Honkai Star Rail: All Missions & Quests List


In Honkai Star Rail, there is a list of 132 quests which includes 38 Trailblaze missions, 49 Adventure missions, 11 Companion missions, 9 Daily missions, and 25 Hidden quests. Honkai Star Rail Mission completion always comes with rewards, however the loot changes for each mission. In general, Trailblaze Missions provide the best rewards, such as a large amount of Trailblaze Experience and level-up resources.

Key Takeaways

  • In Honkai Star Rail, there is a list of 132 quests which includes 38 Trailblaze missions, 49 Adventure missions, 11 Companion missions, 9 Daily missions, and 25 Hidden quests.
  • The main missions you will be given to further Honkai: Star Rail’s narrative are called Trailblaze missions.
  • You can access additional gameplay elements and map regions by completing these Trailblaze quests.
  • Similar to Trailblaze Missions, Companion Missions are voiced questlines. Instead of the main story, they concentrate on certain characters.
  • There is a list of 25 hidden quests in Honkai Star Rail, and players who can locate and finish these missions will receive worthwhile rewards.

Chaos In The Deep

You will play Kafka and learn how to navigate through the Herta Space Station. You will be looking for a Stellaron as well as Silver Wolf. Breaking crates will earn you credits, so use Skill Points wisely.

Eye Of The Storm

In Honkai Star Rail: Eye Of The Storm

Defeating the Antimatter Legion, meeting March 7th and Dan Heng, and moving through the Herta Space Station Storage Zone are all part of the quest.

A Moment Of Peace

Once the quest has started, you must search the region for Asta, make one pull in the Warp, locate and aid the two researchers, and then return to Asta.

Lingering Shadows

To start the quest, you must pass barriers and battle enemies using a particular character, defeat the Doomsday Beast, reduce its health, and communicate with Himeko and Herta.

The Voyage Continues

Finish Herta’s mission Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta, which is an assessment of an endgame mode. Then join the Express with Himeko and engage with Pom-Pom after in the supply zone.

Jarilo-VI Part 1: In the Withering Wintry Night

A Grand Cool Adventure

Locate March 7th and Dan Heng in Jarilo-VI. To finish the mission, take the Trailblaze Team down to Jarilo-VI and speak with March 7th and Dan Heng one more.

Travelers On A Winter Night

To learn about the history of Belobog, search for signs of civilization in the Snow Plains, follow Sampo about, kill Gepard and the Silvermane Guards, and then speak with Gepard.

Everwinter Night

Explore the Administrative District with Gepard, stopping at three locations (Neverwinter Workshop, Goethe Hotel, and Everwinter Monument). Then you meet March 7th, Dan Heng, and Bronya.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Backwater Pass is a minefield of foes in which you must defeat Bronya and utilize at least two characters with Physical, Fire, or Imaginary attacks to exploit Bronya’s vulnerabilities.


Find the three kids that are hidden in the Boulder Town of Jarilo-VI in the Hide-and-Seek. You must attain Trailblaze Level 7 to start this quest.

The Eighth And Final Rule

In this quest, you will observe a fight between Team Robomatic and Dan Heng, take down the Automaton Spiders in the ring, and question Sampo about the Blade’s Edge.

Long Wait For The Blade’s Edge

Follow Sampo around the mission’s numerous locations and pay attention to what he has to say about Geomarrow and the Furnace Core. Finally, follow him to Boulder Town’s higher level.

Ones Fallen Into The Abyss

Head to Boulder Town’s Great Mine. To repair the derailed Mine Cart, beat the Automaton Direwolf, and move deeper. The boss battle against the Automaton Grizzly brings the quest to an end.

A Sunset Rendezvous

Before heading to bed, talk to March 7th and Dan Heng at the Goethe Grand Hotel of the Underground. Continue the dream sequence by speaking with Bronya, Seele, and Natasha.

The Past Will Return As An Avalanche

Visit Rivet Town to slay a monster, and gather all the supplies while interacting with several cutscenes and NPCs, before fighting monsters that are level 20 or above.

Lying In Rust

Giving Natasha the items that you’ve collected in Rivet Town, seeing Oleg, March 7th, and Dan Heng, and talking about what to do with Svarog is all part of the mission.

To Rot Or To Burn

To unlock the gate to Svarog’s base, beat Svarog with a suggested team, extract the truth from him, locate a guide by Wildfire, and acquire Level 1, 2, and 3 Certifications.

