Hit Deeper and Deeper with DDoS Attacks; Fans get frustrated as the game becomes unplayable.


Highlights of the story

  • Deeper and deeper The devs recently announced that the game is currently undergoing a DDoS attack, which may cause in-game issues.
  • As expected, player complaints have increased, ranging from rubber banding and connectivity issues to a drop in progress due to disconnection mid-game.
  • While fans patiently wait for an update on the DDoS attack, the game remains “unplayable” due to ongoing issues.

In a recent announcement from Discord, Deeper and deeper The devs informed players that they are experiencing a DDoS attack, which could potentially cause issues with the game — lo and behold — the game currently “Unplayable“This may work fine for some players, but there has been a massive increase in players reporting lags, disconnections, rubberbanding, and other issues, almost all allegedly caused by DDoS attacks. .

A deep and deep DDoS attack.

The devs haven’t given much information about the nature of the attack and how they plan to deal with it if they haven’t already. Unfortunately, this is not the first time; gave The studio announced something similar. About a month ago, and it caused some problems even then. One would think that such a dire situation would result in better protection, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Deeper and deeper problems caused by DDoS attack.

Players have reported experiencing extreme rubberbanding, which, in case you didn’t know, is when objects or players jump from one place to another without going through an intermediate space, almost as if they’re warping. have been Some servers are also experiencing severe lag and ping, with more players reporting the issue. EU servers. While players blame many of the recent performance issues on the attack, Davis has yet to confirm.

Yeah, sure we lost a bunch of gold and gear in games where we got disconnected, maybe a part of DDoS attacks, but I don’t know, it’s worthless to lose you, esp. Like every other game when that happens,” says one Discord user.

It’s possible that these were caused by something else entirely, but we can’t deny that a DDoS attack seems to be the most likely culprit in this situation. Additionally, the lack of updates since the initial announcement has also led to some frustrations, with many blaming the devs for not investing in better protection against such attacks. One Discord user said, “sh*t happens when you don’t invest in DDoS shields/protection LMAO.

The situation is undoubtedly bad, causing some players to take a break from Dark and Dark and come back when it’s done.Playable” It’s not clear when these issues will be fixed. Still, considering how the status updates have been coming since the devs identified the following previous issues: Hotfix #15This is what we can expect once the devs make progress against this attack.

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Dark and Darker Extraction is a first-person mix of RPG and dungeon crawler, set in a dark medieval fantasy world. Iron Mace The game was developed, and released to Early Access. PC On 7th August 2023.

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