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One of the biggest changes introduced by survival tests is its cooperative multiplayer feature, which is the first for the series. Previous Outlast games focused solely on the single player experience, but now we can engage in cooperative play. But how exactly survival tests multiplayer cooperative work? And how many players can you play in one game?

How many players can play together in The Outlast Trials Multiplayer Coop?

survival tests could be played alone or in a team of up to four players in cooperative multiplayer. You have to work together to survive and get out alive while being hunted by deranged assassins.

this is where survival tests it is different from previous games. Instead of following a narrow path to complete the story, you’ll have to work together with 2, 3, or 4 other players to complete objectives on a map while staying away from monsters. There is more of an episodic format that allows cooperative multiplayer to immerse itself in the story.

survival tests ensure that cooperative multiplayer is not being forced and that mandatory objectives can be completed solo. But it’s much more beneficial to work together with other players, which you can do in story-based trials or shorter MK challenges.

Although cross-platform play is not available in Early Access, the presence of cooperative multiplayer in a game like survival tests may raise a few eyebrows. Especially since veterans of the game are used to playing solo. Being able to play with up to four players changes the dynamic of how you handle each encounter. While neither of you can adequately defend yourself, each player can improve your skills to better assist your teammates by healing them, stunning enemies, or spotting threats through walls.

The fact that there is cooperative in the game does not mean that survival tests it is easier. In fact, having other players when you’re playing can sometimes come back to bite you. Other players may start to hallucinate and make fake calls, making you doubt your actions. At the same time, the presence of doppelgangers that can impersonate other players they will attack you if you let them get too close.

Apart from the multiplayer feature, it would be great to see the game included in Game Pass like the other titles, but there is no confirmation on that at the moment.

That is the number of players you can play with in survival tests cooperative multiplayer. Early Access is now available on PC and can be purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store.



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