Not Good With Farewells

Visit the area of Boulder Town to the north, where you can meet March 7th and Dan Heng, and speak with Gertie. You can complete the dialogue following a cutscene featuring Seele, Oleg, and Sampo.

Jarilo-VI Part 1: In The Sweltering Morning Sun

Cleanse The Darkness Outside

You’ll need to speak with Serval at the Neverwinter Workshop, Oleg, Sampo, and Seele before returning to the surface and speaking with her once more after Gepard’s arrival.

Unattainable Idol

To get Captain Dunn’s encryption key, go to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone with Serval and defeat him. Fight the Silvermane Soldiers initially if you want to defeat Captain Dunn.

Young Guard

To unlock the Energy Hub Gate, defeat Silvermane Officer Dunn. To rotate the bridge, first activate, the gear bridge terminal and take out the nearby Automaton Grizzly.

Soldiers Stay Silent

Three rounds of adversaries with distinct elemental vulnerabilities must be defeated as part of the “Soldiers Stay Silent” mission.

The Stars Are Cold Toys

The objective of the quest is to explore further into the Corridor of Fading Echoes, activate every gate-opening device, and eliminate the boss Cocolia.

Roads To The Past Have Long Been Closed

Battle Cocolia at the Stellaron, defeat the three enemies and then take on Cocolia as the Trailblazer. Finally, engage Cocolia in combat, vanquish her, and put an end to Jarilo-VI’s Eternal Freeze.

In The Dangerous Muddy Swamp

To obtain information, go to the Muddy Swamp and defeat the enemies there. To find out where the enemy hideout is, speak with the Swamp Hermit. Make your route to the boss’s defeat.

No Time For Me, My Friend

Visit Boulder Town and have a conversation with Natasha there. Await the start of Bronya’s coronation. Finally, discuss the findings regarding Fragmentum with Bronya.

Silent Galaxy

Speak with Bronya in the Administrative District at her new workplace. Find the Fragmentum in the Silent Galaxy by following the directions. Return to Bronya after taking down the boss.

Chapter 2: The Xianzhou Loufu

An Invitation Without Proffer

Go to the Astral Express Parlor Car. To start a cutscene where Dan Heng is given an invitation, speak to Dan Heng and then Himeko. Talk to Welt and March 7.

Amidst The Mara-Struck

Visit the Parlor Car on the Astral Express. Speak to Dan Heng and Himeko to initiate a cutscene where Dan Heng receives an invitation. Speak with Welt about March 7.

Devising Stratagems

Visit the Palace of Astrum, talk with Welt about your findings, meet Tingyun near the docks, and have a conversation with Welt and March 7th outside the hotel.

The Hound Chases The Fox

To find Tingyun, you must utilize Diting, a bionic dog. Find the three hints to help you find Tingyun when Diting’s trail vanishes, then follow the smoke-like trails she left behind to find her.

Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung

Look for three Kafka-related hints, and use the Diting gadget to confront her. Bring a team that includes characters who can break Kafka’s toughness, such as a healer or shielder.

Venom Brews, Immortality Looms

By beating the Shape Shifter and imitating the Thousand-Handed Merciful Medicus’ Salvation 500 times, you can infiltrate the Sanctus Medicus and obtain information.

New Friends Bring New Joy

Honkai Star Rail: New Friends Bring New Joy
Honkai Star Rail: New Friends Bring New Joy

The quest in Honkai Star Rail entails meeting Qingque and adhering to her directions to get to the Synwood Pavilion and ultimately the Divination Commission.

Omniscient Inquiry Of Arcana

Qingque will help the Divination Commission restart the Matrix of Prescience’s three bases, enter the Divination Commission, solve an Abacus Circuitry puzzle, meet Fu Xuan, and more.

Wood Sprouts Anew, Fate Tilts Askew

Following Xueyi to look into some strange incidents and then traveling to the Divination Commission Dock with Fu Xuan are required steps in the quest.

Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns

Discover Master Gongshu when looking into the origin of the Ambrosia Tree roots; he will assault you with his creations. The Abundant Ebon Deer must be vanquished with the Luminflux Pyxis.

Sinners Misled, Credence Falsified

The questline involves assisting Dan Shu, a suspected spy, and discovering her actual motives. It begins after slaying the Abundant Ebon Deer. You must return to Qingzu with your findings to finish the quest.

