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Honkai Star Rail has a leveling system for Trailblazer Level similar to its counter-games like Genshin Impact. To level up fast and progress further, players might need help figuring out some of the Honkai Star Rail Best Ways To Level Up Fast; therefore, a detailed walkthrough on missions, quests, trailblazer power, and more might be needed! 

Important: Trailblazers need to complete the Long Wait For The Blade’s Edge mission to unlock Daily Training Tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many ways to gain EXP fast, which can help raise the Trailblaze Level. 

To level up fast in Honaki Star Rail, follow these methods:

  1. Daily Training Tasks focus on daily login missions that grant 500 exp, with daily and basic missions. 
  2. Trailblaze Power is supplied for a total of 180 per day. It can be used on Golden Calyx, Crimson Calyx, Stagnant Shadows, Cavern of Corrosions, Echo of War, and Simulated Universe. 
  3. The Golden Calyx features the Bud of Memories, Bud of Aether, and Bud of Treasures, which grants 50 trailblaze EXP for every 10 Trailblaze powers used. 
  4. The Crimson Calyx can be used to farm dungeons like the Bud of Destruction, preservation, the hunt, Abundance, erudition, harmony, and Nihility. 
  5. Regarding the Stagnant Shadows, the Shapes of Quanta, Gust, Filmination, Spike, Rime, Icicle, Doom, Blade, and Mirage grants materials for characters and 150 EXP for using 30 trailblaze power. 
  6. The Cavern Of Corrosion grants relics and 200 EXP with the Path of Gelid Wind, Javving Punch, Drifting, Providence, Holy Hym, and Conflagration. 
  7. The Echo of War is a weekly boss that can grant 150 EXP in exchange for 30 Trailblaze Power. 
  8. The Simulated Universe grants 600 exp for completing each world once and 200 EXP for each of its tiers. 
  9. Operation Briefing has nine parts and grants 100 EXP with each mission. 
  10. Adventure Missions and Side quests can grant EXP too. 
  11. Chests can grant anywhere from 5 to 30 EXP. 

Daily Training Tasks 

Kicking things off, perhaps one of the main ways you can know the Best Ways To Level Up Fast is by doing the various Daily Training Tasks that are made available. These daily missions require you to log in daily to Honkai Star Rail and reward trailblazer EXP and jades and credits. 

  • The main mission, Long Wait For The Blade’s Edge, must be completed to access the Daily Training Tasks. 
  • The daily training system is a bit different here from other games, as it uses the progress system, requiring you to reach a threshold to gain its corresponding rewards. 
  • There is a max 500 EXP cap, with one of the main missions granting 200 exp, which is the easiest way to gain EXP

500 EXP Cap 

Daily Training
Daily Training (Image Credits Exputer)

The different missions presented can range from various missions such as salvaging a relic, inflicting a weakness break a total of 5 times, completing a forgotten hall once, entering combat by making a follow up attack on the enemy’s weakness, and winning or even clearing Calyxes. 

  • Upon completing a mission that rewards 100 exp, such as the one where you have to salvage a relic, it will grant you 260 Trailblaze EXP and 10 Stellar Jades and credit. 
  • Upon reaching 200 exp, when you’re at higher levels, it will grant 260 Trialblaze EXP and 10 stellar jades and Lost Gold Fragments. 
  • When you reach 300 exp, it can grant 260 extra EXP, 10 stellar jades, and adventure logs. 
  • 400 exp will grant even more Trialblaze EXP, 15 jades, and 20k+ credit. 
  • Lastly, reaching 500 exp will grant 260 trailblaze exp, 15 jades, and 6 Lost Gold Fragments. 

Trailblaze Power 

The next way to cheese your way through the Trailblaze EXP cap is by using the Trailblaze Power. It is basically the energy, stamina, or resin system that can also be seen in other games. Every day, 180 base trailblaze power is provided, but fuel is also provided from time to time which can essentially restore 60 power per one fuel. 

There are a few places where the Trailblaze power can be used, most of which are listed as follows. 

