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In my experience with Honkai Star Rail, the Hinkel quest proved to be an intriguing challenge early on. As part of the “A Moment of Peace” main mission, I found myself interacting with various researchers on the Herta Space Station. One of these researchers was Hinkel, who presented a unique memory-based puzzle that I needed to solve. This quest not only tested my memory but also provided a deeper understanding of Honkai Star Rail mechanics.

Key Takeaways

  • Honkai Star Rail Hinkel is a character in the “A Moment of Peace” quest, offering a puzzle challenge.
  • The puzzle involves control terms: spectrometer (Up), attenuator (Right), Filter (Down).
  • Solve the puzzle by inputting the correct sequence (Up, Right, Down).
  • After solving, find Abraham in the storage room and report to Asta to complete the quest.
  • Understanding of control terms and directions is crucial for advancing and achieving success.

IMPORTANT: To progress in the Honkai Star Rail Hinkel quest, solve the puzzle by entering the correct sequence (Up, Right, Down) after understanding the control terms and directions.

Locating Hinkel In The Master Control Zone

As I ventured through the early stages, I encountered the “A Moment of Peace” main mission, which tasked me with assisting several researchers at the Herta Space Station. One of these researchers is Honkai Star Rail Hinkel, who can be found in the Master Control Zone. In this section, I’ll share my experience on how to locate Hinkel and provide valuable tips to ensure a smooth gaming experience for you.

Navigating To The Zone:

  • First, I completed the initial tutorial quest called “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.”
  • The three Light Cones that Arlan gave were leveled up after that.
  • Then, I headed to the Master Control Zone, where I found two researchers who needed my help.

Finding Hinkel:

  • I discovered Hinkel at the front of the Master Control Zone.
  • A character standing by a console was searched for, as this is where Hinkel was positioned.
  • Upon approaching Hinkel, a conversation was initiated to begin the quest.
Honkai Star Rail Hinkel Locating Hinkel In The Master Control Zone
Locating Hinkel In The Master Control Zone

Understanding The Zone:

To make locating Hinkel and other researchers easier, I found it essential to familiarize myself with the Master Control Zone. Here are some features and areas that I learned about:

  • Warp Function: This is a teleportation feature introduced during the tutorial, which can be helpful in navigating the Herta Space Station and reaching the Master Control Zone more quickly.
  • Storage Room: This is where Abraham, another researcher I needed to help, was last seen. Hinkel inquires about the possibility of you going to verify Abraham’s status since he is typically responsible for this procedure.
Honkai Star Rail Hinkel Locating Abraham
Locating Abraham
  • Asta: She is the person I had to report to after helping both Hinkel and Abraham. Asta can be found near Himeko, another important character.

Tips For Locating Hinkel:

Based on my experience, here are some tips to ensure you quickly locate Hinkel and progress through the quest:

  • Pay Attention To The Quest Markers: These markers guided me to the Master Control Zone and helped me find Hinkel.
  • Use The Warp Function When Possible: I found it useful to utilize this feature to navigate between locations and save time quickly.
  • Be Observant: I made sure to keep an eye out for unique character designs, as they often indicate important NPCs like Hinkel.

Locating Hinkel in the Master Control Zone is a crucial part of the “A Moment of Peace” main mission in Honkai Star Rail. By following the guidelines I’ve provided and utilizing the tips mentioned, you’ll be able to find Hinkel and progress through the quest with ease. 

Understanding Hinkel’s Puzzle

After I found Hinkel in the Master Control Zone, I had to assist her with a puzzle involving the control stick and a series of directions. At first, the instructions given by Hinkel seemed confusing, but as I delved deeper into the puzzle, I understood the pattern and successfully completed it. In this section, I’ll share my insights into Hinkel’s puzzle and provide you with the control terms and directions needed to solve it.

Hinkel’s Instructions

When I approached Hinkel, she asked me to help her perform pre-checks for satellite remote sensing. To do this, I needed to push the control stick based on her orders while she monitored the signal. Hinkel provided me with several control terms and their corresponding directions, which I had to memorize to solve the puzzle.

Honkai Star Rail Hinkel Follow Hinkel's Instructions
Follow Hinkel’s Instructions

Control Terms And Directions

To make solving Hinkel’s puzzle easier for you, I’ve listed the control terms and their corresponding directions below:

Control Terms Corresponding Directions
Up Spectrometer
Down Filter
Left Reference level
Right Attenuator

Breaking Down The Puzzle

Once I understood the control terms and directions, I could break down Hinkel’s puzzle into individual steps:

  1. Turn On The Spectrometer: The first step required me to turn on the spectrometer, which I did by pushing the control stick up.
  2. Turn On The Attenuator: Next, I had to turn on the attenuator. I achieved this by pushing the control stick to the right.
  3. Output The Signal To The Filter: Finally, I needed to output the signal to the filter. To accomplish this, I pushed the control stick down.

As a result, the correct sequence to solve Hinkel’s puzzle is Up, Right, and Down. By following these steps, I was able to complete the puzzle without any issues.

Honkai Star Rail Hinkel Control Terms
Control Terms

Tips For Solving Hinkel’s Puzzle:

Based on my experience with Hinkel’s puzzle, I’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you successfully complete the puzzle:

  • Memorize The Control Terms And Directions: I found it helpful to memorize the control terms and their corresponding directions to ensure I could quickly input the correct sequence.
  • Take Your Time: Don’t worry if you don’t get the sequence right the first time. Hinkel is patient, and you can always try again.
  • Keep Track Of Your Progress: I made sure to remember which step I was on in the sequence to avoid making mistakes.

By understanding the control terms and directions, breaking down the puzzle into individual steps, and following the tips provided, you can successfully assist Hinkel and progress through. Just remember to memorize the terms, take your time, and keep track of your progress to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Finding Abraham & Reporting To Asta

After successfully solving the Honkai Star Rail Hinkel puzzle, I was tasked with finding Abraham, who was usually in charge of the procedure but hadn’t returned from the storage room. In this section, I will share my experience locating Abraham and reporting back to Asta to complete the quest.

Locating Abraham:

To find Abraham, I followed these steps:

  • Leave Hinkel’s Area: I moved away from the console where I helped Hinkel and headed towards the storage room.
  • Follow The Quest Marker: I kept an eye on the quest marker, which guided me towards Abraham’s location.
  • Find Abraham In The Storage Room: Once inside the storage room, I found Abraham and interacted with him to check on his situation.

Reporting To Asta:

With Abraham found, my final task was to report back to Asta. Here’s how I completed this objective:

  • Return To The Master Control Zone: I left the storage room and made my way back to the Master Control Zone.
  • Locate Asta: Using the quest marker, I found Asta within the Master Control Zone.
  • Interact With Asta: I approached Asta and interacted with her to report my progress with Hinkel’s puzzle and finding Abraham.

With these steps, I successfully completed the Hinkel quest. It’s important to remember to follow the quest marker, as it will guide you to the right location throughout the quest.


In conclusion, I hope this guide has given you the steps and insights to complete the Honkai Star Rail Hinkel quest successfully. Following my detailed instructions, you can locate Hinkel, understand and solve her puzzle, find Abraham, and report back to Asta easily. Remember, the key to success in this quest is to pay close attention to the quest marker and stay focused on the task at hand. In addition, take a quick look at the How To Get Kafka Honkai Star Rail guide to learn about the method to acquire her.


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