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Horizon Forbidden West presents a vast arsenal of weaponry to players, and among them, the ropecaster stands out as one of the most potent tools in the game. With a total of six different variants of the ropecaster available, ranging from uncommon to very rare, players are spoilt for choice.

However, mastering the use of the ropecaster requires a certain level of skill. But once players have honed this skill, there is no machine in Horizon Forbidden West that they cannot conquer. The ropecaster provides players with a range of utilities that gives them a decisive edge in battle.

Key Takeaways

  • The Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster is a weapon that allows players to immobilize machines and enemies with ropes that anchor them to the ground.
  • The simple ropecaster is an uncommon weapon with limited capabilities, but it can become a game-changer when upgraded and mastered.
  • There are three rare ropecasters in Horizon Forbidden West: Anchor, Canister, and Eventide, each offering unique benefits for different gameplay styles.
  • The Elite Ropecaster and Elite Canister Ropecaster are extremely useful for hunting down large and fierce machines.
  • Upgrades for the ropecasters increase their damage output, add perks, and enhance their effectiveness in combat.
  • The ropecaster can be obtained from hunters in different regions of Horizon Forbidden West, such as Scalding Spears, Plainsong, Bulwark, and Cliffwatch.
  • The ropecaster uses different types of ammunition, including binding ropes, shock ropes, and canister harpoons that deal with acid, frost, or plasma damage.
  • Knowing how to use each type of ammo effectively can help players take down machines more efficiently and strategically.

Players can choose to either bind and immobilize their enemies or attach elemental canisters to them that can be triggered using a corresponding elemental arrow. It enables them to take down hordes of small machines with ease and also helps in bringing down larger and more formidable machines like thunderjaws.


In Horizon Forbidden West, the ropecaster is a weapon that allows players to immobilize machines and enemies by firing ropes that anchor them to the ground. The simple ropecaster is a type of uncommon ropecaster that is available in Horizon Forbidden West. 


horizon Forbidden west uncommon ropecaster
Uncommon Ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West {image by eXputer)

In our opinion, the ropecaster is an underwhelming uncommon weapon that only has 1 coil upgrade available at level 3 and lacks any perks. For inexperienced players in Horizon Forbidden West, this may result in them deeming the weapon useless due to its limited capabilities.

However, those who understand the weapon’s potential and value know that obtaining the ropecaster can be a game-changer in battles against machines. The ability to immobilize and tie down enemies can provide a significant advantage in combat, especially when facing larger and more formidable opponents.

Despite its initial shortcomings, the ropecaster can become an essential tool in a player’s arsenal, particularly when paired with other weapons and strategies. Therefore, it’s crucial to not overlook this weapon’s potential and to invest in its upgrades and mastery to reap its benefits fully.


The ropecaster has the potential to become even more deadly with the ability to be upgraded to three different levels. Each upgrade level increases the base damage output, enhancing its effectiveness in combat.

Upgrade Level Required Materials
Level 1 Braided Wire x1, Metal Shards x50
Level 2 Braided Wire x1, Metal Shards x75, Scrapper Circulator x1
Level 3 Braided Wire x2, Metal Shards x95, Scrapper Radar x1, Small Machine Core x1

Ammo & Damage

The ropecaster weapon exclusively employs binding ropes as ammunition, and its effectiveness is subject to variation depending on its level of enhancement. In other words, the more upgrades the ropecaster has received, the greater the potential damage it can inflict upon its target using its binding rope ammunition.

Where To Find

For a reasonable price of 149 metal shards, hunters are willing to part with their ropecasters, allowing players to start utilizing their unique abilities to immobilize machines and gain an advantage in battle.

Two notable locations where the ropecaster can be obtained are

  • Barren Light
  • Hunting Ground: The Daunt

These regions are known for their skilled and experienced hunters who have honed their craft and are willing to share their expertise with other adventurers.

