Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Holiday Gift Guide For D&D Fans

Players and DMs alike can find great deals this holiday season at Dungeons and Dragons books and accessories. A lot of D&D players already have their basic books on hand, but something is always missing from the collection.

Miniatures, notebooks, maps and new adventures are excellent gifts for D&D players both young and old. Amazon has plenty of great deals on these products and more, just waiting to be crossed off your wish list.

D&D Player’s Handbook Core Rulebook

List Price: $49.99

Sale Price: $22.95 (54% off!)

  • Available in a bundle with thumbnails for $38.94

The majority D&D players already have at least a copy of the Player’s Handbook. But a second, third, or fourth copy is always helpful, especially for DMs running games for large groups of players. East Player’s Handbook Deal is also the perfect place to get a new D&D fan began his epic fantasy adventure.

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40 Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures from Path Gaming

List Price: $34.99

Sale Price: $24.99 (29% off!)


Miniatures can be a great source of money for D&D players, and this set of 40 miniatures with 10 unique Path Gaming designs It’s a great way to jumpstart a collection without breaking the bank. These figures cover everything from heroic rangers and paladins to evil mind flayers and zombies, so they’re sure to find use in any campaign. Since the collection includes multiple copies of each figure, it’s also the perfect package for budding miniature painters to experiment with different styles and color combinations.

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Fizban’s Hoard of Dragons

List Price: $49.99

Sale Price: $27.82 (44% off!)

A confrontation between a red dragon and a diamond.

DMs and players alike will find something to love in this dragon-themed sourcebook. Fizban’s Hoard of Dragons introduces new subclasses, treasures, feats, and monsters, all with a distinctly draconic flavor. Dotted throughout are fun and tasty notes on the universe of the famous archmage Fizban, making this book a must-have for anyone who loves to put the dragon in Dungeons and Dragons.

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MunnyGribbers Crossbow Dice Roller

List Price: $39.95

A 3d printed hand crossbow plus some dice for dnd

  • Random color option (lower quality) available for $29.95

Dice towers have become a common sight in D&D tables, but the crossbow dice roller take things even further. This toy handheld crossbow features a small slot to hold dice and sends them flying across the table when you pull the trigger. Includes a handy tabletop shield to prevent dice from flying into unknown regions, plus a set of dice so players can start rolling. This item is perfect for any rogue or ranger player who wants to delve even deeper into roleplaying or for a DM who wants to spice up their monsters’ attacks.

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Chessex Battle Mat (23.5″ x 26″)

List Price: $22.99

Sale Price: $20.68 (10% off!)

A bent corner of the chessex dnd battle mat

Chessex battle mats remain the gold standard for D&D Dungeon Masters everywhere, and for good reason. These durable vinyl maps feature square and hex grids and are perfect for anyone looking to create their own custom dungeons. They use wet erase markers, so they won’t smudge with normal use. With proper care, they can last for decades.

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List Price: $19.99

Sale Price: $11.99 (45% off!)

A set of iron and copper metal DnD dice.

  • 45 different variations including larger sets, different colors, glow in the dark, and more (prices may vary).

The majority D&D Dice are just plastic, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of rolling a solid, heavy metal dice across the table. These textured metal dice they are easy to read even from a distance, so they are perfect even for a large game table. Some metal dice sacrifice size to save some weight, but these are full size so they feel even better in the hand. Since they come in a ton of different colors, there’s a set for everyone.

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Dungeons and Dragons Premium Zip Book and Character Folio

List Price: $47.09

Sale Price: $39.99 (15% off!)

Ultra-Pro DnD Folder

This elegant folder will help any D&D gamer or DM stay neat and organized at the table or on the go. Features a slot designed to hold a single D&D reference book, plus graph paper, a pocket for maps and notes, and an elastic loop to hold a pencil or pen. The entire folder zips shut to keep everything contained, and the front cover is embellished with a striking red color. D&D ampersand Ultra Pro is known for its quality products.and this folder is no exception.

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Arcknight Plastic Flat Miniatures DM Starter Set

List Price: $79.99

A second encounter with arcnight's flat plastic miniatures, including a bard, warriors, and various monsters.

  • Smaller, more specific sets are also available, including Ancient Evils, Cyberpunks, and Supers (prices may vary)

While 3D thumbnails can be a great way to add immersion to a D&D game, they also take up a lot of space and can be quite expensive. These flat miniatures from Arcknight They offer the same detailed images at a fraction of the price. The DM Starter Set includes 167 unique miniatures in four different sizes, perfect for any campaign or setting.

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Army Painter War Paintings Hobby Game

List Price: $45.00

The army painter hobby game box with all included tools shown

While there are some pretty amazing pre-painted miniatures available today, nothing compares to the level of customization that home-painted figures offer. This Army Painter starter set It has everything a new mini painter needs to get started, including 12 paints, brushes, glue, and tools for assembling miniatures. D&D Players looking to further customize their miniatures will love the flexibility this starter kit offers.

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Dungeons & Dragons Rules Expansion Gift Set

List Price: $169.95

Sale Price: $105.75 (38% off!)

Three dnd sourcebooks plus a case and DM screen

D&D is moving more and more into the digital world with D&D beyond, but nothing beats a hardcover sourcebook. This box contains three of the most essential D&D reference books released for 5e so far: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide to EverythingY Monsters of the Multiverse. All three volumes come in a beautifully illustrated slipcase along with a Dungeon Master display, making it the perfect gift at an incredible value.

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