Honkai Star Rail: Rarely Affectionate (Walkthrough)



Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate is an engaging and challenging questline that players will encounter during their journey in the expansive universe of Honkai Star Rail. This questline revolves around unraveling the mysterious thefts, repairing a gear-stealing robot, and making critical decisions that impact the story’s outcome.

Key Takeaways

  • Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate focuses on companion quests involving Clara, Svarog, and Pascal.
  • Key steps for completing the questline include:
    • Fulfilling prerequisites by reaching Trailblaze Level and completing required story missions.
    • Initiating the quest by receiving Clara‘s message and meeting her at the Robot Settlement.
    • Investigating thefts, questioning witnesses, and confronting the Gear-Stealing Robot.
    • Repairing the robot and finding a compatible shell for Pascal.
    • Searching for Pascal, rescuing him, and making crucial decisions with consequences.
  • Rewards for completing the questline include Visitor Verification for Clara and in-game items.
  • One must carefully consider the choices they make, as their decisions have lasting effects on the story and characters.
  • Be prepared for challenging battles against foes like the Automaton Direwolf and the Grizzly Robot.

Prerequisites For Unlocking Rarely Affectionate Quests

Before diving into the Rarely Affectionate questline in Honkai Star Rail, you must first fulfill certain prerequisites to access this intriguing storyline. This guide aims to help individuals navigate these requirements with ease. The two critical factors to consider are reaching the necessary Trailblaze levels and completing the required story missions. 

Reaching Trailblaze Levels

Trailblaze levels play a crucial role in unlocking different parts of the Rarely Affectionate questline. You should focus on leveling up to meet the requirements for each segment of the storyline.

Trailblaze Level For Rarely Affectionate Part 1: When players reach Trailblaze Level 29, they unlock the first part of the Rarely Affectionate questline. This level is a critical milestone, as it grants access to the initial story arc.

Trailblaze Level For Rarely Affectionate Part 2: After completing Part 1, you must reach Trailblaze level 34 to unlock the second part of the quest line. This level is essential for continuing the Rarely Affectionate story.

Completing Required Story Missions

Besides reaching specific Trailblaze levels, you must also complete certain story missions to unlock different parts of the Rarely Affectionate questline.

Story Mission For Rarely Affectionate Part 1: Players must finish the “Venom Brews, Immortality Looms” story mission before starting the first part of the Rarely Affectionate questline. Upon completing this mission, they will receive Clara’s message, setting the stage for the Rarely Affectionate quests.

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Venom Brews, Immortality Loom Side Mission
Venom Brews, Immortality Loom Side Mission
    • Suggested Preparation: Stock up on health potions and ensure the character is well-equipped to handle the mission’s challenges.

Story Mission For Rarely Affectionate Part 2: After finishing Part 1, you need to complete the “Sinners Misled, Credence Falsified” story mission to unlock the second part of the Rarely Affectionate questline. Once the mission is accomplished, players will receive another message from Clara, indicating that she has finished repairing the robot and the story can continue.

    • Mission Tips: Prepare by upgrading the character’s gear and abilities, and consider teaming up with other players for added support during challenging encounters.

Unlocking the Rarely Affectionate questline in Honkai Star Rail requires reaching specific Trailblaze levels and completing the necessary story missions. By carefully working through these requirements, one can unlock and enjoy the full extent of this engaging storyline, immersing themselves in the captivating world of Honkai Star Rail.

Starting The Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Quest

Embarking on the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline requires following a series of steps. In this section, I’ll walk you through the process of receiving Clara’s message and meeting her at the Robot Settlement to kick off this exciting adventure

Receiving Clara’s Message

  • Completing Prerequisites: After fulfilling the prerequisites mentioned in the previous section, players will receive a message from Clara, signaling the start of the Rarely Affectionate questline.
  • Check Inbox: To initiate the quest, the in-game inbox should be checked for Clara’s message, and the quest should be accepted. 