Here’s a closer look at how to obtain the ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Speak to the ground keeper: The ground keeper will provide players with valuable information about the location, as well as any quests or challenges that may be available
  • Navigate to the weapons tab: The weapons tab will display a range of weapons that players can use to take down machines, including the ropecaster


Horizon Forbidden West boasts three rare ropecasters that are a must-have for players looking for significant damage and great versatility in combat. The three types of ropecasters are:

  • Anchor ropecaster
  • Cannister ropecaster
  • Eventide ropecaster

Each type of ropecaster offers unique benefits that cater to different gameplay styles, making them an ideal choice for players.


anchor ropecaster horizon forbidden west
Tie-down machines with the anchor ropecaster (image captured by eXputer)

The Anchor ropecaster is a valuable weapon in Horizon Forbidden West that is designed to help players take down larger machines with ease. The primary function of the Anchor ropecaster is to anchor machines to the ground, making them more vulnerable to attack.

  • To add the Anchor ropecaster to your arsenal, you can purchase it from the hunters in Scalding Spears for 632 metal shards and 1 bellowback circulator.
  • You just need to find and talk to the hunter and navigate your way in the weapons tab to find the anchor ropecaster.
  • The Anchor ropecaster comes with an overdraw damage perk that unlocks when the weapon is upgraded to level 2 and increases the damage dealt by 15%.
  • It can also be upgraded to have two coils at level 4


There are four different upgrades available for the anchor ropecaster, each requiring a specific combination of materials. Here’s a breakdown of the upgrades:

Upgrade Level Materials Required
1 Braided Wire x2, Metal Shards x75, Small Machine Core x2
2 Bellowback Sac Webbing x1, Braided Wire x2, Metal Shards x112, Stalker Stealth Generator x1
3 Braided Wire x3, Medium Machine Core x2, Metal Shards x150, Stalker Circulator x1
4 Braided Wire x6, Medium Machine Core x3, Metal Shards x250, Shellsnapper Shell Bolt x4, Stalker Primary Nerve x1


Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster has a variant called the anchor ropecaster, which can use three different types of ammunition.

  • Binding ropes, which are used to tie down machines and immobilize them
  • shock ropes, which deal shock damage to machines and stun them
  • purgewater canister harpoons, which deal purgewater damage to machines and weaken them.

To help players better understand the ropecaster’s capabilities, we’ve provided a table below detailing the damage statistics of each ammo type at various levels:

Level Binding Ropes Shock Ropes Purgewater Canister Harpoons
1 81 40 125
2 89 45 136
3 93 47 156
4 109 55 176


canister ropecaster horizon forbidden west
Details of canister ropecaster (image by us)

Another variant of Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster is the canister ropecaster. The canister ropecaster is only used to attach elemental canisters to machines instead of ropes. These canisters contain elemental payloads that can be detonated with an arrow of the same elemental type to create a powerful explosion.

This explosion can cause massive damage to the machine, weaken its armor, and expose its vulnerable parts to further attacks. The canister ropecaster is an ideal weapon for players who prefer a more tactical and strategic approach to combat.

The canister ropecaster has 2 perks that unlock as its level is increased; these are:

  • reload speed
  • overdraw damage

By using canisters, players can customize their attacks to match the weaknesses of the machine they are facing and create devastating chain reactions that can wipe out entire groups of enemies.

How To Obtain

This Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster, a valuable tool for hunting machines, can be acquired from multiple hunters. More specifically, from hunters in Hunting Ground:

  • Plainsong
  • Bulwark
  • Cliffwatch

By trading the following materials, you can get your hands on the canister ropecaster:

  • Metal Shards Metal Shards x549
  • Tracker Burrower Circulator x1


The canister ropecaster uses three types of ammunition harpoons which are:

  • shock canister harpoon dealing shock damage
  • frost canister harpoon dealing frost damage
  • fire canister harpoon dealing fire damage

Here’s a rundown of the different damage each canister harpoon deals as the ropecaster is upgraded:

Level Shock Canister Harpoons Frost Canister Harpoons Fire Canister Harpoons
1 110 107 114
2 124 119 128
3 139 134 143
4 158 153 162


Here’s a table summarizing the upgrades for the canister variant of Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster:

Upgrade Level materials needed Unlocks
1 75 Metal Shards, 2 Braided Wire, 2 Small Machine Core Reload Speed +15%
2 112 Metal Shards, 2 Braided Wire, 1 Longleg Wing Burner, 1 Skydrifter Razor Tail
  • Reload Speed +25%
  • Overdraw Damage +15%
3 150 Metal Shards, 3 Braided Wire, 1 Longleg Circulator, 2 Medium Machine Core
4 450 Metal Shards, 6 Braided Wire, 1 Longleg Primary Nerve, 3 Medium Machine Core, 1 Shell-Walker Lightning Gun The second coil is unlocked

