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How A Christmas Story Christmas’ Ending Ties Back to the Original

The original a christmas story in 1983 it focuses on both Ralphie Parker’s father and Ralphie himself. “The Old Man,” as Jean Shepard’s narrator tags him, is responsible for much of the film’s humor as he stubbornly clings to his pride in the face of various festive indignities. The sequel A Christmas story Christmas takes that very much into account and finds a beautiful way to close the narrative circle with its predecessor.

Darren McGavin, who memorably played Mr. Parker in the first film, passed away in 2006. A Christmas story Christmas it is dedicated to her memory and incorporates her loss into the narrative. The film centers on an adult Ralphie’s return to his childhood home with his family after his father dies a few days before Christmas. It brings a sense of grief and loss that works surprisingly well with the humor and gives the film a satisfying ending that complements (rather than competes with) the celebrated original film.

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Ralphie finds his story just in time for Christmas

One of the central jokes in A Christmas story Christmas it’s that adults still dream about Christmas gifts just like children do. They just dream of different things. Adult Ralphie doesn’t have many material possessions on his Christmas list besides a new radiator for the car. But he still fantasizes about the things he wants, which in this case is a writing career. One of the first scenes of him imagines him winning the Pulitzer for his 2,000-page work. forgetting neptune about the likes of Isaac Asimov and Anne McCaffrey. The reality is a little different, and when his book is rejected by the latest in a long line of publishers, he abandons the idea of ​​being a writer entirely.

Memories of her father cause a silent miracle on Christmas morning. Mrs. Parker asks Ralphie to write an obituary for her father, who loved Christmas and whose festive rules she is trying to abide by. The article is so strong that the local newspaper publishes it as a column and it is syndicated. Ralphie’s grown-up dream comes true at Christmas as the final gift from The Old Man. The trick is that the column is the narration of A Christmas story. The film ends with Ralphie reading the column and merging with the narrator from the first film.

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A Christmas Story Christmas returns perfectly to the original

A Christmas story Christmas it returns to several key moments from the first film. That includes a disastrous car breakdown that lands Ralphie in a very different kind of trouble than he encountered as a child and a we’re-too-old-for-this variant of the dreaded triple dog challenge. The shift in perspective from child to adult puts a new spin on each incident, revealing the same emotional state portrayed by adult issues.

All of this takes place under the shadow of his late father, as Ralphie makes some of the same mistakes and learns to deal with them in his own way. He helps the movie stand on its own (the jokes are creative and funny) while also acknowledging The Old Man’s importance to the story and how much his family misses him now that he’s gone. The news about Ralphie’s column comes amid the revelation that the late Mr. Parker bought and wrapped presents for everyone before he died, aptly replacing Ralphie’s own purchases, which were stolen earlier in the film.

For A Christmas story ChristmasRalphie’s final trick reads his column aloud to his family, and it turns out to be a version of the narration that opens the original film. This literally brings the narrative full circle by creating the perfect transition for viewers to go back and watch. a christmas story. In the end, Ralphie receives the gift of professional fulfillment and a Merry Christmas to the family from him instead of an air rifle. However, connecting it all to his father makes it something special. He returns the narrative to the first film without resorting to repetition and ensures that one of his most important characters gets the send-off he deserves.

A Christmas Story and A Christmas Story Christmas are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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