  • Golden Calyx 
  • Crimson Calyx 
  • Stagnant Shadow
  • Cavern Of Corrosion 
  • Echo of War 
  • Simulated Universe 

Golden Calyx 

First things first is to use it on the golden Calyxes, which include three main places to spend it on, ranging from the Bud of Memories, Bud of Aether, and the Bud of Treasures

Golden Calyx
Golden Calyx (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Bud of Memories requires 10 trailblaze power to gain entry, and it rewards 50 trailblaze EXP, alongside granting Adventure Logs, which are used to level up your character and make them stronger. 
  • The Bud of Aether provides 50 exp for each 10 trailblaze power used here, and it is essentially the source for EXP required to level up Light Cones, and each run will provide 2000 Light Cone EXP. 
  • Lastly, the Bud of Treasures is for when you are short of credits, and it also requires 10 trailblaze power, through which it provides 50 trailblaze EXP and 16000 credits. 

Crimson Calyx 

Now, the Crimson Calyxes are essentially the main material needed to level up traces for the different character paths and strengthen them. 

  • The Bud of Destruction requires 10 trailblaze power and provides 50 exp as well as the trace level-up materials needed to level up characters that are from the Destruction Path, which include Clara, Hook, and Arlan.
Crimson Calyx 1
Crimson Calyx 1 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Bud of Preservation requires you to use 10 trailblaze power. In return, he will provide 50 trailblaze EXP and trace level-up materials for characters from the Preservation Path, such as Gepard and March 7th. 
  • As for the Bud of The Hunt, it provides the trace level-up materials that resemble a small spear, and after using 10 trailblaze power, it can grant 50 Trailblaze EXP as well as the trace materials for Hunt characters such as Seele, Dan Heng, Sushang and Yanqing
  • For characters from the Abundance path, the Bud of Abundance can also gain 50 Trailblaze EXP for each 10 trailblaze power used by Natasha and Bailu. 
Crimson Calyx 2
Crimson Calyx 2 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Bud of Erudition will provide 50 trailblaze EXP if you end up using 10 trailblaze power and trace level-up materials for characters from the Erudition path, such as Herta Serval, Qingque, and Himeko. 
  • The Bud of Harmony will grant trace materials for Harmony characters like Asta, Tingyun, and Bronya, and use 10 trailblaze power to gain one run and also to get 50 Trailblaze EXP.
  • The Bud of Nihility gives 50 trailblaze EXP and trace materials for Nihility characters like Welt, Pela, and Sampo. 

Stagnant Shadow 

Next up, the Stagnant Shadow can also be a source of Trailblaze EXP and knowing Honkai Star Rail How To Level Up Fast

  • The Shape of Quanta provides character ascension material for Quantum element characters and 150 Trailblaze EXP alongside using 30 TP. 
  • The shape of Gust will grant 150 Trailblaze EXP whenever 30 trailblaze power is used, and it can be used to avail ascension materials for Wind characters. 
Stagnant Shadow 1
Stagnant Shadow 1 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Shape of Fulmination will use 30 trailblaze power to grant 150 Trailblaze EXP and ascension materials for the Lightning characters. 
  • Regarding the Shape of Spike, it can grant 150 Trailblaze EXP alongside giving Ascension materials for Physical characters. 
  • The Shape of Rime will also provide 150 Trailblaze EXP while granting Ice-based character’s ascension materials and 150 Trailblaze EXP. 
Doing Stagnant Shadows
Doing Stagnant Shadows (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Shape of Icicle provides ascension materials for ice-based characters that are more advanced and also provides 150 trailblaze EXP by spending 30 Trailblaze Power. 
  • The Shape of Doom will grant ascension materials for Lightning-based characters and 150 Trailblaze EXP. 
  • The second last stagnant shadow is the Shape of Blaze, and as the name suggests, it grants materials to ascend Fire characters and will also give 150 Trailblaze EXP. 
  • The Shape of Mirage will grant 150 EXP and materials for the Imaginary character. 