Each upgrade level requires different resources and provides different bonuses, such as increased damage and buildup, faster reload speed, and additional perks like overdraw damage. As the player progresses through the game and collects more resources, they can upgrade their ropecaster to become a more effective and versatile weapon in combat.


eventide ropecaster horizon forbidden west
A closer look at evetide ropecaster – image by eXputer

The eventide variant of Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster, a Carja weapon, is a highly specialized tool designed to immobilize targets with its Shock Ropes. This device can deal damage over time, providing players with a unique advantage in combat. By upgrading its reload speed, the ropecaster becomes an even more efficient tool for taking down enemies.

One of the most impressive features of the Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster is its ability to hold two coils and as the ropecaster is upgraded, two perks are unlocked, further enhancing its already impressive capabilities. With these upgrades, players will be able to dominate Horizon Forbidden West’s machines with ease, making the Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster an essential tool for any hunter.


Here’s a rundown of the upgrades available for the eventide ropecaster:

Upgrade Level Cost Upgrades Unlocked Materials Required
1 75 Reload Speed +15% 2 Braided Wire, 2 Small Machine Core
2 112 Overdraw Damage +15% 2 Braided Wire, 1 Burrower Soundshell, 1 Sunwing Shield Caster
3 150 3 Braided Wire, 2 Medium Machine Core
4 250 The second coil is unlocked Reload Speed +25% 6 Braided Wire, 1 Elemental Clawstrider Sac Webbing, 3 Medium Machine Core, 1 Sunwing Primary Nerve

Ammo & How To Obtain

The eventide ropecaster uses 2 types of ammunition that are:

  • Binding ropes – deals 70-100 damage from the base level to level 4 upgrade
  • shock ropes – deals shock damage ranging from 35 to 50 from the base level to level 4 upgrade

The shock damage can further build up to deal more damage. For players to get their hands on the eventide ropecaster, they need to trade with the hunter at Salt Bite. The weapon costs

  • 549 Metal Shards
  • 1 Canister Burrower Circulator

Very Rare

There is a third category of ropecasters in horizon forbidden west; ropecasters that are very rare. In this category, there are 2 ropecasters that are:

  • elite ropecaster
  • elite canister ropecaster

Both of them are extremely useful when mastered and provide a ton of versatility to players for hunting down large and fierce machines.

Elite Ropecaster

elite ropecaster horizon forbidden west
One of the best ropecasters – the elite ropecaster (image by eXputer(

Among the different types of ropecasters available, the Elite Ropecaster stands out as a powerful and versatile weapon. This ropecaster is specifically designed for taking down larger machines that are susceptible to shock or plasma damage.

When equipped with the Elite Ropecaster, players can easily take on flying machines by firing binding ropes at them. This prevents the machine from moving away and allows players to deal critical damage while it is immobilized.

Additionally, the Elite Ropecaster’s shock or plasma ropes can be used to tie down the machine and deal elemental damage. This is particularly useful when facing machines that are weak to shock or plasma damage, as players can take advantage of their weakness and deal massive damage.

Where To Find

To obtain the Elite Ropecaster, players must purchase it from the Hunter, who has set up camp at Thornmarsh. The Hunter merchant sells the Elite Ropecaster for:

  • 1,249 Metal Shards
  • 1 Large Machine Core
  • 1 Elemental Clawstrider Circulator


The elite ropecaster has 2 perks:

  • Overdraw Damage
  • Damage Over Time

Here are the available upgrades for the elite ropecaster:

Upgrade Level Cost Unlocks
1 Metal Shards x127, 4 Braided Wire, 1 Medium Machine Core, 4 Small Machine Core Overdraw Damage +15%
2 Metal Shards x212, 5 Braided Wire, 2 Elemental Clawstrider Sac Webbing, 3 Shellsnapper Shell Bolt The second coil is unlocked
3 Metal Shards x300, 10 Braided Wire, 2 Frostclaw Sac Webbing, 1 Large Machine Core, 1 Shellsnapper Circulator Damage Over Time +15%
4 Metal Shards x450, 1 Elemental Clawstrider Primary Nerve, 1 Frostclaw Circulator, 2 Large Machine Core, 2 Thunderjaw Tail
5 Metal Shards x600, 1 Apex Tremortusk Heart, 1 Luminous Brainstem, 1 Thunderjaw Primary Nerve, 2 Tideripper Tail Fin The third coil is unlocked Damage Over Time +40%

