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Core points of Gamers

Holiday Gift Guide For Pokémon Fans

Pokemon fans of all ages can rejoice at the amazing savings available on Amazon this holiday season.

Pokemon fans of all ages embark on their next adventure with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Whether it’s for a fan that’s been around since Generation I or a new generation of trainers, Amazon has plenty of great deals for Pokemon-themed gifts this holiday season.

Pokemon fans have no shortage of gifting opportunities ahead. From games to products and accessories, everything is on the table. As Pokemon appeals to people of all ages, there is a lot of variety when it comes to Give a touchmon presents

Pokémon TCG Battle Academy

List Price: $23.95

Sale Price: $13.99 (42% off!)

pokemon tcg battle academy starter decks: Cinderace, Eevee and Pikachu

This starter set includes everything. a new pokemon trading card game fan needs to start their collection off right. He has three powerful starter decks that feature powerful cards from Eevee, Pikachu, and Cinderace. It also has instructions, tutorial guides, and deckboxes. It is the perfect gift for new pokemon TCG fans both young and old.

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Guess Pokémon Trainer – Legacy Edition

List Price: $25.00

Sale Price: $17.99 (28% off!)

The box for the toy Guess Trainer Pokemon

  • Also available in Ash, Challenge, Kanto, and Sinnoh variants.

East Pokemon Spinning on the classic 20 question game promises hours of fun for all ages. voice activated pokeball can guess from a large library of Pokémon, using yes or no questions to determine exactly which creature the player is thinking of. Each variation covers a different set of Pokemon, from Kanto to Galar. Since it only uses voice instructions and has no buttons, it’s also easy to play with friends and family.

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pokemon snorlax plush

List Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $34.99 (13% off!)

Pokemon Snorlax plush being held by a child

Cozy up with the sleeping Pokémon with this 12″ plush toy of the fan-favorite Living Barricade. This stuffed Snorlax makes the perfect addition to any existing Pokemon or stuffed animal collection, and makes a great first Christmas gift for the next generation of Pokemon fans.

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Pokémon Pokéball adjustable cap with pre-curved brim

List Price: $18.99

Sale Price: $15.19 (20% off!)

pokemon pokeball cap

East Pokéball’s minimalist hat allows fans to incorporate his love for Pokemon in their everyday outfits. Adjustable snap back features a durable embroidered Pokéball on the front and story trim to keep the wearer’s eyes safe on its Pokemon trip. It’s the perfect hat to flip over before a particularly intense Pokémon battle.

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Make Your Own Pokemon Night Light Terrarium Kit

List Price: $20.99

Sale Price: $18.87 (10% off!)

pikachu in a christmas pokeball

  • Available with Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and Psyduck

Kids and adults alike can work together on this Pokemon-themed craft project Perfect for the party season. Each set includes a clear Pokéball, a small Pokémon figure, some stages, and a rainbow LED light to tie the whole project together. These kits work as night lights, Christmas tree decorations, and more, making them a versatile craft project for the whole family.

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Complete Collection of the Pokémon Series: Sun and Moon

List Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $25.75 (36% off!)

Pokémon Sun and Moon anime DVD cover art

Join Ash on his journey through the Alola region with this complete DVD set of the Pokemon animated Sun and moon Serie. 43 episodes spread over six discs tell the story of Ash’s summer vacation gone wrong when Team Rocket, Team Skull, and the sinister Aether Foundation wreak havoc in sunny Alola.

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Tight fit Unisex Adult Pokemon bow

List Price: $29.98 – $39.99

three people with pokemon onesies

  • Available in Pikachu, Psyduck, and Charmander designs.

Dress up as one of three different Pokémon in these cozy pajamas. This is the perfect gift for any Pokemon superfan, and does festive double duty as a great Halloween costume. One reviewer writes, “I got the Pickachu onesie and it’s the softest, most comfortable thing ever!”

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Tombert Travel Case for Switch and Switch OLED

List Price: $49.99

Deal List: $45.99 (8% off!)

pokeball switch case

  • Also available in black, green and yellow.

Game on the go with this durable case for Nintendo Switch. Tombert’s Travel Case comes with a handy shoulder strap and fits a Switch, pro controller, dock, AC adapter, joy-cons, and up to 21 game cards. It also has a zippered mesh pocket for extra cables, plus a slot specifically designed to fit the Pokéball Plus Game Controller.

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Antank Pokéball Charging Stand for Switch and Switch OLED

List Price: $16.99

Sale Price: $13.59 (20% off!)

pokeball switch holder

This cute charging stand adds a Pokemon style to any Switch gaming setup. The minimalist stand works for board games and charging, and the rubber ring on the bottom ensures the stand stays firmly in place. At only 2″ tall, this stand is extremely portable and can be carried around whatever Pokemon the game has to happen.

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