Guide Paradox

Before you can find Sheila, you must locate three lost videotapes. Discover Sheila’s whereabouts and the locations of the videotapes by using the Mission Navigator.

Out Of Reach

Open the door by interacting with the console, then speak to the old guy within. Defeat the Antimatter Legion and give Wen Tianweng the paper notes you took.

Simulated Universe-I

Go to Herta’s Office on the Herta Space Station and enter the Simulated Universe to begin the quest. To get rewards, complete World 1 by eliminating all opponents including the boss.

Simulated Universe-II

When choosing cards, select the Path of Preservation and concentrate on eliminating the boss’ summons before going for the bosses themselves. 

Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta

Use trial units to investigate and remove adversaries as you enter the Simulated Universe from Herta’s Office. Finish off your opponents and Blaze Out of Space.

Road To Revival

In various areas of the Herta Space Station, you must activate a Space Anchor, solve a puzzle to rebuild a bridge, kill monsters, and talk with NPCs.

Sensitive Beings-I

Speak with Asta in the Herta Space Station’s Master Control Zone and check for any signs of infection in Mare, Chris, and Joanne. Utilize the terminal in the Supply Zone and inform Asta.

Sensitive Beings-II

To solve a new puzzle and see Chris’ Data Record on the terminal, speak with the maintenance technician in the Supply Zone. then notify the engineer of the error.

Sensitive Beings-III

After each server reset, speak with the maintenance engineer in the supply zone, access the terminal by resolving the Unearthly Marvel puzzles, and submit a report to Asta.

To: The Faint Star

If you want to talk to Rocky about his love life, teleport to Herta’s office. By repairing the Airwave Repeater and looking for messages, you can look into Lesley.

Signs Of Fragmentum  

Honkai Star Rail: Signs Of Fragmentum  
Honkai Star Rail: Signs Of Fragmentum  

To unlock Warring Expeditions, visit the Storage Zone and speak with a member of the security department. Scan Wubbaboos, then provide the Maintenance Staff with the Beacon Data.

Requiem Mass

Speak with Arlan in the Supply Zone, then explore the Wubbaboos and their base in the Disposal Site. Take pictures of the Monument and the enormous Wubbaboo and send them to Arlan.

Spirit Traces

Talk to Asta in the Master Control Zone, then accompany Lamina to the Storage Zone to combat Xenohydro. Finally, speak with Capote and Lamina.


Help Wen Mingde by locating Abraham and figuring out that the Xenohydro is Wen Mingde’s imposter. The Xenohydro must be defeated.

Emptiness Of Locus Silentii

To unlock the Triple Authentication Room in the Base Zone, gather three Access Authentications and use them. To get a Precious Treasure chest, defeat the opponents there.

From Xianzhou With Love

Deliver an offering and find the enigmatic Foxian Beauty in Cloudford, you must look into her for Asta. The conclusion of the story will be influenced by your actions and dialogue decisions.

Good Stuff

Enter Simulated Universe World 3 by going to Herta’s office. defeat Gepard by gathering Planar Ornament pieces from the Immersion Device using the Immersifier.

Jarilo-VI Missions


In Honkai Star Rail: Gladiator
In Honkai Star Rail: Gladiator

Talk to Dr. Dig by the ring in the Boulder Town Fight Club. Next, engage in battle and prevail in rounds one through five. Dr. Dig will then declare you the winner.

Vessel Of Mediocrity-I

Meet Cyrille in Backwater Pass, assist him in solving the two riddles there, then go to Boulder Town to meet Sampo and speak with him before coming back to Cyrille.

Vessel Of Mediocrity-II

After a server reset, locate the Mysterious Woman in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, chat with her, figure out The Fool’s Box riddle to free the captive children, and then report to Dunn.

Vessel of Mediocrity-III

In Everwinter Hill, locate the Guardian Shadow, then solve the Fool’s Box puzzle. Pick up her golden jewelry after defeating Cyrille, then speak with Manya in the administrative district.

Silent Yet Shining

Speak with Scott at the Boulder Town Fight Club. To obtain the Anonymous Package, defeat the Everwinter Shadewalker and communicate with Kluzer. Send Natasha the parcel.

Calyx (Crimson): Bud Of Harmony

You must finish Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Harmony at least once on Jarilo-VI to complete this quest. The adversaries will be vulnerable to attacks from Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Imaginary.

Calyx (Golden): Bud Of Memories

Calyx (Golden): Bud of Memories must be finished at least once. For the Calyx to operate, you must have at least 10 Trailblaze Power.