Meeting Clara At The Robot Settlement

To meet Clara and proceed with the questline, the following steps should be followed:

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Meeting Clara At The Robot Settlement
Meeting Clara At The Robot Settlement
  • Open The Starmap: Open the in-game Starmap to locate the destination where Clara awaits. You can mark the destination to plot their course. 
  • Travel To Jarlio-VI: Players need to travel to the Jarlio-VI location to find Clara and progress in the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline. The fast-travel feature made it easy for me to reach my destination quickly.
  • Locate The Robot Settlement: Once players arrive at Jarlio-VI, they must explore the area to locate the Robot Settlement where Clara can be found.
    • Follow The Compass: Keep an eye on the in-game compass to navigate toward the settlement.
    • Meet Clara And Svarog: Upon arriving at the Robot Settlement, you will meet Clara and Svarog, key characters in the Rarely Affectionate questline. Interact with both characters to receive vital information about the quest and its objectives.

By following these steps, you can immerse yourself in the intriguing storyline of the quest and explore the captivating world of Honkai Star Rail with Clara and her robot companion, Svarog. It’s important not to forget to keep an eye on the inbox for Clara’s message and to follow the in-game map and quest markers to reach the Robot Settlement and begin this exciting adventure.

Rarely Affectionate Part 1

In the first part of the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline, you’ll go on an exciting adventure to locate and repair a mysterious gear-stealing robot. This section of the guide will provide detailed information on progressing through this part of the quest.

Questioning The Witness

    • After meeting Clara and Svarog, the next step is to speak to the witness present at the Vagrant Camp to gather valuable information about the gear-stealing robot.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Questioning The Witness
Questioning The Witness
  • Listen carefully to the witness’s account and take note of any clues provided, as they are essential for locating the thieves.

Following Quest Markers

  • The location of the gear-stealing robot can be easily found by following the quest markers displayed on the in-game compass.
  • Follow these markers to advance in the Rarely Affectionate.
  • As the quest progresses, exploring the surrounding environment can help uncover additional clues or hidden secrets that may be useful in completing it.

Encountering The Gear-Stealing Robot

Upon arriving at the robot’s location, preparing for an intense battle and repairing the robot will be necessary. Follow these steps to increase the chances of success:

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Gear-Stealing Robot
Gear-Stealing Robot
  • Prepare For Battle: Before engaging in battle, it is important to equip characters with suitable weapons and gear, ensuring that they are ready to face the gear-stealing robot. 
      • It is recommended to take advantage of the robot’s elemental weaknesses to increase the chances of victory.
  • Fight The Gear-Stealing Robot: Once adequately prepared, the robot must be faced in battle.
    • During the fight, use the characters’ unique skills and abilities to inflict damage and disable the robot’s defenses. 
    • Defeat And Repair The Robot: After weakening the robot, deliver the final blow to defeat it.
      • With the gear-stealing robot defeated, players must repair it by interacting with the robot and using any necessary materials. 
      • After successfully repairing the robot, return to Clara and Svarog to complete Rarely Affectionate Part 1 and receive the next set of objectives for the quest line. 

Part 1 of the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline involves questioning a witness, following quest markers, and engaging in a thrilling battle with the gear-stealing robot. By following these steps and utilizing the provided strategies, navigating this portion of the story can be done successfully, allowing players to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Honkai Star Rail.

Repairing The Gear-Stealing Robot

In this phase of the Honkai Star Rail quest, the focus is on repairing the gear-stealing robot, which is an essential step toward completing the Rarely Affectionate storyline. This section of the guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the tasks involved in repairing the robot.

Retrieving The Robot Shell

  • Locate The Robot Graveyard: To retrieve the robot shell, you must first locate the Robot Graveyard, a vast area filled with broken and discarded robots. 
  • Search For The Robot Shell: Thoroughly exploring the Robot Graveyard is necessary to find the specific robot shell required for the repair. Keep an eye out for any unique or distinguishable features to correctly identify the shell.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Robot Shell
Robot Shell

While playing through this section, I discovered that taking my time and paying close attention to the surroundings was crucial in locating the right robot shell.

