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How LOTR’s Black Numenorean Queen Beruthiel Was an Evil Cat Lady

When Frodo and his fellow Hobbits set out from the Shire on The Lord of the rings, they had no idea what was in store for them. Shortly after leaving, they encountered the Nazgûl, and these evil monsters examined them all the way to the elven haven of Rivendell. Fortunately, they met Aragorn in Bree because, without him, the Nazgûl would have definitely killed them and brought the One Ring to Sauron.

After leaving Rivendell, things weren’t any easier. The Fellowship attempted to take Caradhras Pass, but Saruman was too strong. So, they tried to enter Moria, and the Lovecraftian Watcher in the Water nearly swallowed Frodo. After escaping from that, they were forced to face the deserted halls of Moria and the terrible fires of Durin’s Bane. However, Aragorn said something of particular importance as he walked through the darkness. This is what he said and how it is one of the strangest things in The Lord of the rings.

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Aragorn knew about Queen Berúthiel’s cats in The Lord of the Rings

As the Fellowship began to fight their way through Moria, the Hobbits began to get agitated. Of course, they had every right to be nervous as Nazgûl, Nameless Things, and countless orcs were hot on their trail. At that moment, however, the scariest thing was the darkness and the prospect of getting lost. That’s when Aragorn says: “[Gandalf] He has brought us here against our fears, but he will get us out again, whatever the cost. He is surer of finding his way home on a blind night than Queen Berúthiel’s cats.”

That quote didn’t make it to the movies, but it’s definitely familiar to Tolkien fans because Berúthiel was an extremely strange queen. She never appeared on screen because she lived long before the LOTR Movie(s. So here’s a look at who she was and why Aragorn knew about her cats.

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Queen Berúthiel from Lord of the Rings was an evil cat lady

The great city of Númenor from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Might

Queen Berúthiel ruled Gondor from TE 830 to TE 913 as the wife of King Tarannon Falastur. However, she was not born in Gondor and was supposedly from an inland city south of Umbar. Tarannon never gave an official reason, but everyone assumed that her marriage was solely for diplomatic advantage. That was an obvious conclusion because even Christopher Tolkien described Berúthiel as “dark, lonely and loveless” in Unfinished tales. He didn’t even want to live in the city of Pelargir because he hated the ocean.

Berúthiel was one of the Black Númenóreans. They were colonizing Middle-earth during the Fall of Númenor, so they survived. But they were not like Elendil and the Exile realms. The Black Númenóreans loved the knowledge of evil and worshiped the superior Lord Sauron, which led to their decline after the success of the Last Alliance.

All of that to say that Berúthiel didn’t come from a happy culture, so it makes sense that he lived a dark and secluded life. In fact, her only real companions were her ten cats. At first, she hated cats, but they were drawn to her. So, Berúthiel did the best she could and trained them to do her bidding and spy on her enemies. Finally, King Tarannon had enough. He exiled Berúthiel by leaving her adrift on a ship and removed her from the Book of Kings. Still, Berúthiel’s cats had become a dark legend and evil association. And clearly, they left a mark because Aragorn learned of the dark legend from her centuries later.

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