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I tried equipping different relics sets in Honkai Star Rail to my characters, and it provided some unique bonuses. Relics in Honkai Star Rail have different rarities, ranging from 1-5 stars. The 5-star Relics will provide the best bonuses, so those should be a priority. With that said, I decided to organize a complete guide on How to Get Relics In Honkai Star Rail for the players who are having a hard time farming them.

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  • Relics play an important role in increasing the character’s damagehealth, and other stats.
  • Getting Relics in the early phases of Honkai Star Rail is a little hard, so players should get the EXP as fast as possible.
  • Upgrading low-rarity Relics is a waste of resources, so don’t upgrade less than 4-star Relics.
  • The best way to obtain Relics is via the domains.
  • You can get some good Relics from the weekly bosses as they drop 5-star Relics too.
  • In Honkai Star Rail, it is possible to change the main stat of the Relics. 
  • Operation Briefing gives full sets of Relics when certain conditions are reached.

Before You Start: I recommend not farming for Relics right away as you won’t get the high rarity ones right away. I first reached higher levels in Honkai Star Rail as it made it easier for me to get high-rarity relics. This way, I saved Trailblaze Power and spent them on the Relics, which complemented my characters.

What Are Relics In Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Relics

Relics are used to reach the full potential of a certain character. They are in the form of head, hands, body, feet, neck, and article. The following are the Relics Set available in Honkai Star Trail.

  • Band of Sizzling Thunder
  • Champion of Streetwise Boxing
  • Eagle of Twilight Line
  • Firesmith of Lava Forging
  • Genius of Brilliant Stars
  • Guard of Wuthering Snow
  • Hunter of Glacial Forest
  • Knight of Purity Palace
  • Passerby of Wandering Cloud
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  • Thief of Shooting Meteor
  • Wastelander of Banditry Desert
  • Space Sealing Station
  • Fleet of the Ageless
  • Talio: Kingdom of Banditry
  • Sprightly Vonwacq

Now, let’s get into how to get the relics in Honkai Star rail.

Obtaining Relics From Exploration

Honkai Star Rail Chests

At first, I got some low-rarity relics from the chests, but as mentioned earlier in this how to get relics in honkai star rail guide, they are not really worth upgrading. So I then advanced further and encountered puzzle chests and bountiful chests, which potentially dropped 4-start Relics and other materials.

Getting Relics From Special Currency Redeem Reward

Honkai Star Rail Special Currency Reward
Special Currency Reward

This might not be the most ideal way to farm relics, but it is one of the ways I farmed relics in the early phases. This way, I obtained 4-star Relics for my characters. You can get them by completing quests and simple world exploration. You won’t get them right away, as when the points have been accumulated, you will need to go to the merchant and claim the rewards. The rewards will include 4-Star Relics and several other useful materials. 

Trailblaze Level Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level Rewards
Trailblaze Level Rewards

The first 20 levels of Trailblaze won’t be much rewarding as I only got low-level Relics from it. However, the levels after 20 are rewarding, and I got some high-rarity Relics that were worth upgrading. As soon as you reach level 20, the rewards will be better, so make sure to do some grinding.

Rewards From Operation Briefing

Honkai Star Rail Operation Briefing
Operation Briefing

This is one of the best ways to get relics in Honkai Star Rail. After completing Operation Briefing, I received some massive Trailblaze Exp, and completing the 3rd, 5th, and 7th parts gave me a full set of some Relics. This way, I made progress extremely quickly. Moreover, I even managed to get the desired Relics for my characters.

Crafting Own Relics

Honkai Star Rail Omni Synthesizer
Omni Synthesizer

Another way to answer your how to get relics in Honkai Star Rail question is by crafting your own relics with custom stats, which is a great thing. But for this, I had to reach Equilibrium level 3. After reaching level 3, I unlocked a new feature in the Omni Synthesizer. This unique feature will allow you to craft your own Relics, so you are in for grinding. If you are not aware of Equilibrium Levels, you can check our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level Guide.

Now the custom part is not exactly what you are thinking. The Relics will be crafted with completely random stats, and they might not be what you desire. But by using the limited item, Self-Modeling Resin, I could change the main stat of the Relic. 

Relics From Echo of War (Weekly Bosses)

Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War
Echo of War

I also got some good Relics by doing the Echo of War. This is the same as the weekly bosses, and you do get some useful Relics. The main rewards of the domain are not Relics, as the main drops are the materials used to upgrade a character’s traces. However, among them unique materials, you can also get the Relics which can be good for your characters. The domain can be attempted only thrice per week, so make sure to farm this domain every week. 

How To Get Relics In Honkai Impact From Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe
Simulated Universe

Yet again, I needed to get the equilibrium level higher to get better Relics from the Simulated Universe. The higher the difficulty of level will be, the higher the awards are going to be. Every world in Simulated Universe will offer a different Relic Set. 

As the difficulty increased, I got 5-star Relics set. You can also get them by clearing the world for the first time or by defeating certain boss enemies. The rewards can be redeemed for 40 Trailblazer power. Moreover, if a player is having a hard defeating a boss, they don’t have to worry about the rewards as they can still redeem them from the previous enemies.

Relics Domain

Honkai Star Rail Cavern Of Corrosion
Cavern Of Corrosion

This is by far the best method of How to Get Relics in Honkai Star Rail. I got so many good artifact sets from the Caveran of Corrosion, but you should not farm the domains right away. First, you must reach higher Equilibrium levels, and then when the difficulty is increased, you will get more rewards and more rarity. The rewards cost 40 Trailblazer power, and the domain can be unlocked by simple exploration.

You can do the domain right away to get the 4-piece desired set for the character you main, but I would recommend waiting until you reach a higher equilibrium level, as I did the same.


In conclusion, you must use Relics on your characters as with them; they will be able to perform to their full potential. This is why I drafted the guide on how to get Relics in Honkai Impact. Follow the guide, and hopefully, you will be able to find some great Relics for your characters. You should also take a look at our Honkai Star Rail Best Team Comps Guide.

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