Assisting Clara With The Repairs

After finding the robot shell, the next step is to return to Svarog’s Base and deliver it to Clara. This part of the quest involves assisting Clara in repairing the gear-stealing robot by providing any necessary tools or materials.

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Assisting Clara With The Repairs
Assisting Clara With The Repairs

Dealing With The Incompatible Shell

Despite best efforts, the robot shell may turn out to be incompatible with the gear-stealing robot. When this happens, identifying the problem and finding a solution becomes necessary.

    • Search For An Alternative Solution: Players will need to think creatively and explore alternative options for repairing the robot. This may involve finding a different robot shell or modifying the current one.
    • In my experience, being open to experimentation and trying various methods helped me find a solution to the incompatible shell problem.

The process of repairing the gear-stealing robot in Honkai Star Rail involves several steps, including retrieving the robot shell from the Robot Graveyard, assisting Clara with repairs at Svarog’s Base, and dealing with an incompatible shell. By following this walkthrough and utilizing the tips shared from personal experience, successfully repairing the robot and progressing further in the Rarely Affectionate quest line is achievable.

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Part 2

In the second part of the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline, meeting Clara, learning about Pascal, and facing the Automaton Direwolf are the key objectives before returning to Svarog’s Base. 

Meeting Clara 

To initiate the next phase of the quest, finding Clara within Svarog’s Base is necessary. Clara will introduce you to Pascal, who is an essential character in the storyline, and provide crucial information about their history and current situation. During this segment, I made sure to pay close attention to the details shared by Clara, as it helped me understand the context of the quest and Pascal’s role in it.

Defeating The Automaton Direwolf

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Defeating The Automaton Direwolf
Defeating The Automaton Direwolf
  • Locate The Automaton Direwolf: Tracking down the Automaton Direwolf is necessary as it is a formidable enemy that stands in the way of progress in the quest.
  • Prepare For Battle: Before engaging the Direwolf, you should ensure that your characters are well-equipped and have adequate healing items.
  • Defeat The Direwolf: Defeating the Automaton Direwolf in combat is essential for advancing in the storyline.

Returning To Svarog’s Base

Adventurers will return to Svarog’s Base, repair Pascal with a new shell, chase Pascal to Rivet Town, discover Pascal’s diary at the Tempering Workshop, and make a difficult decision.

    • Repairing Pascal With The New Shell: After obtaining the new shell, players need to assist Clara in repairing Pascal.
      • In my experience, it’s essential to follow the on-screen prompts and work together with Clara to ensure the repair process is successful.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate New Robot Shell
New Robot Shell
    • Chasing Pascal To Rivet Town: Upon completing the repairs, Pascal unexpectedly flees to Rivet Town, prompting players to give chase.
      • While chasing Pascal, I found it useful to keep an eye on the quest markers to avoid getting lost or sidetracked by other quests.
    • Discovering Pascal’s Diary At The Tempering Workshop: At the Tempering Workshop in Rivet Town, Pascal’s diary can be found, providing essential insight into their past.
      • When I discovered the diary, I made sure to read it thoroughly to understand the full context of Pascal’s actions and motivations.
    • Making A Difficult Decision: After reviewing the information in Pascal’s diary, making a difficult decision regarding Pascal’s fate becomes necessary.
      • As I faced this challenging choice, I considered the potential consequences of my actions, as well as my personal values and allegiances.

By following these steps, I successfully completed the Rarely Affectionate Part 2 quest in Honkai Star Rail. Remember to meet Clara, defeat the Automaton Direwolf, and return to Svarog’s base with the new shell to help Pascal.

The Search For Pascal & Final Decisions

In the Honkai Star Rail, one of the most crucial stages involves searching for Pascal and making final decisions that shape the outcome of the story. Here, I’ll guide you through the key steps of this quest, including finding Pascal and making the critical choices that lie ahead.

Locating Pascal 

  • Gather Information: Begin by talking to NPCs and exploring the environment to collect clues about Pascal’s whereabouts.
  • Follow Clues: Utilize the gathered information to piece together Pascal’s trail and track its location.

