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Core points of Gamers

How Kyber Brick Comets work in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Kyber Bricks are a collectible sort discovered throughout the galaxy in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. They appear to be blue sq. lego blocks and may be obtained by means of exploration and finishing puzzles. Kyber Bricks can be present in Kyber Brick Comets, that are encountered whereas flying by means of area. After capturing and destroying these Comets, the participant will obtain 5 Kyber Bricks. Don’t fear about lacking them within the first run-through although, as they’ll all the time be obtained later after ranges have been accomplished.

What are Kyber Bricks used for?

Kyber Bricks are used for upgrades, so it is crucial for gamers desirous to device up their characters to find as many as they’ll whereas exploring by means of the sport’s 9 episodes. Since Kyber Brick Comets present such numerous these Bricks, gamers could be clever to give attention to discovering and destroying them at any time when they’re obtainable.

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Most upgrades and unlockables additionally price numerous Studs, the sport’s important type of forex, so gamers ought to maintain a lookout for these too. Studs can both be noticed on the bottom by means of exploration or by breaking destructible objects, so make sure you smash away all that you may.

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