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How many new Pokémon are there in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

The Pokemon games have been around for so long that we finally hit the 1000 Pokemon mark available across all generations. In the ninth generation of the series, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a total of 107 new Pokémon have been added for fans new and old to discover and enjoy. On top of the above 905 that are available as part of the National Pokédex, that works out to 1,013 Pokémon in total. But is that really the total number of Pokemon that exist after Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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What is the total number of pokemon that exist after pokemon scarlet and violet (gen 9)?

While it would be true that there are now 1013 Pokemon in total, it’s no secret that more Pokemon tend to be released post-launch. This is usually in the form of mystery gifts, special DLC, or other events that would constitute a new Pokemon release. In fact, we saw this happen during the release of the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Isle of Armor, and The Crown Tundra. Each of the DLCs added new Pokémon to both games, increasing the total number of Pokémon in existence at the time.

Considering that, it’s quite possible that the total number of Pokemon could increase as time goes by. But, it’s safe to say that there are roughly over 1,013 Pokemon in total after the release of the ninth generation, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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