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Not a main character, Cyrille is the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog, often referred to as “Cyrille the Fool.” Manipulated by Minister Stefan Marque, her reign was marked by turmoil and discontent. Despite her tragic end, she is reborn in human form, devoid of memories, and finds herself trapped within armillary box puzzles. It is within the Vessel of Mediocrity Adventure Mission that players, as the Trailblazer, must rescue Cyrille and help her find peace by uncovering the truth of her past.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyrille Honkai Star Rail isn’t the main character, but she plays an important role in the Vessel of Mediocrity Adventure Mission.
  • Cyrille was the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog as she became popular with the nickname “Cyrille the Fool.” 
  • She was an unworthy Guardian who played at the hands of Minister Stefan Marque.
  • Her reign as the Supreme Guardian lasted for 14 years as the Rebels killed her through a devious plot.
  • However, she transforms into her human form with no memory left and gets stuck in armillary box puzzles until the Trailblazer saves her later in the future to bring her peace.

Who was Cyrille?

Born in a remote suburb of the Belobog Overworld, Cyrille was the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog. She became popular with the nickname “Cyrille the Fool” as she was an unworthy Guardian who played at the hands of Minister Stefan Marque

Cyrille talking to Tailblazzers
Cyrille talking to Tailblazzer (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Relationship Of Cyrille With Her Sister

The relationship between the two sisters did not last long. However, both sisters loved and trusted each other. Although Cyrille was only one year younger than her sister Cyrilla, the latter always looked after her with great care. 

However, there was a stark difference between the two sisters. While Cyrilla was a brilliant child, Cyrille could hardly match her intelligence. Moreover, Cyrille’s childhood also wasn’t exciting as her sister’s childhood was. Her sister displayed amazing proficiency from the very beginning, as she was a master of Language, Math, and Logic.

In a nutshell, the younger sister was a dull child, but the older sister was a practical genius who cleared the public service exam at the young age of 11. That’s the reason she became the next Supreme Guardian of Belobog

The Role of Minister Stephan Marque 

While both the sisters were orphans, both were regularly visited by many government dignitaries called the Architects, and one of them was Stefan Marque, the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Minister always showed affection towards the younger sister from the very beginning, which gained her trust in him. 

He also advised her to write a diary which she gladly took. In her diary, she would mostly write about the Minister and his life. When Cyrille Honkai Star Rail learned that her elder sister would shift to the Qlipoth Fort to assume the charge of Supreme Guardian later, she became very sad. So, Stephan used to comfort her and also promised her that he would never let her sister slip away from her eyes. This forced Cyrille to come closer to the Minister.

Cyrille’s Ascend To The Throne

Just as Cyrilla was about to be shifted to her new residence Qlipoth Fort by the Architects, she mysteriously disappeared. She was searched for days but to no avail, which resulted in Architects losing hope for retrieving her back and seeing her as the next Supreme Guardian.

Hence, this prompted the Minister to speed up the selection process. So, he strongly pushed for Cyrilla’s sister Cyrille to take over as heir to the Supreme Guardian as he claimed that Cyrille was as talented as Cyrilla.

He also claimed that there is no time for delaying the selection process as it could lead to instability in the Belobog. Soon the hoax that the Minister was trying to sell was bought by the Architects as they agreed to make her the new Supreme Guardian

The Reign of Cyrille 

As time passed, Minister Stefan and his thugs established absolute discretion in the public as they promoted draconian laws. Soon the nickname “Cyrille the Fool” became viral in the region as the people became disgruntled with her at the helm.

Architects also learned that Cyrille was not as talented as her sister. In fact, she was an extremely mediocre child and incompetent in social situations. But they couldn’t do anything as Stefan and his thugs had full control over Belobog

On the other hand, Cyrille always remained loyal to Stefan as she never questioned him. This is the reason that the Minister continued to manipulate her for his ulterior motives. He used to console her by claiming that he was still searching for her sister. 

The End Of The Reign

After over a decade of being the Supreme Guardian, the Belobog’s public became tired of Cyrille’s reign. Thus, the rebels within the Architects plotted to dethrone her, the Minister, and his cronies. Slowly, the rebels began to call the shots and thus were able to gain control over the captain of Silvermane Guards’ who was an extremely important figure among the public dignitaries.

Once they had control over him, they decided to draw Cyrille and Stephan to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone so that they could dethrone them from the helm by ending their lives. After a few days, Cyrille came to the restricted zone and participated in the usual military exercise. However, Stephan Marquez was missing. The captain, being under the control of rebels, sent a fake patrol of Silvermane Guards toward her. 

The fake patrol of Silvermane Guards nabbed Cyrille and put her into an arsenal chest. She was taken to the far north of Belabog by the hostages, where her arsenal chest, which she was shoved into, was thrown from the cliff, making it appear like an accident. She died as her arsenal chest fell at the bottom.

However, her strong emotions, powered by the Fragmentum, transformed into Echoes, which led her to be resurrected back as a human. But, all her memories were wiped, and she was stuck in armillary box puzzles until the Trailblazer would save her in the future and bring her peace.

In order to find Minister Stefan Marque, a search operation was launched in Belobog for three days but to no avail. Thus, the reign of Cyrille and the Minister ended in the Belobog.

The Role of Cyrille in the Vessel of Mediocrity

The ‘Vessel of Mediocrity‘ is an adventure mission on the Overworld of Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail. In this mission, the Trailblazer will try to rescue and assist Cyrille in order to unravel the main cause behind her corrupted memories and unexplained overnight transformation by solving the box puzzles. 


So here comes an end to my guide, where I have covered the whole story of Cyrille Honkai Star Rail. Although she doesn’t play a huge role in the plot, her story is extremely exciting for the fans. Her ups and downs have got fans talking about her story. With that said, you would want to check out Honkai Star Rail Hinkel, Equilibrium Level, and All Guide Paradox Choices guides before you leave, as these guides give you more information about this game. 


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