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We reviewed its Switch cousin and now we come to the PS4 variation, the Horipad FPS Plus. It’s the one I used long before picking up the Switch version, the beast of a controller that saw me through multiple games and others after my standard PS4 controller crashed with its unusable controllers and completely dead battery. We will go into the details of all its features one by one, and dive deeper into them.

HoriPad FPS Plus 01 Controller Review

The first feature we’ll dive into is its complete difference from its predecessor, the Horipad FPS 3. It doesn’t have the prototype PlayStation 3 controller shape that looks like a boomerang, with its more rounded shape providing better grip on the front. to the sharper form of its predecessor. which sometimes strains the base of the thumb when things get too frantic, like hard mode running in Left 4 Dead 2 or old DOOM games when running with ZDOOM which supports controller inputs and a wider range of motion .

Next, the feature we’ll dig into is the switches at the bottom center of the controller, with the left one handling the camera control sensitivity on the right stick, which is activated by the trigger at the bottom. The far left of the setting slows it down to almost a snail’s pace, allowing users to focus on their objectives for longer, with the supposed “brake” loosening the further the switch is moved in the opposite direction.

The second switch acts as a type of Mode 1 and Mode 2 switch, allowing you to switch between PS3 and PS4 mode, considering that it can be used on a total of 3 platforms, PS3, PS4, and the PC I used it on. most after replacing the HoriPad Pro Switch. Speaking of which, that could be the topic of the next entry.

shoulder buttons

Third, the shoulder buttons. It’s a really slight upward slope that’s easy to press and maintains the feel of older PlayStation controllers than the console it’s made for, giving a bit of a nostalgic feel to gamers who use one, though buttons have a hard edge instead of rounded ones.

The next feature we’ll talk about is the basic Turbo and Assign buttons. Its usage remains the same, allowing players to speed up button presses and assign a duplicate button that can be used for alternate quick tapping if that’s what the user likes, keeping in mind that some games they are a bit more difficult to play if the former is used too often. than the latter after all.

This version currently comes in three colors (black, blue, and white) like other Hori controllers, it has a sheen to it that you usually see on motorcycles, but can be easily scratched at times, and mine has a bit of a scratch on the grip from a long period of heavy use and wear. Its durability leaves nothing to be desired, having survived a few drops and works like nothing, picking up as if it hadn’t been dropped from a computer table onto the hard floor.

Summing it all up, the HoriPad FPS Plus is an excellent controller that is an all-rounder for everything from First-Person-Shooters or Beat-‘Em-Ups to Driving and Horror. It’s a nice addition to your gaming arsenal. Ranging in price from PHP 1,595 to PHP 2,195 depending on the store, this will pretty much be a one-time purchase that will last you for years to a whole decade or more, if taken care of very well, as a gift. that keeps on giving

HoriPad FPS Plus Controller

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The HoriPad FPS Plus is an excellent controller that is an all-rounder for general use, from First-Person-Shooters or Beat-‘Em-Ups to Driving and Horror.



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