Cavern Of Corrosion 

6 Caverns of Corrosions essentially grant relics such as headpieces and chest pieces that strengthen characters. 

  • The Path of Gelid Wind uses 40 trailblaze power to get in, and it grants 200 Trailblaze EXP while also being one of the Best Ways To Level Up Fast that also grants Wind and Ice relics. 
Cavern Of Corrosion 1
Cavern Of Corrosion 1 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Path of Javving Punch also uses 40 trailblaze power, and alongside giving 200 trailblaze EXP, it will also give the Champion of Streetwise Boxing and the Thief of Shooting Meteor set. 
  • The Path of Drifting will grant 200 EXP, and the relic sets Passerby of Wandering Cloud and Musketeer of Wild Wheat. 
  • The Path of Providence uses 40 trailblaze power to give 200 EXP, Guard of Wuthering Snow, and the Genius of Brilliant Stars set. 
Cavern Of Corrosion 2
Cavern Of Corrosion 2 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Path of Holy Hymn corrosion will give 200 EXP, the Knight of Purity Palace, and the Band of Sizzling Thunder set. 
  • Lastly, the Path of Conflagration will give Firesmith of Lava-Forging and the Wastelander of Banditry Desert set in exchange for 40 trailblaze power and grant 200 exp. 

Echo Of War 

Echo Of War
Echo Of War (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Echo of Warit can be considered a weekly dungeon, granting 3 weekly chances to clear these bosses, which can grant character materials. 

  • The Destruction’s Beginning features the Doomsday Beast, using 30 trailblaze power to grant 150 EXP. The Destroyer’s Final Road is a level-up material for traces, and there is a small chance of it also dropping a four-star light cone. 
  • The End of The Eternal Freeze features the Cocolia boss fight, 150 Trailblaze EXP, and grants the Guardian’s Lament, all in exchange for 30 power. 

Simulated Universe 

World 1
World 1 (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the Honkai Star Rail Ways To Level Up Fast is to do the Simulated Universe. It is a universe that features 6 worlds, each with increasing difficulty, dungeons, and rooms with smaller enemies, bosses, respite points, etc. 

World 2
World 2 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The first world grants 600 Trailblaze EXP upon completing it for the first time, and it will also grant 120 jades, 1 basic standard pass, and 2 Herta Bonds. 
  • The World 2 will grant 600 Trailblaze EXP, 120 Jades, and one copy of Herta and 2 Herta Bonds. 

World 3 

World 3 grants 600 EXP, 120 Jades, two standard passes, and 2 Herta Bonds.

World 3
World 3 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • World 3 Splits off into different difficulties, and after clearing difficulty two, it grants 200 EXP, 60 jades, and two five-star link ropes. 
  • Difficulty three grants 200 EXP, 60 jades, and more ornaments. 
  • Difficulty four will also grant 200 EXP, 60 jades, and more ornaments. 
  • As for difficulty five, it will grant 200 EXP, 60 jades and spheres, and link ropes. 

World 4 

Same as World 3, it also has five tiers of difficulty, and upon clearing the first difficulty, you get 600 EXP, 120 Stellar jades, as well as two bonds and one copy of Herta. 

  • The second difficulty grants 200 EXP, 60 jades, and link ropes.
  • The third difficulty will give spheres, link ropes, 60 aides, and 200 EXP. 
  • The fourth difficulty will give you 200 EXP, 60 stellar jades, and ornaments. 
  • The same rewards are given to the fifth tier. 

World 5

World 5 requires players to be at least Equilibrium level 2, and it is hands-down one of the hardest worlds to complete at a lower level. It grants 600 EXP, 120 Jades, 2 standard passes, and 2 Herta Bonds. 

World 5
World 5 (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The second tier will grant 200 EXP, 60 jades, spheres, and link ropes to use on your character. 
  • The same rewards are granted for difficulties three and four

World 6 

World 6
World 6 (Image Credits Exputer)

Lastly, World 6 can be brutal and will eradicate your team composition if not optimized and build well. It will grant immense EXP, Jades, and more gold ornaments, split into different tiers. 

Operation Briefing 

Moving on, another way that easy EXP can be gained is by doing the Operation Briefing, a handbook that slowly introduces Star Rail’s concept to newer players and answers the question of Honkai Star Rail How To Level Up Fast

Part One 

Part 1
Part 1 (Image Credits Exputer)

Part one grants 50 jades, 4 Adventure Logs, 2 COndensed Aether, and 10000 credits, and the missions that grant EXP are as follows. 

Missions  Rewards 
Enhance 1 character to level 10
  • 100 EXP
  • 4 Travel Encounters 
Enhance one light cone to level 10
Open 10 treasures 
  • 100 EXP 
  • 4 Travel Encounters 
Complete Adventure Missions called “Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta”
  • 100 EXP 
  • 1 Standard Pass 
Complete Trailblaze Mission “Lingering Shadow”

Part Two 

Part 2
Part 2 (Image Credits Exputer)

For part two, it continues to be one of the Honkai Star Rail Best Ways To Level Up, and it grants 50 stellar jades, one 4 star Light Cone, 6 level-up materials, and credits. 