Players can use these weapon upgrades to improve their combat capabilities and take on tougher machines and challenges in Horizon Forbidden West. By investing in the right upgrades and collecting the necessary resources, players can become unstoppable forces in the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Ammo & Damage

The elite ropecaster can use three ammunition ropes that are:

  • advanced binding rope 
  • plasma rope – deals plasma damage
  • shock ropes – deals shock damage

Here’s the table that lists the different upgrade levels and their corresponding damage values for each ammo type of the ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West:

Upgrade Level Advanced Binding Ropes Shock Ropes Plasma Ropes
Level 1 162 49 19
Level 2 183 55 55
Level 3 208 63 63
Level 4 232 70 70
Level 5 266 80 80

Each upgrade level increases the damage dealt by the different ammo types of the ropecaster, making it more effective in combat. The Shock and Plasma Ropes gain significant boosts in damage as players progress through the upgrade levels, making them especially useful for taking down machines with elemental weaknesses.

Elite Canister

elite cannister ropecaster horizon forbidden west
The best ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West- elite canister ropecaster (image by us)

When it comes to taking down the biggest and toughest machines in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, nothing quite matches the power of the elite canister ropecaster. This weapon is the ultimate tool for any hunter looking to take on the most challenging foes out there.

  • What sets the elite canister ropecaster apart from other weapons is its ability to shoot canisters containing three different types of elemental damage: acid, frost, and plasma.
  • These canisters pack a punch, dealing an extra 100 damage compared to the base-level ropecaster.
  • The key to using the elite canister ropecaster effectively is knowing when to use each type of elemental damage.
  • For example, when facing a machine that is particularly vulnerable to frost damage, you’ll want to fire a frost canister at it and then switch over to a bow with frost arrows to maximize the damage dealt.
  • But the real beauty of the elite canister ropecaster is how it can help you take control of any fight. By firing a canister at a machine and then attaching a rope to it, you can immobilize the machine and give yourself an opening to unleash your full arsenal.

With the elite canister ropecaster in your hands, the horizon truly is your playground.

How To Get

To get your hands on the Elite Canister Ropecaster, you’ll need to complete an Errand Quest called “The Souvenir.” This quest becomes available after you’ve completed the Main Quest, “Faro’s Tomb,” and gained access to Legacy’s Landfall.

  • The quest is given by Jomar, the Quen’s Weapons Officer, who’s seeking information about his missing brother.
  • His brother was last seen on a scouting mission north of Legacy’s Landfall, and Jomar needs your help to find him.
  • Once you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with 6500 XP, 1 Skill Point, and the Elite Canister Ropecaster.

With the Elite Canister Ropecaster in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the challenges that lie ahead in Horizon Forbidden West.

Ammo & Upgrades

There are three types of ammo that the elite canister ropecaster uses:

  • Acid Canister Harpoons, which deal acid Damage 
  • Frost Canister Harpoons, which deal Frost Damage 
  • Plasma Canister Harpoons, which deal plasma damage 

Players can choose which type of Ropecaster ammo to use based on the machine’s weaknesses, strengths, and resistances. Knowing how to use each type of ammo effectively can help players take down machines more efficiently and strategically.

Here’s a rundown on the available upgrades for the elite canister ropecaster:

Upgrade Level Cost Unlocks
Level 1 127 Metal Shards, 4 Braided Wire, 1 Medium Machine Core, 4 Small Machine Core  Overdraw Damage +15%
Level 2 212 Metal Shards, 6 Braided Wire, 1 Behemoth Force Loader, 1 Dreadwing Metal Fang  Second coil unlocked
Level 3 300 Metal Shards, 10 Braided Wire, 2 Dreadwing Circulator, 1 Large Machine Core, 1 Slitherfang Earthgrinder Multiple Enemy Damage +15%
Level 4 450 Metal Shards, 2 Apex Clamberjaw Heart, 1 Behemoth Primary Nerve, 2 Large Machine Core, 1 Slitherfang Circulator
Level 5 600 Metal Shards, 1 Apex Tremortusk Heart, 1 Luminous Brainstem, 2 Thunderjaw Tail, 1 Tideripper Primary Nerve
  • Third coil unlocked
  • Multiple Enemy Damage +40%