Throughout my playthrough, being observant and thorough in the search for Pascal was vital, as every detail contributed to understanding Pascal’s motivations and actions.

Confronting Pascal

Anticipate potential combat during this quest and make sure your characters are well-equipped and battle-ready. When Pascal is found, engage in dialogue or combat as the situation demands. When I confronted Pascal, I realized that my decisions could significantly impact the storyline, making it essential to consider my choices and their potential consequences carefully.

Investigating The Workshop

  • Find documents, diaries, and other evidence that reveal Pascal’s intentions and backstory.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Investigating The Workshop
Investigating The Workshop
  • Engage with nearby NPCs who may have insights into Pascal’s actions and motivations.
  • As I investigated Pascal’s motivations, I found it helpful to take notes on the information I gathered better to understand the character and the quest’s broader context.

Consequences Of Following Svarog’s Idea

    • If you choose to follow Svarog’s idea, Pascal will be formatted, and his emotional intelligence will be wiped.
    • Although this ensures his survival, it comes at the cost of his emotions and memories.
    • Consider the long-term implications of this decision for Pascal and your relationship with him.
Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Making The Critical Choices
Making The Critical Choices

Consequences Of Not Following Svarog’s Idea

    • If you decide not to follow Svarog’s idea, Pascal will retain his emotional intelligence and memories.
    • Nevertheless, this choice comes with the risk that Pascal may not survive in the long run.
    • Weigh the potential dangers against the benefits of allowing Pascal to maintain his emotions and experiences.

Completing The Quest

  • Report Back: Return to the quest giver and provide an update on the quest’s outcome.
  • Reflect On Decisions: Take a moment to consider the choices made and their long-term consequences.

The search for Pascal and the final decisions made during the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate questline create an unforgettable gaming experience. By following this walkthrough and using the guidance provided, you can navigate this crucial part while considering your choices and their potential impact on the story. Consider the consequences of your choices carefully, as they will impact not only Pascal but also your overall gaming experience.

Rewards And Outcomes

Rewards and Outcomes can be classified into various categories, such as completing the Rarely Affectionate quests, obtaining Visitor Verification for Clara, and returning to Svarog’s Base with the new shell. Each of these milestones offers unique rewards and outcomes that enrich the gaming experience.

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Rewards And Outcomes
Rewards And Outcomes

Completing The Rarely Affectionate Quests

Upon successfully finishing the Rarely Affectionate quests, players can expect several benefits:

  • Experience Points: These points contribute to leveling up characters and unlocking new abilities.
  • In-Game Currency: Various in-game currencies are received, enabling the purchase of items, upgrades, and enhancements.

After completing the Rarely Affectionate quests, I observed a significant increase in experience points, which accelerated my character’s progression and unlocked new abilities and opportunities.

Obtaining Visitor Verification For Clara

Securing Visitor Verification for Clara offers a variety of rewards and advantages:

  • Strengthened Relationships: Demonstrating trust and loyalty to Clara deepens the bond between characters, affecting future interactions.
  • Access To Restricted Areas: With Clara’s Visitor Verification, players can enter previously inaccessible locations, unveiling new secrets and lore.

Returning To Svarog’s Base

Bringing the new shell back to Svarog’s Base has several consequences and rewards:

  • Characters evolve based on decisions made during the questline, unlocking new dialogue options and shaping story arcs.
  • Depending on the player’s choices, new side quests, and content may be unlocked.
  • Upon returning to Svarog’s Base with the new shell, I noticed the impact of my decisions on character development and the availability of additional content, which increased my engagement.

These rewards and outcomes contribute to character growth, relationship building, and the exploration of new content, providing a rich and immersive gaming experience. By being aware of the rewards and outcomes tied to these milestones, informed decisions can be made, and the depth and complexity of Honkai Star Rail can be fully appreciated.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, the Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate quests offer a rich and engaging storyline featuring intriguing characters, challenging battles, and rewarding outcomes. While you’re here, why not check out the Honkai Star Rail Best Builds guide, which provides recommendations for the best builds for five of the most powerful characters?


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