Missions  Rewards 
Clear Calyx once
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Open 20 chests
Activate or level up traces 4 times 
Resonate Trailblazer’s Eidolon one time
  • 100 EXP 
  • Enhance material 
Purchase one item with Hertareum 

Part Three

Part 3
Part 3 (Image Credits Exputer)

Part Three has the following missions that will grant level-up EXP so that you can progress faster. 

Missions  Rewards 
Complete Trailblaze Mission. 
Ascend a character 
Ascend a Light Cone 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Activate a 4 piece relic set effect 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level Up material 
Attempt and complete World 1 in Simulated Universe 

Part Four 

As far as part four is concerned, the missions are as follows will grant faster EXP. 

Missions  Rewards 
Clear Memory stage one in the Forgotten Hall 
Level up characters 12 times 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Complete mission, “To Rot Or To Burn”
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level up materials 
Open 40 treasures 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level up material 
Purchase one item in the world shop with a shield 

Part Five 

Part 5
Part 5 (Image Credits Exputer)

For part five, the missions that give EXP are listed as follows. 

Missions  Rewards 
Clear Memory Stage 3
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Level up 4 characters to level 40 
Level up 4 Light Cones to level 40 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level up materials 
Complete the Trailblaze Mission, “The Return”. 
Reach Relic level 3 with any 4 relics 

Part Six 

Part 6
Part 6 (Image Credits Exputer)

Part Six grants 100 jades, one pass, credits, and 3 advanced level-up materials and exp with the missions listed below. 

Missions  Rewards 
Activate 8 Traces for one character 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Enhance 4 relics to level 6 
Complete echo of war one time
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Activate a 4 piece set effect with a four-star or higher relic set

Part Seven 

Part 7
Part 7 (Image Credits Exputer)

Four missions will grant Trailblaze EXP that will help you progress further. 

Missions  Rewards 
Complete World 2 in Simulated Universe 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level up materials 
Clear Stagnant Shadows one time 
Enhance 4 relics to level 9 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Level up materials 
Activate a 2 piece planar Ornament effect 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light cone EXP 

Part Eight 

Part 8
Part 8 (Image Credits Exputer)

For part eight, it will gift 100 Stellar Jades, 1 standard pass, level-up materials, as well as 45000 credits. 

Missions  Rewards 
Clear memory stage of the Forgotten Hall 
Enhance 4 characters to level 50 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light cone EXP 
Enhance 4 Light Cones to level 50
Open 100 treasures 

Part Nine 

Part 9
Part 9 (Image Credits Exputer)

The Part Nine of the Operation Briefing will grant 100 Jades, one Musketeer’s Coarse Leather Gloves, 5 relic EXP and 50000 credits. 

Missions  Rewards 
Clear stage 12 of the Memory of the Forgotten Hall 
Enhance 4 characters to level 60 
  • 100 EXP 
  • 4 Traveler’s guide 
Level up four Light Cones to level 60 
  • 100 EXP 
  • Light Cone EXP 
Enhance 4 relics and take them to level 12. 

Other Ways To Level Up Fast In Honkai Star Rail

Other than this, a few other things can help push your Trailblaze EXP up, and it is again one of the Honkai Star Rail Ways To Level Up. 

Missions (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You can burn through countless side and hidden quests once you start Honkai Star Rail first, and most side quests will grant 100-250 EXP. 
  • Main Missions are unmissable and are the fastest way to level up through they are level locked. 
  • Grinding chests and puzzles can grant anywhere from 5-30 EXP. 


And that’s just about it! All that Honkai Star Rail Best Ways To Level Up, and with that, let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not read the Honkai Star Rail Bronya Build guide, which details the best light cones, best relics, and traces for Bronya. Alongside that, the Honkai Star Rail Cyrille guide talks about who Cyrille is and what her back story is. 

Other than that, the Tingyun Build Honkai Star Rail guide is a must-read for all Tignyun mains! Lastly, the Honkai Star Rail Healers guide is a must-read to know which ones are best for playing and battling!

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