With three available ammo types to use, here are the details of the damage caused by the elite canister ropecaster:

Level Acid Canister Harpoon Frost Canister Harpoon Plasma Canister Harpoon
1 133 137 140
2 146 150 155
3 160 165 170
4 179 184 188
5 205 210 215

This table shows the damage values for the Acid, Frost, and Plasma Canister Harpoons at different levels in Horizon Forbidden West, excluding the base level.

Using Ropecasters

As players venture through the treacherous world of Horizon Forbidden West, they will come across a variety of powerful machines that can be challenging to take down. That’s where the Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster comes in handy.

This versatile tool allows players to tie down machines and immobilize them, providing opportunities for strategic attacks and critical damage. Here are some of the ways you can use Horizon forbidden West ropecasters to dominate machines:

  1. Tie-down machines to expose their weak points
    • One of the most common uses of a ropecaster is to tie down machines and expose their weak points
    • Once a machine is tied down, players can attack its weak spots with ease, deal critical damage, and even take control of the machine.
  2. Create traps for unsuspecting machines.
    • Players can also use the ropecaster to create traps for machines by tying them to various objects in the environment.
    • This method allows players to take down machines without engaging in direct combat and can be an effective way to conserve resources.
  3. Take down flying machines.
    • The ropecaster can also be used to take down flying machines by tying them down and pulling them to the ground.
    • This method can be challenging, but it’s an effective way to deal with aerial threats.
  4. Use the ropecaster to stun machines.
    • Lastly, players can use the ropecaster to stun machines by tying them down repeatedly.
    • This method can provide players with an opportunity to attack without fear of retaliation.

Players should experiment with different methods of using the ropecaster to find the strategies that work best for their playstyle. 

How To Use

Here is the detailed method of using the ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • hold L2 to aim the crosshair
  • press R2 to prepare a rope
  • Once ready, release R2 to fire the rope
  • Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West, will automatically set an anchor point for the other end of the rope in the ground.

It is essential to note that the middle of the reticle will shrink when the shot is in range, ensuring a more accurate aim. By mastering the techniques mentioned above, players can take on the toughest machines in the game with ease. So, hold L2 to aim, R2 to prepare, and release to fire, and let the ropecaster do its magic!

Best Time To Use

The Horizon Forbidden West ropecaster is an essential tool for any player navigating the treacherous post-apocalyptic world. Let’s take a look at the best time to use the ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West.

  1. When facing larger machines 
    • The ropecaster is an excellent choice when facing larger machines.
    • These machines can be difficult to take down, and their movements can be hard to predict.
    • By using the ropecaster, players can tie down these machines, making them more vulnerable to attack.
    • This allows players to deal critical damage to the machine’s weak points and take control of them.
  2. When trying to break off components
    • Another great time to use the ropecaster is when trying to break off specific components of a machine.
    • Sometimes, these components can be hard to reach, or the machine may be moving too quickly to get a clean shot.
    • By using the ropecaster, players can immobilize the machine, making it easier to target these components and deal critical damage.
  3. When creating traps
    • By shooting a rope at one machine and then another rope at a nearby surface, players can create a trap that ensnares the machine.
    • This leaves the machine vulnerable to attack and allows players to deal massive damage.

Whether you’re facing a larger machine, trying to break off components, or creating traps, the ropecaster is an excellent choice for gaining the upper hand in battles. So, make sure to use the ropecaster wisely and dominate the machine-filled world!

Horizon Forbidden West offers convenient features like auto loot now, allowing players to collect resources quickly. With the new Burning Shores DLC out, along with Horizon Forbidden West’s stunning visuals and diverse landscapes, players will have the opportunity to explore new locations and encounter all new and unique machines.

The ropecasters in Horizon Forbidden West are a valuable asset to any player looking to dominate the machines and gain an edge in combat. From the uncommon ropecaster to the rare Anchor, Canister, and Eventide ropecasters, each offers unique benefits that cater to different gameplay styles. 

So, grab your ropecaster and get ready to take on the toughest machines in Horizon Forbidden West!

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