Ring And Stage-I

Accept Scott’s invitation to a battle at the Fight Club, speak with Dr. Dig to initiate the battle, triumph over the Automaton Spiders and Vagrants, and then approach Scott.

Ring And Stage-II

To receive the Fragmentum Monster Armor, travel to Rivet Town in Jarilo-VI, defeat the Everwinter Shadewalker, and then return to Boulder Town to deliver Scott the armor.

Survival Wisdom

Find the Thermal-Powered Mechanical Mining Pick and the Customized Pink Safety Helmet by speaking with Sampo in the Great Mine. To get the Real Treasure Map, confront Sampo.

Night On The Great Mine-I

Locate the senior mining cart driver at the Great Mine. pass the initial exam. Speak with the operator to begin the third and final round of testing, and pass them all.

Night On The Great Mine-II

Find out if the senior mine cart operator has a new test by speaking with him. The senior mine cart operator must complete each round of testing before talking to him.

The Adventurous Moles

Find the missing pages in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, Great Mine, Backwater Pass, Rivet Town, and Backwater Pass. Once all are collected, take them to Nika and Julian in Boulder Town.

Winter Soldier’s March

Inquire about the practice by speaking with Lieutenant Dunn in the Energy Hub of the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and facing Lt. Dunn in the Warring Expedition’s final boss battle.

An Eye For An Eye

In Honkai Star Rail: An Eye For An Eye
In Honkai Star Rail: An Eye For An Eye

To join the Warring Expedition: Eye for an Eye, teleport to the Frontline space anchor and talk to Liaison Officer. Use Fire characters to defeat 7 adversaries in the Corridor of Fading Echoes.

Out Of Control

To protect Molly, gather 3 Core Modules from damaged robots in the Energy Hub, give them back to Molly, and then face the Corrupt Guards. Finally, to finish the quest, talk to Molly and Pela.

Vessel Of Mediocrity-I

Chat with Sampo in Boulder Town, find and chat with Cyrille in the Backwater Pass, solve the two Fool’s Box puzzles, and then go back to Cyrille to finish the mission.

Vessel Of Mediocrity-II

To finish Vessel of Mediocrity-II, locate The Fool’s Box puzzle, figure out how to unlock it, save the youngsters, speak with Cyrille, and go to Dunn.

Vessel Of Mediocrity-III

Cyrille must be located and interacted with solve the Fool’s Box puzzle. Manya must be spoken to in the Central Plaza’s Space Anchor in the Administrative District.

No One Is Answering

To check on Pascal’s improvement, go to the Tempering Workshop in Rivet Town and see Clara. To finish the quest, speak with Pascal to get a Flower Made From Scrap Iron.

Wish You Were Here

Clara alerts you to suspicious activities in the camp and visits Svarog’s Base where she learns that other robots have been impacted by Pascal’s integration into the system.

Stagnant Shadow

After coming upon it, start the Stagnant Shadow Challenge, and kill the Guardian Shadow to finish the mission.

Ancestor’s Drill Bit

Answer Serval’s message and use a unique key with Pela to unlock an heirloom chest. Kill enemies to get the key, then head back to Serval’s Workshop to speak with Molly.

Xianzhou Luofu Missions

Pallbearing Merchant, Swordwielding Recruit

Answer Dan Heng’s message and start the Exploratory Excursion challenge. To advance, navigate Cloudford, speak with Sushang, and resolve the Navigation Compass.


Speak with Tantan in Tantan in Central Starskiff Haven, use Diting, locate Xikui in the Palace of Astrum, and then speak with Luhui and Mei at the Starskiff Haven Dock.

A Teacher And A Friend

Find a manuscript about Starskiffs with the aid of Qingque and Chengjie, and take pictures of the Starskiffs. Watch over Chengjie as he completes the damaged manuscript.

A Teacher And A Friend: Interlude

Visit the Artisanship Commission and speak with Chengjie there. You’ll need to speak with Chengjie once more later to assist him in overcoming work burnout.

A Teacher And A Friend: Continued

Meet up with Chengjie and Qingque at the Artisanship Commission. Help Chengjie by troubleshooting the Starskiff system, and activating the Matrix of Presence base terminals.

Ten-Lords’ Decree And Calamity’s Remnant

To end the mission, follow the quest marks, speak with Master Gongshu, accompany Xueyi to the docks, and wrap up the discussion with Sushang and Luocha.

