers.

Maura might even end up releasing the wrong people, as Lucien’s tastes were much bleaker. If he accidentally unleashes assassins, or people like Henry and his assistant Sebastian, there’s no telling who would backstab Maura’s team as they traverse the ship to find out the whole truth. Ciaran might even have spies inside the cells, which would be a twist Maura wouldn’t see coming, leading to the formation of new alliances.

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1899 Has to reveal the true master and destiny

1899 reveals that Maaura is in a womb of pain

Season 1 reveals that the ship is headed for a galactic colony, but fans aren’t sure if this is another simulation in 2099. Maura and whoever she frees could go through another series of tests, while Ciaran might not even Be the manipulative puppeteer. this new maze, since all the messages were sent by text. Whoever is after it could even hang her son Elliot if he turns out to still be alive, clouding Maura’s mind and creating a dark overlord like Peter Capaldi’s Gideon in a similar time bender. the devil’s hour.

As for the destination, if they are indeed heading to a new planet, it is unknown if there are robots on board, if the crew is aggressive, and if new patients will be awakened to hunt down Maura’s rebels. Either way, once 2099 exists, fans need to know what happened to Earth, how all of these individuals boarded the ark, and why Maura’s technology was co-opted for this grand exodus that feels like a twisted revenge game. .

1899 season 1 is now available on Netflix.

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