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House of the Dragon Confirmed Rhaenyra Shares One Disappointing Daenerys Trait

The following accommodates spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 5, “We Light the Way,” which debuted Sept. 18, on HBO.

HBO’s House of the Dragon actually left followers polarized concerning Rhaenyra Targaryen. It does look like she needs to impact change as inheritor to the Iron Throne, however she’s proven some sinister traits. For instance, her bond with the murderous, treasonous Daemon is fairly poisonous, suggesting she’s extra egocentric and into drama than first assumed.

It’s a part of why King Viserys was so nervous, eager to marry her off to Leanor Velaryon shortly to carry stability to King’s Landing. He did not need her to be seen as weak, which may usher in civil warfare in Westeros. Interestingly, Rhaenyra began to fall in line, realizing what was at stake, however within the course of, she confirmed she had a darkish attribute in widespread with Daenerys.

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As a lot as Game of Thrones depicted Daenerys as a frontrunner and liberator, she was undoubtedly a consumer. She wished to comply with her coronary heart, however relied on her head, particularly as she was so determined and obsessive about the crown. It’s seen in how she used Khal Drogo’s military and even oversaw her brother’s demise. Granted, her Viserys was a brat, and he or she did love Drogo, however in the end, they have been pawns to her.

The similar held true for Jon Snow down the road. Daenerys ended up loving him too, however before everything, he was a device within the sport as he introduced her the military she wanted. Lord Varys, Jon and Tyrion Lannister all realized how she lacked empathy, which eroded little by little the extra Daenerys began treating individuals like chess items. To Daenerys, politics got here first; one thing her personal internal circle noticed, which knowledgeable why she ended up burning King’s Landing — she misplaced her soul and her humanity. For viewers, it was exemplified earlier as nicely when she shooed Daario Naharis away, as she could not be seen as somebody who took a non-royal for a husband.

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Rhaenyra exhibited this similar egocentric, disappointing trait when a lovestruck Ser Criston Cole propositioned her en route to fulfill Laenor. Granted, Criston was a bit naive, however the way in which Rhaenyra handled him reminded followers of Daenerys’ machinations. Rhaenyra wasn’t imply or did not intend to be, nevertheless it wasn’t form how she let Criston know he was beneath her station. And that she would by no means consider working away with him, as she was the crown.

Criston felt like a broken, insulted peasant and a passionate idiot in love, however extra so, like somebody who was duped into breaking his knightly vow of celibacy. The reality Rhaenyra tried to maintain him on as a secret lover made him really feel even worse as a result of despite the fact that her model was completely different from Daenerys years later, the precept nonetheless stood — Criston was a handy object, ergo why he went berserk and killed Joffrey. He may inform that when he wasn’t of political acquire, Rhaenyra did not see him as something greater than a toy.

Ultimately, these girls have been sure by responsibility, however that they had the possibility to interrupt the vicious cycle and depart the warfare behind. Or at the least present the realm they may love the widespread people and invite them into their new dynasties, too. But each Daenerys and Rhaenyra wished to rule it doesn’t matter what, illustrating their energy with of us they thought-about elite and intimidating. In the method, they did not care about breaking hearts. All that mattered was discovering the best pawn to make use of, reinforcing that the Targaryen girls have been simply as ruthless and businesslike as their male counterparts.

New episodes of House of the Dragon air Sundays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on HBO and stream on HBO Max.

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