Astral Express Missions

Fleeting Lights

Talk to Pom-Pom and look into the mirror by the Astral Express’ entrance. Clear the Forgotten Hall’s initial memory stage before deciding whether to share your findings with the Astral Express Crew.

When Business Comes Knocking

You are to look into an unusual signal near Everwinter Hill, as requested by Welt. It was a telemarketer, who informed Welt. Finally, visit Herta Space Station and inquire about Findie with Asta.

The Lost Button

Find Pom-Pom’s missing button in the Astral Express Parlor Car. Find a shiny thing among the random objects, then bring it back to Pom-Pom to finish the mission in four hours.

Clara: Rarely Affectionate-I

Help Clara look into many thefts that occurred in the Robot Settlement, then track down the culprit, capture it, locate a replacement shell, and bring it to Clara so she can fix the robot

Clara: Rarely Affectionate-II

At the Machine Graveyard, assist Clara in locating a suitable Pascal shell. At Svarogs Base, install Pascal’s internals using the Direwolf Shell.

Hook: Old Foreman’s Treasure

In Honkai Star Rail: Hook Old Foreman's Treasure
In Honkai Star Rail: Hook Old Foreman’s Treasure

To begin the mission, speak with Julian outside Natasha’s Clinic in Boulder Town. Find Hook in the Great Mine, kill the Vagrants, take the vein detector, and give it back to Fersman.

Hook: Hook’s Treasure

Collect Hook’s broken treasure by meeting him in Boulder Town. To uncover a separate prize, stick with her to the orphanage. Find Hook’s treasure with the Home-Use Object Finder.

Hook: Hook’s Gift

Get Junjun from Natasha’s Clinic and assist Hook in buying a present for her father. Return to Natasha with the Geomarrow Probe, and go to Hook’s birthday festivities.

Natasha: Origin Of The Medicine

Visit three patients who missed their appointments. Talk to three of the drug’s afflicted patients afterward, then head back to Natasha’s clinic.

Natasha: Blizzard Immunity

Natasha wants to go to her missed brother’s lab and buy her mother a present. To finish the mission, go with her to multiple locales, go to the Snow Plains, and destroy the Ice Out of Space.

Serval And Gepard: Time Express

Talk to Serval in the Goethe Hotel, assist her with packing and heater repair, then proceed to the Underworld with her. Gepard sends a text message to conclude the mission.

Serval And Gepard: Only A Child

Help the Landau siblings deal with the monsters assaulting the mines by meeting them at the cable car to the Underworld. To complete the mission, defeat the boss and go back to the clinic.

All The Dawn After The Dark Missions

Arlan: An Unexpected Turn Of Events

Help Dan Heng conflict with the Antimatter Legion, use Asta’s dog Peppy to find people who know Arlan’s whereabouts, follow leads to find Arlan, and face him with proof of his crimes.

Asta: You Already Know Me

Locate and save Gossipmonger on the Herta Space Station after speaking with Himeko on the Astral Express. To start a cutscene, take a picture of Himeko, find Richard, and talk to him and Asta.

On The Doorsteps Of Science

Deliver his thesis to the Ministry of Education after speaking with Regin at the Goethe Hotel. To increase Regin’s chances of having his thesis accepted, provide accurate answers to a series of questions.

All About Tamila

Celine wants you to learn more about Tamila, the Golden Theater’s star performer. To finish the mission, adhere to her directions and go back to her with the information.

Meals Are More Important

Honkai Star Rail: Meals Are More Important
Meals Are More Important

Speak with the researchers about their abandoned food delivery, then proceed to the Base Station to locate the robots’ missing components and send them back to the maintenance engineer.

The Setting Sun Is the Most Beautiful

Speak to Esther, take pictures of someone with blue hair and someone with brown hair, and then give Esther both of them to complete the quest.

A Marvelous Night At Boulder Town

Speak with Maxime in Boulder Town and gather odd traces to aid in his memory recovery.

Being Human 101

To learn how to teach Sheila how to behave like a human being, speak with Gunn. After that, instruct Sheila and let Gunn know how the lesson went.

The Art Of Conversation

Listen to the two Whispering Researchers discussing Emily’s communication difficulties at the Control Center on the F1 level of the Storage Zone.

Wooo A Little

In Honkai Star Rail, you must speak with a lost Wubbaboo, assist it in returning home, and then report back to the Wubbaboo to begin the mission.

