Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Honkai Impact 3rd’s v5.6 update is set to release on April 7, featuring new Valkyrie Pardofelis, Elysian Realm upgrade, and more

Honkai Impact 3rd is slated to release its next major update, v5.6, on April 7, which will bring in a new Valkyrie, Pardofelis, an Elysian Realm upgrade, outfits, events, as well as other exciting updates.

New Valkyrie: Reverist Calico

Elysian Shop owner Pardofelis is a Flame-Chaser who turns into the Reverist Calico in battle. She’s an IMG-type-Ice-elemental SP melee fighter who fights with her cat buddy, Can. She wields a new weapon, the chakram, and utilizes a unique fighting style that incorporates agile and dancer-like movements into the battlefield.

  • Strike: summons a giant cat paw to attack enemies.
  • Ultimate: summons a giant Can, who will fall from the sky and pound enemies.

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Elysian Realm Upgrades

The Elysian Realm will receive a massive upgrade that will turn it into an even more immersive experience, where players can explore the Elysian hub and interact with characters. Moreover, the weekly challenges have been optimized to improve players’ experience by introducing a clearer scoring system, difficulty coefficients, rotating stage effects, and buffs.

Players can also equip Remembrance Sigils to activate various support skills to aid their battles in the Elysian Realm. In conjunction, support skills will be easier to cast with a UI upgrade that will make the experience feel a lot more intuitive.

In connection with these updates, players can look forward to various Elysian Realm events and missions to obtain free outfits and weapons. The new story will also introduce Kalpas as a boss, but his intentions are for players to discover.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world where girls carrying anti-Honkai genes become Valkyries to protect humanity against destruction. The game is accessible on Android, iOS, and PC, and features cross-save across all devices, enabling a seamless gaming experience.

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