How long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? (Answered)


Having earned the platinum certification of my review copy of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” it immediately emerged as a hot topic of interest among fellow gamers. In a world where play time can make or break a title, where does this installment stand? How extensive is my journey as a net thrower? So how long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Game Duration

My exact playtime of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was 26 hours in normal mode. This included all the main story quests and some side quests. Speedrunners can finish faster, but this could mean not being well equipped for challenging sections in the later parts of the game and skipping game scenes that are essential to understanding the game’s narrative.

While Insomniac senior game director Ryan Smith suggested that this sequel aligns with the length of the first game and pegged an average of 17 hours on, with Spider-Man 2 introducing a wide range of side activities, There are slight variations between the two titles.

How long until Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 goes platinum?

Diving into every corner, I managed Platinum Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 31 hours. For those aiming for 100% completion, the general estimate is around 28 to 30 hours. My personal journey to platinum gaming, which lasted 31 hours, is a testament to the rich game content that can be consumed without it becoming overwhelming or tedious.

The upcoming New Game Plus mode and mission replayability promise even more hours of fun for those eager to revisit the rooftops of New York. For those who have invested an extra $10 in the deluxe version over the standard version, the length of the game becomes a major factor in determining whether the deluxe edition is worth it.


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