Operation Mole

Speak to Julian in front of Natasha’s Clinic. Deliver a package to an old woman nearby Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor. Finally, speak to Julian. Three missions make up the Operation Mole series.

Praise Of High Morals

When speaking with an NPC in Honkai Star Rail, select the “morally correct” response to begin the Praise of High Morals quest. It’s an admirable goal.

Astral Express Quests


Phonograph Quest has some excellent tracks if you want to listen to some. Simply interact with the phonograph in the Astral Express Parlor Car to change the tunes.

Pom-Pom’s Troubles

On occasion, Pom-Pom will seek your assistance. Don’t forget to help our conductor.

Herta Space Station Quests

Origami Cranes

South of the Electrical Room Space Anchor, in Supply Zone F2, is where you may find this mission. To make up for your lack of credentials, collect several Origami Cranes.

Triple Authentication Access Room

Honkai Star Rail: Triple Authentication Access Room
Honkai Star Rail: Triple Authentication Access Room

The Base Zone is where you’ll find this mission. This mission can be obtained by obtaining three Access Authentication cards from the Herta Space Station.

Sheila’s Fate

The mission can be found in the Master Control Zone. After completing the Guide Paradox mission, speak with Sheila in the vicinity of Herta’s office.

Bernard’s Signal Log

In the Master Control Zone, close to the Watcher Zone Space Anchor, is where you can find Bernard’s Signal Log. After finishing the mission To: The Faint Star, speak with Bernard.

Door To A New World

This quest can be found in Supply Zone F2. Look into a toilet in the space adjacent to the spare parts warehouse space anchor.

Little Robots

This is located in many locations across Herta Space Station. Force Six little robots must be turned off to gain a unique achievement.

An Odd Meeting Place

Investigate the locale, then return the next day to see a strange gathering taking place in Supply Zone F2’s northwest corner.

The Strange Plant

Give the strange plant water by interacting with it in Base Zone’s southeast corner. Return the following day to receive a reward.

Cup Of “Coffee”

Look into the coffee cup on the table in Storage Zone F1’s westernmost corner. 5 times, take a sip.

Strange Voice

Investigate the yellow note in the northeastern part of Storage Zone F2 to learn more about the mystery behind the Strange Voice and begin the quest.

Shattered Curio

Investigate the Curio in front of the entrance and tap it three times in Storage Zone F1’s northeastern region first.

Mysterious Researcher

The Mysterious Researcher is situated close to the Special Purpose Lab Space Anchor in Storage Zone F2. Speak with the researcher known only as “this old one” to earn a reward.

Jarilo-VI Quests

Misdelivered Letter

To finish the job, gather four letters nearby, then speak with Manya in the administrative district.

Trash Cans In Belobog

In the center of Boulder Town, a trashcan will quiz you on the number of trash cans in the town and the city. 20 and 5 are the solutions.

Righful Rights Society

To begin the quest, answer the call from the phone booth next to the Golden Theater Space Anchor in the Administrative District.

Jarilo-VI’s Globe

The quest may be found in Qlipoth Fort, next to Bronya. To reveal the reward, spin the globe and see what’s in the north and northwest.

Trash Can Icon?

Interact with the several trash cans scattered throughout Jarilo-VI. The trash can icon will eventually be unlocked.

Wanted Posters

There is a total of 7 wanted posters strewn across the neighborhood. You will earn an award if you have collected them all from the different parts of the Administrative District.


In Honkai Star Rail: La-La-La-Land
In Honkai Star Rail: La-La-La-Land Quests List

This quest may be found in the Administrative District, close to the Golden Theater Space Anchor. In addition, to gain access to the Embers disk and an accomplishment, speak with Tamila.

Xianzou Luofu Quests

Fair And Square

Participate in the Competitive Eater Championship in Central Starskiff Haven close to the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor and help the other competitors out diplomatically to get an award.

From Hero To Zero

In Central Starskiff Haven, this quest is next to the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor. To unlock an achievement, take part in the Competitive Eater Championship and keep eating until you pass out.

All Is Fair In Love And War

Central Starskiff Haven, close to the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor. Unlock an accomplishment by competing in the Competitive Eater Championship and conquering via scamming.

You can explore all of the zones after finishing Honkai Star Rail, go back to earlier ones to find any remaining collectibles, and carry out any of the Adventure quests or other missions. This is all about the Honkai Star Rail quests list and how to complete these missions.

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