Black Panther: Wakanda Forever closed Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a story focused on grief and moving on. But it also changed the landscape of the MCU in a massive way thanks to the debut of Namor and the Kingdom of Talokan. While they were the main aggressors of the surface world in the film, their ties to vibranium and desire for secrecy made Wakanda the scapegoat for the entire world.

Now, with Talokan sent back to the depths at the end of wakandan forever, Wakanda must deal with the backlash from their war with the hidden nation, as the world has seen Wakanda more as a threat than an ally. With his desire to destabilize and destroy the nation, the world knows that brute force may not be the way to do it. Also, with the world knowing of Wakanda’s capabilities and not being able to obtain it, this may make it lean more towards creating its own metal, and by extension, an organization designed to take on powerful opponents.

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Adamantium could be the world’s answer to vibranium

The United Nations was shown in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever be very careful with the power of Wakandan, especially after the death of King T’Challa. As a result, nations such as France attempted to infiltrate its many outposts to try to obtain vibranium samples. Although these nations said they were worried about what Wakanda might do, the real reason was that they did not want to be seen as less powerful than they were. But after the events of wakandan foreverrealizing they can’t get vibranium might force them to create something else.

By bringing together powerful minds from around the world, adamantium could be the answer to vibranium as an equally powerful and durable metal. But once the metal is created, they would also have to find a way to weaponize it. While it would be easy to put him in their arms, some of their most nefarious scientists might seize the opportunity to employ enhanced individuals, mutants, to fight for their world against Wakanda. As a result, Weapon X would be born.

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Weapon X Might Be Wakanda’s Most Unexpected Threat

Wolverine shows off his adamantium claws

With Weapon X in full effect and off the books of the United Nations, it would allow those scientists to experiment on, torture, and brainwash their mutant test subjects. Therefore, characters like Sabretooth, Wolverine, and Maverick could appear as brainwashed agents. As the most elite team in Weapon X, they could be sent on stealth missions to test them before being sent to Wakanda on their first major mission.

Dealing with Wakanda would be a great way to see the raw brutality of these characters. Doing so would also offer a natural way for characters like Wolverine to debut in a comedic way that shows just how violent he was before joining the X-Men. Ultimately, it’s unclear what’s next for Wakanda or the larger MCU next. wakandan foreverBut the world’s views on the nation could be a great springboard for a mighty war of vibranium and adamantium.

To see Wakanda become the enemy of the world, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is playing in theaters now.