Hitman World Of Assassination Patch 3.140 Adds Freelancer Mode, And More



Story Highlights

  • Hitman World of Assassination update 3.140 is finally out, and it brings a variety of changes and fixes to the now-centralized entry. The patch includes the new Freelancer mode, which features single-player rogue-like elements, strategic mission planning, a customizable safehouse, and more. 
  • The patch has also added NVIDIA DLSS 3 support for PC; the DLSS Frame Generation and NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency will allow AI to produce additional frames while optimizing responsiveness.
  • The update also the “muffin” exploit, which was unintentionally removed and will be added later on to the game. 
  • The run toggle has received revisions, and other level-specific fixes were also included in the update. The update varies in size between 1.5GB and 8GB depending on the platform, and is available to download now.

Hitman World of Assassination’s anticipated update 3.140 has finally arrived, featuring a slew of fixes, changes, and, most of all, major additions that will change the way Hitman World of Assassination is experienced by the community. 

Hitman World of Assassination brings forth the new Freelancer mode, which is a single-player mode that adds rogue-like aspects, a customizable safehouse, and in-depth mission planning before going on your daily hunts. The 3.140 update also adds support for NVIDIA DLSS 3 on PC.

The DLSS Frame Generation and NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency will make the game run even smoother than before. “DLSS Frame Generation uses AI to boost frame rates by generating additional high-quality frames, all while optimizing responsiveness with NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency.

However, NVIDIA DLSS 3 will require the new 4000 series graphic cards. The update has also fixed a hilarious “muffin” exploit, which was utilized by speedrunners to set significantly better times. The trick was unintentionally patched, however, as the developers enjoyed seeing the content that emerged from it. It will be added later on.

Major Changes And Improvements

  • The game’s icon, PC Launcher, boot screen and attraction screen (press X to play) have all been updated to the new WOA branding.
  • The in-game hub has been changed to accommodate Freelancer and put a focus on the Story. Players will now have a clear choice of ‘Story’ or ‘Freelancer’ from the Featured hub.
  • A new ‘LIVE’ tab will be the new destination for the most recent Elusive Targets, Arcade Contracts, Escalations and other fitting content.
  • New players will now start directly at the ICA Facility location, as we want them to start their WOA experience from the very beginning.
  • We’ve also taken the time to update the sound effects on the ‘IOI’ logo on game launch, update the credits for work done on Freelancer and update our legal line.

Furthermore, various bugs and glitches have been squashed to ensure Hitman World of Assassination does not crash. The “Run Toggle” has been revised and expanded upon, now offering options to “HOLD(unchanged),” the button like before, and “TOGGLE(changed),” which will let agent 47 run at any time when pressed. 

In the new “PRESS” toggle, “The player must press ‘run’ when walking. If 47 was already walking, he will run. If he was already running, nothing will happen. When he stops moving, his speed resets to a “walk.”

Moreover, level-specific issues have also been tackled, which will make the user experience even better. For instance, missing AI dialogue, mostly on Ambrose Islandhas been fixed where specific character dialogues would not start properly.

The Hitman World of Assassination update is available to download today on all platforms, including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The release time for the 3.140 update is noted to be Thursday, 26th January 2023, 11 am UTC on the site.

The update varies in size between 1.5GB and 8GB, depending on the platform. Moreover,  Cloud: Switch users will not have to install any updates or patches to access the update. The Switch will receive the update after the maintenance is concluded.

Revealed a few weeks ago, Hitman 3 was entirely redefined, slated to become a central hub that features maps of the prior two entries. In other words, it should be really easy for new players to get into the Hitman franchise; the update was also made to pave the way for the new Freelancer mode.

What are your thoughts about Hitman World of Assassination getting the highly anticipated update 3.140? Do you think the Freelancer mode will fill the revised version with new vitality? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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